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20 Jan 2024

Tech, energy transition in Saudi Arabia offer ‘monster’ opportunity: Nigel Vaz

26 Jan 2023

Learning to lie: AI tools adept at creating disinformation

24 Aug 2022

Japan's MOFA collaborates with TICAD-8 to discuss innovation in Africa’s healthcare

12 Aug 2022

Saudi schools to undergo tech-based learning revolution, expert tells panel

19 Apr 2022

Japan’s Technics returns to the Middle East with new, high-tech earbuds

03 Mar 2022

Japan and Israel hold 9th joint meeting to cooperate on science & tech

16 Feb 2022

Japan and UAE agree to cooperate on advanced technology

07 Feb 2022

Saudi Arabia to convert 4,000 factories to use 4IR technology: Minister

16 Nov 2021

Mideast could see flying e-vehicles in the next decade: Rolls-Royce, Vertical Aerospace

25 Apr 2021

Focus on tech, finance key factors for US climate summit

16 Apr 2021

Can tech advances solve arid Middle East’s water scarcity problem?

15 Apr 2021

Lebanese-American Engineer awarded for breakthrough COVID-19 killing technology

05 Apr 2021

Mizuho, Hitachi discussing burden-sharing over system glitch

04 Apr 2021

'Femtech' attracting attention from Japanese firms

04 Apr 2021

Technology supports advanced position of Saudi Arabia

06 Mar 2021

Japan to use self-driving tech in garbage collection

12 Feb 2021

Egypt to manufacture Samsung tablets

11 Feb 2021

Saudi Arabia extends 5G deployment to 51 cities and provinces

03 Feb 2021

The new normal: Robot puppies take over in Japan

02 Feb 2021

mymizu app: Helping build a sustainable community, one water bottle at a time

08 Jan 2021

METI advises company executives to enhance cybersecurity efforts

03 Jan 2021

More time needed for 5G services to spread across Japan

12 Dec 2020

Saudi Interior Ministry high-tech services highlighted

11 Nov 2020

Let it go! Japan PM declares war on ink stamp 'hanko'

01 Nov 2020

International virtual technology in neuroscience conference to be held in Saudi Arabia

18 Sep 2020

Japan PM Suga aims to get flagship digital agency running by autumn 2021

07 Sep 2020

How Japan forged Olympic medals from recycled electronic waste

05 Sep 2020

Saudi Arabia develops secure alternative to WhatsApp

02 Sep 2020

The Toyota-backed company SkyDrive brings Japan a step closer to ‘Flying Cars’

31 Jul 2020

Services to pilgrims based on latest technological innovations, minister says

21 Jul 2020

Phase one of SPARK 60% complete

15 Jul 2020

Saudi Arabia climbs 40 places in Digital Infrastructure Index 2020

11 Jul 2020

Japanese battery pioneer invents all-polymer battery that is 90% cheaper than lithium-ion 

11 Jul 2020

Honda invests in China to jointly develop EV batteries

11 Jul 2020

Anglosphere unites around anti-Chinese position on Huawei

10 Jul 2020

Japan white paper urges digitization of school education

09 Jul 2020

Tesla 'very close' to level 5 autonomous driving technology, Musk says

09 Jul 2020

With apps and remote medicine, Japan offers glimpse of doctor visits in post-corona era

01 Jul 2020

Kendall Jenner transcends from reality to fantasy in Burberry’s new CGI Campaign

17 Jun 2020

Bandai to launch a modern version of the Tamagotchi virtual pet

10 Jun 2020

Robot built for Japan’s aging workforce finds coronavirus role

09 Jun 2020

Sega commemorates 60 years with “Game Gear Micro”

09 Jun 2020

Palestinians fear expulsion for Jerusalem high-tech hub

03 Jun 2020

Japan to look at building a common infrastructure for digital payments

30 May 2020

Google postpones Android 11 unveiling amid US protests

29 May 2020

US tech giant Apple to construct a hotel set to open in 2022

27 May 2020

Amnesty slams Qatar tracing app for exposing data of a million users

24 May 2020

Coronavirus pandemic gives Dubai chance to put tech to the test

18 May 2020

The birth of the iPhone

14 May 2020

NEC develops biometric device to identify people with face masks

07 May 2020

Japan computer-savvy teen designs app to fight pandemic

02 May 2020

From cleaning to screening, robots join fight against COVID-19 at Abu Dhabi Airport

19 Apr 2020

Abu Dhabi launches new COVID-19 tracking app to help fight virus spread

13 Apr 2020

Islamic finance industry charts high-tech future

12 Apr 2020

Apple, Google plan software to slow virus, joining debate on tracking

05 Apr 2020

Japan’s robotic graduation commencement

15 Mar 2020

Israel to use anti-terror tech to counter coronavirus ‘invisible enemy’

24 Feb 2020

Japan completes training of Saudi engineers

28 Jan 2020

Technology will not replace labor despite rapid digital transformation

26 Jan 2020

World first AI Artathon announces participating teams in Saudi Arabia

25 Jan 2020

Time to set limits on use of invasive technologies such as facial recognition

18 Jan 2020

How Big Tech is helping transform cars into smartphones

07 Jan 2020

Toyota to build city of future in Japan

27 Dec 2019

A decade of opportunities awaits Arab countries

23 Dec 2019

How to make the internet safe for democracy

13 Dec 2019

Honda to release self-driving luxury car next summer

09 Dec 2019

Osaka Metro unveils face recognition ticket gate

07 Dec 2019

Softbank, University of Tokyo to jointly research AI

06 Dec 2019

Japan honors 10 "dream-inspiring" scientists

03 Dec 2019

Japan sheds light on ‘golden opportunities’ for Saudi gaming industry

30 Nov 2019

‘Robo-Tea’ blends Japanese tradition with technology

24 Nov 2019

Saudi technology city developing drones

10 Nov 2019

Abu Dhabi project eyes breakthrough in energy-storage tech


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