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13 Nov 2022

Time to address declining birth rates in the Middle East

31 Oct 2022

Russian withdrawal from grain deal will hurt MENA: Ukraine envoy

27 Oct 2022

Japan participates at first ever Pacific Asia Travel Association forum in Ras Al Khaimah

23 Aug 2022

Middle East ranks 2nd in data breach losses after the US, IBM study finds

10 Jul 2022

Middle East governments must innovate to unlock green investment in region, study advises

29 Jun 2022

Severity of Middle East sandstorms confronts Arab Gulf states with a daunting challenge

19 Jun 2022

Saudi Arabia signs contracts to create largest logistic park in the Middle East at Jeddah port

13 Jun 2022

TikTok viral? The effect of the latest trends on Japanese and Arab cultures

13 Jun 2022

AnimeKey: A new anime online streaming service for the Middle East region

13 Jun 2022

‘The Middle East has had a soft spot for anime since the Eighties’ — META executive

26 May 2022

Japan typographer discusses contradictory relationship between minimalism and luxury

25 May 2022

Middle East countries regard Japan highly in opinion poll

06 May 2022

Pan-Arab streaming service Spacetoon GO releases Arabic version of Prince of Tennis

20 Apr 2022

Japan refiner Eneos to buy alternative to Russian crude from Middle East

12 Apr 2022

Food-import dependent Middle East gets a wake-up call from Ukraine war

01 Apr 2022

The West must get used to a more assertive Middle East

05 Mar 2022

More action needed to draw women to science, say Middle East female achievers

26 Feb 2022

Japanese animated movie ‘Poupelle of Chimney Town’ is now showing in Middle East cinemas

13 Feb 2022

Ukraine crisis could have major impact in Middle East: Japan media

08 Nov 2021

Nearly 20 years on, Israeli barrier shapes Palestinian lives

05 Nov 2021

Iran says its stockpile of 60 percent enriched uranium has reached 25kg

01 Nov 2021

Streaming app Spacetoon GO releases Arabic version of Kuroko’s Basketball

01 Nov 2021

Middle East will get to net zero on its terms with realistic targets

24 Oct 2021

Arab coalition destroys four explosive-laden boats in Yemeni province

10 Oct 2021

How organized crime bleeds the Middle East dry

21 Sep 2021

French FM applauds Middle East diplomacy, warns of Iranian transgressions

12 Sep 2021

Japan-US alliance expanded to Middle East after 9/11 attacks

29 Aug 2021

How scientists are drawing a genetic portrait of modern-day Middle Easterners

29 Aug 2021

How to ‘read the air’ in Japan

22 Aug 2021

Former head of Tunisia’s Anti-Corruption Committee ‘under house arrest’

19 Aug 2021

Iranian fuel oil shipment for Lebanon to sail within hours, Hezbollah says

15 Aug 2021

Motegi leaves Tokyo for longest Middle East tour by a Japanese foreign minister

11 Aug 2021

UAE calls for protecting maritime routes from any threats in Security Council meeting

11 Aug 2021

UN climate report strengthens case for wise management of Middle East groundwater reserves

10 Aug 2021

Middle East countries starting to embrace cryptocurrencies, BitOasis CEO says

08 Aug 2021

Historic day for Middle East sport as Arab athletes secure five Olympic medals

17 Jul 2021

Saltwater-grown crops lift food-security hopes of arid Arab countries

15 Jul 2021

Mental health in Middle East conflict zones: How are people dealing with psychological fallout?

10 Jul 2021

Explosion in park in north Tehran, no one hurt -state TV

26 Jun 2021

Iran grants clemency to over 5,000 prisoners

14 Jun 2021

Tatami, Sijjad and the common flooring culture

26 May 2021

‘Friends’ reunion: Why the Arab world can’t get enough of hit show

19 Apr 2021

How Middle East public attitudes have evolved, 1 year into COVID-19 pandemic

16 Apr 2021

Can tech advances solve arid Middle East’s water scarcity problem?

01 Apr 2021

Japan-Arab Political Dialogue confirms strong mutual ties

29 Mar 2021

Middle East weighs agri-tech solutions as pandemic underscores urgency of food security

08 Mar 2021

B-52s again fly over Middle East in US military warning to Iran

04 Mar 2021

Israeli minister says interconnection with Gulf grid would boost Mideast energy security

27 Feb 2021

UN slams Iran over minority-rights record as unrest in country continues

11 Feb 2021

Coronavirus claims 100,000 lives in Mideast


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