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Japanese traditional fashion show set to facilitate UAE-Japan relations

The Kimono is the traditional dress of Japan (AFP)
The Kimono is the traditional dress of Japan (AFP)
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12 Aug 2022 09:08:49 GMT9
12 Aug 2022 09:08:49 GMT9

The “Look Up Japan Fashion Show” will revolve around the Japanese traditional costume; Kimono and will be held on Sept. 10, Westfield event management company announced in a Friday press conference.  The Kimono, a historical symbol surpassing centuries, has seen several revivals. This fashion show, in the futuristic city of Dubai, is set to be a new step towards the same. 

The show organizers received immense support at the conference  in the form of Japanese residents, in an ensemble of Kimonos, flooding the venue. Among the audience was the mother of the show, director Rytshiko Kaneko. 

The show was brought together by several businessmen from UAE and Japan and stresses the importance of the bilateral relationship between the countries.

 Huzaifa Ibrahim, chairman of Global Peace Foundation, addressed the gathering by stating that “Japan is called the Land of the Rising Sun. Dubai is a country with more than 200 nationalities and we are only happy to c0-exist here in the Land of the Future.” 

The minds behind the show, designer Yuko Murakamo, said that choosing Dubai as the venue for the collection, was in her attempt to give the folk fashion a modern touch using nanotechnology and modern day materials. 

Alongside the Japanese diaspora were industry experts present that are to contribute towards the success of the show. Leading businessman Yakoob Al Ali, Pakistani model-singer Azeem Tahir and Hollywood singer Persiana Dulo were some of them. 

The show will display a unique blend of cultures which is  indicated by their choice of show-stopper; Indian model Ayesha Mulla. 

Mulla has featured in several projects with the Indian film industry, most recent one being a remix music video of a Hindi classic song. 

Responding to the buzz around the show, Mulla said “It will be my first time, not only my first fashion show out of India, but also my first experience with Japanese culture and I am so excited about it.”

The Kimono, is traditionally worn with a broad belt called an Obi. It is also preferably paired with accessories such as zori sandals tabs socks. 

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