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21 Oct 2020

The evolution of oil trade between Japan and the Middle East

17 Oct 2020

Resistance exposes Iran’s secret nuclear weapons site

17 Oct 2020

US judge refuses to dismiss lawsuit against brother of Qatari Emir

16 Sep 2020

‘Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna’ movie coming to Middle East cinemas this month

08 Sep 2020

Critically acclaimed movie ‘Weathering With You’ to release in Middle East cinemas this week

02 Sep 2020

MSDF member on Mideast mission tests positive for COVID-19

19 Aug 2020

Japanese businessman in Bahrain seeks to invest in the GCC region

16 Aug 2020

INTERVIEW: Stanchart building bridges with Saudi Arabia

15 Aug 2020

World leaders voice hope UAE-Israel deal could kickstart Middle East peace talks

02 Aug 2020

Saudi Arabia provided nearly 41% of Japan’s oil imports in June 

20 Jul 2020

Japan’s Olive Oil Prize awards Lebanon for high-quality olive oil

17 Jul 2020

Yemeni government rejects latest UN peace plan draft

14 Jul 2020

IMF predicts worst Mideast downturn in half century

07 Jul 2020

Saudi FM condemns ‘subversive’ regional interventions in Arab countries

02 Jul 2020

Pan-Arab TV channel SpaceToon releases Arabic dubbed Japanese anime

01 Jul 2020

Saudi Arabia provided nearly 41% of Japan's crude oil imports in May 

30 Jun 2020

Japan's Takanami Destroyer returns from Middle East Mission

08 Jun 2020

‘East and East’: Entrepreneur Hana Debs Akkari’s journey from Japan to the Arab world

05 Jun 2020

El-Moutawakel’s Olympic win

03 Jun 2020

Saudi prince’s journey into space

01 Jun 2020

ME countries continue taking steps to fight COVID-19

28 May 2020

The invasion of Kuwait

20 May 2020

The US war on Iraq

18 May 2020

Japanese Abaya designer Takeshi Iwata keeps Arab tradition alive

17 May 2020

A quiet revolution is changing the Middle East

14 May 2020

Arab world must make its voice heard on annexation

12 May 2020

Syrian conflict has defined the region and beyond

11 May 2020

World has chance to put peace on the region’s agenda

10 May 2020

Japanese destroyer leaves for Middle East mission

10 May 2020

Coronavirus crisis changing public attitudes in the Middle East, polls suggest

09 May 2020

Arab world should seize opportunities of joint space program

09 May 2020

Two Saudi patriot batteries to replace US ones: Bloomberg

08 May 2020

MSDF members on Middle East mission tested for coronavirus

05 May 2020

How the Arab world can deal with coronavirus shutdowns’ mental health impact

01 May 2020

Second MSDF Destroyer to leave for Middle East

29 Apr 2020

Omnicom Mideast revenues plunge amid advertising dip

26 Apr 2020

Japan MSDF Destroyer leaves for Middle East amid virus concerns

24 Apr 2020

Speculators take a beating on oil price collapse and some more and some more

15 Apr 2020

Japan’s 14th International MANGA Awards to receive entries from the Middle East and worldwide

06 Apr 2020

Middle East power balance continues to fluctuate

05 Apr 2020

Middle East art program supports independent artists during coronavirus outbreak

03 Apr 2020

Japan MSDF vessel in Middle East to be switched in June

29 Mar 2020

INTERVIEW: ‘Now is the wrong time to be selling,’ says JP Morgan Middle East MD Steven Rees

14 Mar 2020

Dragon Ball Super is coming to the Middle East

03 Mar 2020

IATA calls on Middle East governments to help airlines

26 Feb 2020

Japan MSDF vessel starts Middle East mission

25 Feb 2020

Middle East Comic Con hosts preoperational cosplay workshop in Dubai

24 Feb 2020

How artificial intelligence can revolutionize the Middle East energy sector

13 Feb 2020

‘Incredible’ destination Saudi Arabia must develop tourism infrastructure, global travel expert says

12 Feb 2020

Trump deal makes 'Swiss cheese' of Palestinian territory, Abbas tells UN Security Council


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