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Morocco celebrated the 24th anniversary of King Mohammed VI’s accession

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03 Aug 2023 11:08:42 GMT9
03 Aug 2023 11:08:42 GMT9

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TOKYO: The Moroccan Embassy in Tokyo celebrated the 24th anniversary of the accession of King Mohammed VI to the throne with a reception attended by Japanese politicians, government officials and business leaders.

In his welcoming remarks, Moroccan Ambassador Rachad Bouhlal extended his best wishes to the Emperor and Empress, to the Imperial Family, and to the government and people of Japan.

He said his country’s relationship with Japan has never been stronger, as demonstrated by regular exchanges of high-level officials from both countries. 

“During the last 10 years, the number of Japanese companies operating in Morocco has more than tripled, leading to the creation of more than 55,000 jobs and generating revenues exceeding $830 million,” the Ambassador said.

“We have strengthened the existing legal framework between our two countries with the adoption in 2022 of two important bilateral agreements, one eliminating double taxation and the other considering the promotion and protection of investments. Together they represent an important step that will undoubtedly encourage more Japanese companies to invest in Morocco.”

Bouhlal pointed to fruits as an example of progress in the two countries’ commercial relationship: “Since last February, the Japanese market has been open to Moroccan citrus. I am confident that the Japanese people will enjoy discovering the delicacy of Moroccan fruits.”

On the cultural side, he said he was proud to announce that the Moroccan Garden in Gifu Prefecture was renovated and reopened last October in the presence of Princess Tomohito of Mikasa and Moroccan Minister of Tourism Fatim Zahra Ammor. 

He added: “This garden represents the excellence of authentic Moroccan ancestral craftsmanship, created by Moroccan artisans using traditional techniques and materials.”

Beyond the relationship with Japan, Ambassador Bouhlal said that the leadership of King Mohammed had helped Morocco become “not only an important industrial hub for major manufacturers, but also a continental platform, and one of the most important destinations for Foreign Direct Investments in the world.”

He also pointed out Morocco’s commitment to the development of renewable energies and to the fight against climate change: “We believe that by 2050, Morocco will produce 80 percent of its energy needs from renewable energy sources and will hopefully reach zero emissions, in compliance with the UN-set standards and the 2030 Agenda for the Sustainable Development Goals.”

YAMADA Kenji, State Minister for Foreign Affairs, offered his congratulations and said: “I am delighted to extend my sincere congratulations on behalf of the Government of Japan to His Majesty, the Royal Family and the people of the Kingdom of Morocco. I am very pleased that our two countries have developed excellent relations through exchanges at various levels in both the public and private sectors, based on the traditional friendship between the Imperial Family and the Royal Family.”

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