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Future of relations between Japan and Middle East in the spotlight at event in Amman

The inaugural Japan-Middle East Strategic Dialogue Conference in Amman. (Petra)
The inaugural Japan-Middle East Strategic Dialogue Conference in Amman. (Petra)
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14 May 2024 01:05:32 GMT9
14 May 2024 01:05:32 GMT9
  • Topics at conference include economic and regional integration, formulation of security policies
  • Experts, decision-makers discuss the challenges extremism pose to Japanese interests in the region

Arab News

AMMAN: Delegates at the inaugural Japan-Middle East Strategic Dialogue Conference, which concluded on Monday in Amman, discussed the future of Japan’s relations with countries in the region.

Specific topics covered during the two-day event, which was organized by the Center for Strategic Studies at the University of Jordan and the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology at the University of Tokyo, included economic and regional integration, the development and transfer of technology, and the formulation of security policies, the Jordan Times reported.

The participants included experts and decision-makers from across the Middle East and Japan, who discussed the challenges extremism and terrorism pose to Japanese interests in the Middle East, and the significant effects they have on the behavior of non-state actors and regional stability.

They also highlighted notable investments by Japan in the burgeoning entrepreneurship sector in the Middle East, particularly in small and medium enterprises, and the nation’s promising ventures in the development of energy infrastructure in the region.

During the opening ceremony on Sunday, Nazir Obeidat, president of the University of Jordan, said the conference can play a significant role as a cornerstone of Jordanian-Japanese relations, which have been characterized over the years by mutual respect and stability.

He highlighted the exceptional nature of a bilateral relationship he said is underpinned by a shared philosophy, its diverse components, and effective mechanisms for the implementation of agreements. He also underscored Jordan’s growing belief in the pivotal role that education, research, innovation and creativity can play in fostering genuine development, economic prosperity and sustainability.

Obeidat expressed his hope that Japan can help Jordan foster an environment conducive to scientific advancement and the building of partnerships between academia and industry, and affirmed his university’s commitment to this.

The Japanese ambassador to Jordan, Okuyama Jiro, noted that this year marks the 70th anniversary of Jordanian-Japanese diplomatic relations, and the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Japan International Cooperation Agency office in Jordan.

He reiterated that Japan views Jordan as a strategic ally, in recognition of the nation’s pivotal role as a regional hub and gateway to the Middle East, with significant ties to Africa.

The envoy also acknowledged Jordan’s resilience in its efforts to confront economic challenges and refugee crises while maintaining security and stability, and praised authorities in the country for their exemplary approach to addressing multifaceted issues.

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