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The Japanese School of Jeddah: Creating global citizens

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24 Feb 2022 09:02:52 GMT9
24 Feb 2022 09:02:52 GMT9

Abdullah Al-Rushud

JEDDAH: The Japanese School of Jeddah, about 1,000 km from Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh, conducts educational activities based on the courses of study specified by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

Speaking to Arab News Japan, Masahiro Mizogami, the principal of the school, said: “At the Japanese School of Jeddah, we actively promote an education aimed at nurturing children, empowering them to take the initiative in everything they do. We foster qualities that will enable them to play an active and flexible role in international society, as well as learn to value the culture and traditions of Japan and Saudi Arabia.”

There are five goals that characterize the Japanese School of Jeddah, the principal explained. The first involves providing education that is equivalent to or better than that in Japan, aimed at the correct acquisition and use of the Japanese language.

The second is holding four hours of English conversation classes per week at the elementary school, with classes divided according to student ability. At the junior high school, English conversation classes are held for two hours a week, in addition to English study.

As a third objective, the school seeks to make the most out of its small size, providing detailed guidance in class, solidifying the basics, enhancing developmental learning and giving students the ability to express themselves.

The fourth aim is to teach students about “Arabian culture and geography” to deepen their understanding of the region.

Finally, the Japanese School of Jeddah strives to impart knowledge to its students on Japanese traditional culture. Students are asked to practice Japanese drumming and the traditional Japanese song “Soran-bushi” during music classes, physical education classes and performances at Japanese festivals.

The school also places importance on Japanese cultural events such as the Koinobori (carp streamer) festival, calligraphy contests and the bean-throwing festival. 

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