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  • UAE fighters get 2021 Jiu-Jitsu President’s Cup off to flying start

UAE fighters get 2021 Jiu-Jitsu President’s Cup off to flying start

The Jiu-Jitsu President’s Cup welcomed female participation for the first time across all categories. (UAEJJF)
The Jiu-Jitsu President’s Cup welcomed female participation for the first time across all categories. (UAEJJF)
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24 May 2021 02:05:18 GMT9
24 May 2021 02:05:18 GMT9
  • Organizers welcomed female participants for the first time

Arab News

ABU DHABI: The 2021 edition of the Jiu-Jitsu President’s Cup promises to be one of the most exciting to date following a first round at Abu Dhabi’s Jiu-Jitsu Arena that saw top-class action from male and female athletes.

The cup, one of the most prestigious events in the season’s calendar, welcomed female participation for the first time across all categories, juveniles (under 16), youth (under 18) and adults (over 18).

“Female participation in jiu-jitsu has grown considerably in recent years, so it is right that they have the opportunity to test themselves and showcase their talents on a prestigious stage,” said Fahad Al-Shamsi, general secretary of the UAE Jiu-Jitsu Federation, the championship organizers.

Day one of the championship belonged to the female athletes and it was the team from Al-Wahda Club that took the early lead in the three-round championship, topping the points table in the first division after round one, ahead of Al-Jazira Club and Al-Dhafra Club.

In the second division, Palms Sports Team 777 came out on top, leading Al-Ain Club, with Sharjah Self-Defense Sports Club ranked third.

The star of the national team and Al-Ain, Wadima Al-Yafei, who competed in the adult category, said that having female athletes participate in one of the most important championships in the jiu-jitsu calendar provided the “perfect platform” to enhance their skills against strong competition.

“My teammates and I are doing our best to put Al-Ain Club on the podium when the championship concludes. I am glad I captured the win today to give us a good start to the championship,” she added.

In the youth category, Sharjah Self-Defense showed the strength of its burgeoning young female talent, taking first place ahead of Al-Ain and Palms Sports.

In the junior category, Al-Wahda youngsters joined their adult teammates by topping their points table, followed by Sharjah Self-Defense and Al-Dhafra in third. 

In the second group, Palms Sports led after round one, with Al-Jazira ranked second, and Al-Ain in third.

Day two was the men’s competition and, after an impressive first round in the adult category, Baniyas Club topped the first group, while Al-Wahda came in second and Al-Jazira was in third. 

In the second group, Al-Ain came first, Palms Sports ranked second, and Al-Dafrah ranked third.
“I consider my participation in the competition a form of national duty, with the symbol this championship stands for,” said Omar Al-Fadhli, national team and Palms Sports star, after winning in the adult category. “The championship brings out the best in me due to my strong desire to capture the victory. I was honored to win today and help my team to have a better chance to be on the podium at the end. Certainly, my participation at the Abu Dhabi World Professional Jiu-Jitsu Championship last month gave a great boost to my jiu-jitsu skills, with the opportunity to compete against the best talent in the world and learning new techniques.”

In the youth competition, the future looks bright for Baniyas with their under-18 talent claiming top spot ahead of their counterparts from Al-Ain and Al-Wahda.

In the junior category, Sharjah Self-Defense led Al-Ain and Palms Sports.

“We are thrilled by the high-level of competition we saw in the two days of the championship,” said Al-Shamsi. “The athletes know the importance of the championship for both the clubs and their careers. This year’s edition is special as we welcomed, for the first time, women across various categories. This step will surely help in boosting the skill levels of Emirati women on both the local and international mats.”

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