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Japan’s Technics returns to the Middle East with new, high-tech earbuds

Technics launch new wireless earbuds in the Middle East. (ANJP Photo)
Technics launch new wireless earbuds in the Middle East. (ANJP Photo)
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19 Apr 2022 05:04:01 GMT9
19 Apr 2022 05:04:01 GMT9

Ali Itani

DUBAI: In the already overcrowded space of earbuds with a plethora of different brands and models vying for your ears, there is a familiar name to professional and wannabe DJ’s alike that is making its way on the scene with the aim of helping you “Rediscover Music”.

It is a welcome return for Technics to the Middle East region with their new flagship earbuds EAH-AZ60 with noise canceling capabilities and superior sound in a solid product, from the brand that is synonymous with DJ’s all over the world as the go-to for their infamous SL1200 turntable, something that is subtly hinted by the fact that its available in both silver or black and with the circular touch sensors with the Technics logo on the earbuds.

It comes as no surprise that the priority for these wireless Earbuds is premium sound quality with superior noise canceling; and it does not disappoint. 

The true test of any Bluetooth earbud headphones is comfort, connectivity and sound quality, and this is where the Technics AZ60 stands out.

Testing while traveling on a plane is always ideal and to say that the Bluetooth connection is stable is an understatement; the phone and earbuds were separated by 28 rows, and I was able to not only clearly hear the music in all its glory without any interruptions but was also able to use the touch features from that distance on the earbuds to pause, change song and turn on noise canceling by touching the earbuds without a hitch.

Battery was not an issue as they had enough charge for the flight there, back, and even using them during the day, a total of 22 hours while popping them in the charging case while not in use. 

From the onset you feel that you have a serious piece of kit from the box itself, being taken aback at the number of instruction manuals in the package, 8 in total and in all fairness, they were that many to account for the different languages but found that one could rely more on the App than the paper manual and thought it was a serious waste of paper.

Instruction manuals found in the Technics package. (ANJP Photo)

What is not a waste is the plethora of 7 different ear tips to find the right size for your personal fit, while I ended up sticking with the pre-installed tips, a welcome addition would be a tool on the app to ensure the right fit and lack of noise leak.

The sound quality through the light earbuds at 7 grams each is remarkable with great tonal balance which is made possible by the 8mm driver, Acoustic Control Chamber and Harmonizer which deliver expansive sound and with the Bass+ turned on you even feel the robust lows and can immerse yourself in ANC or LDAC high resolution audio.

There are also 4 mics in each earbud so 8 MEMS microphones in total for full clarity for your zoom meetings or phone calls, this clarity is even amplified with the JustMyVoice technology which isolates and amplifies your words and minimizes surrounding noise.  

The slim charging case is minimalist with quick charge which allows for 70 Minutes of playback with Noise canceling function after only 15 Minutes of charging time. At the lip is an LED light at the front to indicate charge level, while this is helpful there is no way to know the charging level of the cradle in the APP and there is unfortunately no wireless charging capability.

While the earbuds have a somewhat distinct shape and may seem big, they are ergonomic with a snug fit all the while being waterproof to IPX4 level, which means it has been test sprayed by a rotating spray nozzle continuously for a minimum of 5 minutes from all directions without any damage at all. This shows that the pair of earbuds are more than able to handle sweat from the gym or the occasional downpour during your commute.

Pairing the earbuds with my phone and laptop was easy and what’s more they heave Multipoint pairing, so I was connected to both devices at the same time, so while I was using them for a zoom call on my laptop, I got a call on my phone and I switched seamlessly without having to fidget around on either device, this was a new experience to me with devices that run different operating systems.

Technics Audio Connect App allows you to fully customize the earbuds settings. (Screenshot)

The Technics Audio Connect App which can be downloaded on your Apple and Android device lets you fully personalize the sound settings where you can select from Bass+, Treble + or even fully customize the listening experience the app even allows you to find your earbuds if you misplace them by having them chirp.

Not only can you control the level of noise cancelation through the App as well as do firmware updates, but you can also fully customize the tactile commands of the earbuds for the action to be taken when you single, double, triple tap or hold the left or right earbud offering full versatility in how you control the device.

As of now the earbuds are exclusively available through Amazon in the UAE

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