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  • Japanese restaurant Kinsu in Abu Dhabi serves premium Asian cuisine

Japanese restaurant Kinsu in Abu Dhabi serves premium Asian cuisine

The main concept of Kinsu is “serving high-quality food with affordable prices.”
The main concept of Kinsu is “serving high-quality food with affordable prices.”
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23 Sep 2022 05:09:35 GMT9
23 Sep 2022 05:09:35 GMT9

Amin Abbas

ABU DHABI: Kinsu Restaurant is a Japanese restaurant with an Omakase concept, premium sushi with the finest ingredients, imported directly from Japan. It’s a perfect pairing with premium selections of loose tea.

The owner and Chef Suntron Bangjan has working experience of more than 16 years in Japanese cuisine. He has learned the art of sushi and Japanese food directly from a Japanese master chef “Mr. Imai” and has applied the Japanese cooking techniques that he has learned through his career.

Through his experience, he has been working for so many restaurants and many hotels. He was a pre-opening Head Chef for Japanese restaurants for more than 7 places, both countries, Thailand and the UAE. Until those restaurants where he worked are at the top level.

The chef committed to cooking by heart to producing good quality food for customers He wants all people to be happy with his food.

About the establishment of Kinsu, the Thai chef said: “Kinsu was established in July 15, 2021 with a concept of serving high-quality food with affordable prices.”

About the challenges that he faced for establishing & opening of Kinsu, Suntron said: “As we are a new restaurant with no name in Abu Dhabi. The hardest point is to get trust from the customers and how to make them come back.”

“Kinsu satisfied the customers by present the tradition Japanese food in a modern style not boring. Fresh ingredients imported from Japan make new customers impressed,” he added.

Regarding the response & feedback from the people who tried Japanese food at Kinsu, Suntron said: “After we have opened for a year, the customers feedback is mostly on positive side. And left a comment of Kinsu is five stars food and they can afford it.”

About distinguishing Kinsu from other Japanese restaurants, Suntron said: “Our uniqueness at Kinsu as We serve a variety of food from basics to premium until advanced food. The freshness of ingredient. An Experienced Head Chef who always Launched a new creative dish for our customers.”

“Kinsu serving an a la carte, set menu, Unlimited sushi on Tuesday, Evening Brunch and Premium Omakase special customers can plan a day to join Kinsu, not only an a la carte,” he added.

Speaking of their upcoming plans in the near future, Suntron said: “We are planning to make our restaurant completed on all section that Japanese cuisine should have such as Teppanyaki Show, Proper Omakase counter, Fine dining izakaya concept as well extend a franchise in UAE.”

About Kinsu’s recommendations for those who want to try or to learn how to make Japanese food, Suntron said: “Come to Kinsu as we have many kinds of food not only Sushi, we have noodles, Soup, and many main courses. Our staff are friendly they will guide you the best dishes in Kinsu.

For the ones who need to learn Japanese food. Kinsu provide a group class for 8-15 people and we can discuss what kind of sushi you want to learn,” he added.

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