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New York’s BarMasa makes debut in Riyadh Season

Bar Masa's signature dish (ANJP)
Bar Masa's signature dish (ANJP)
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20 Nov 2021 07:11:48 GMT9
20 Nov 2021 07:11:48 GMT9

Abdullah Al Rushud

RIYADH: Japanese restaurant, BarMasa, which has gained ample recognition for their food and ambiance in New York has opened in Al-Murabba, one of Riyadh season’s 14 zones, blending seamlessly into Saudi Arabia’s culinary scene.

The concept behind BarMasa is rooted in contemporary Japanese cuisine, and was made to resemble the renowed New York restaurant, giving people that feel as though they are visiting the original.

This restaurant was originally opened by Japanese chef Masa Takayama who moved to the US to follow his dream as he always says that for each food component a character can be developed and shown in the best way, even vegetables and fish, with what is called in Japanese umami, meaning the deliciousness of each component separately, and here lies the main idea.

In an exclusive interview with Arab News Japan, Sous Chef at BarMasa Eugeniu Zubco explains the features of this restaurant that differentiate it from others.

“We have opened our place in Riyadh and have gotten all of our products from Japan. We’ve got a big amount of expensive food, including caviar, crab truffle from all around the world,” Zubco said.

“Back in New York we do basically the same thing, of course we have a separate kitchen staff and design but it has been reproduced in Riyadh to resemble New York, making it a great place to be,” Zubco added.

In explaining the concept of the restaurant, Zubco emphasized the fact that the ingredients were imported from Japan, as well as other countries, in order to ensure the quality of the food being served.

Although some dishes are considered expensive, the menu also contains food items that target the general public, with the idea of developing innovative Japanese dishes with a touch of luxury.

The most popular dishes at BarMasa include the Yellowtail Sashimi, Masa tot tartare caviar, wagyu beef skewers and kari kari garlic chicken, offering an impressive menu ranging from salads and tempura to sushi and sashimi.

Japanese influences have also trickled into the décor at BarMasa which implements a traditional architectural style and materials like wood.

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