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Milestones in Saudi-Japan relations

Flags of Saudi Arabia (left) and Japan. (Shutterstock)
Flags of Saudi Arabia (left) and Japan. (Shutterstock)
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12 Jan 2020 04:01:54 GMT9
12 Jan 2020 04:01:54 GMT9
  • 1955

Japan and Saudi Arabia establish diplomatic relations


  • 1958

Saudi Arabia opens embassy in Tokyo; Japan follows two years later with embassy in Jeddah 

  • 1960

Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz becomes the first member of Saudi royal family to go to Japan


  • 1981

Japanese Crown Prince Akihito and Crown Princess Michiko visit Saudi Arabia


  • 2013

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe pays official visit to Saudi Arabia and holds talks with Prince (now King) Salman bin Abdul Aziz


  • 2015

Japan becomes the third-largest trading partner of Saudi Arabia, importing $45.4bn in petroleum products and exporting $7.5bn in finished goods 


  • 2017

Saudi-Japan Vision 2030 launched by Abe and King Salman as 'a compass of a new strategic partnership'


  • 2019

Saudi Arabia takes over G20 presidency from Japan, which hosted leaders' summit in Osaka



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