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Starbucks introduces two new Frappuccinos, reusable cups

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03 Aug 2021 03:08:22 GMT9
03 Aug 2021 03:08:22 GMT9

Clareto Monsorate

Starbucks Japan are all set to release two new, limited-edition summery Frappuccino flavors — the Go Pineapple and Go Peach Frappuccinos on August 4.

After producing lots of tasty new drinks, including 47 new Frappuccinos, one for each of Japan’s prefectures, there seems to be no turning back now for Starbucks Japan.

The Go Pineapple is priced at ¥680 ($6.19 USD). It is a juice-based drink made with pineapple puree, topped with whipped cream, and sprinkled with a bright, sweet pineapple sauce.

The Go Peach Frappuccino, priced at ¥680 yen, is made with a coarsely blended peach puree and is juicy and tender, something that is refreshing for the summer.

Also, in keeping with the environment, Starbucks will be releasing its first-ever reusable Frappuccino color-changing cup with a dome lid.

When filled with a cold liquid, colorful patterns appear on it, making it pretty and sustainable.

The Cups are priced at a reasonable ¥385 yen and will be around only till the summer.

The cups will be off the shelves after August 31, and the Frappuccinos will disappear from the menus on September 21.

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