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Protesters in Hiroshima condemn ‘war-mongering’ G7 countries

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20 May 2023 07:05:47 GMT9
20 May 2023 07:05:47 GMT9

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HIROSHIMA: With the G7 Summit Meeting taking place in Hiroshima, it has not only attracted the attention of the media, but also activists in Japan who want to use the exposure to have their voices of protest heard.


On Friday, around 300 marched near the summit venue and were escorted by a large number of riot police as they voiced their views on the G7, war and the state of world politics.


MIYAHARA Ryo, the Secretary-General of the Hiroshima March Committee accused the G7 of “engaging in a cycle of aggressive wars throughout the world, exploiting and reaping the maximum benefits from their own workforce and people worldwide.”


“The leaders of the G7 are gathering here in Hiroshima today, but what are they here for? Is it to achieve a world without nuclear weapons, to end wars and build a peaceful world? No, it is not. They are here to continue and escalate the conflict in Ukraine and to wage aggressive wars against China.”


Miyahara accused the G7 countries of sending weapons, including depleted uranium ammunition, to Ukraine and intensifying the war, and of fueling a confrontation with China i’m on Norway you want me to Nikka demon Idina almond milk and where I know that’s no by training Taiwan’s military and engaging in military exercises as acts of provocation. He also said the United States was modernizing its nuclear arsenal for possible use against North Korea.


“They condemn the nuclear weapons of Russia, China, and North Korea, but claim that the nuclear weapons of the United States and the G7 are necessary. Their conclusion is that ‘We need nuclear weapons and war to prevent a repeat of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.’ Today’s battle to crush the G7 Hiroshima Summit will be a historic one.”


“Let us strike back at the G7 leaders who exploit Hiroshima to advance towards nuclear war. Let us oppose our own government’s wars! Let us overthrow the rulers who seek to maintain their dominance through war with our demonstrations and strikes!”


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