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02 Jul 2022

Japan summer festivals to resume after pandemic hiatus

30 Jun 2022

Koike meets the Mayor of London to talk about energy and green finance

30 Jun 2022

As Tokyo's June flames out in record heatwave, a power plant shutdown stokes blackout concern

28 Jun 2022

Japan's districts shine brighter with 3D animations

28 Jun 2022

Tokyo June heatwave worst since 1875 as power supply creaks under strain

27 Jun 2022

Tokyo warned of power crunch as Japan endures heat wave

24 Jun 2022

Japan, US to extend deterrence and arms control

21 Jun 2022

Totoro's home: Japan crowdfund for forest that inspired film

08 Jun 2022

‘Japan as a savior of a Muslim World’: Saudi Arabia’s KFCRIS discusses evolving relationship between Islam and Japan

02 Jun 2022

Battle rages over fate of 900 trees in central part of Tokyo

27 May 2022

Tokyo government reaffirms connections to Islamic countries

23 May 2022

In Tokyo, Biden endorses Japan's plan to beef up its defences

13 May 2022

Tokyo stocks open higher after mixed US close

12 May 2022

Tokyo's stylish toilets inspire director Wim Wenders

08 May 2022

Okinawa’s recent history exhibited in Tokyo

06 May 2022

Tokyo core consumer prices log steepest rise in 7 years

02 May 2022

May Day in Tokyo reveals the structural problems of the world of work

20 Apr 2022

8 Russian officials leave Japan after expulsion decision

18 Apr 2022

Nagakin capsule tower in Tokyo stands tall before demolition

08 Apr 2022

Scholz planning Japan trip by end of this month

07 Apr 2022

Muslims join Ramadan prayers in Tokyo Mosque

04 Apr 2022

Narita Airport's terminal expanded

28 Mar 2022

TMG announces 6 companies for its ‘Green Finance Subsidy Program for Tokyo Market Entry’

23 Mar 2022

Japan seeks continued power savings for Tokyo area

16 Mar 2022

Tokyo cake brand releases Disney themed treats worth going bananas over

15 Mar 2022

Tokyo will not request extension of COVID restrictions -Nikkei

14 Mar 2022

Tokyo stocks bounce back on bargain-hunting, weaker yen

13 Mar 2022

Japan confirms 50,949 new COVID-19 cases

02 Mar 2022

Nuclear “escalation” by Russia and NATO denounced in Tokyo

17 Feb 2022

Experts concerned about continued strain on Tokyo medical system

15 Feb 2022

Hotel for dog lovers to open in Tokyo

05 Feb 2022

Tokyo knife attack suspect served new arrest warrant

04 Feb 2022

Japan's daily COVID-19 cases top 100,000 for 1st time

31 Jan 2022

Kishida rules out COVID-19 emergency for Tokyo for now

23 Jan 2022

Japan's daily new COVID-19 cases top 50,000 for 1st time

21 Jan 2022

Adidas lovers should mark their calendars for latest store opening in Tokyo

17 Jan 2022

Japan Coronavirus count tops 20,000 for 4th day

17 Jan 2022

Japan mulls COVID-19 pre-emergency for Tokyo

16 Jan 2022

Police secure the scene near Tokyo University after the attempted murder of three people

15 Jan 2022

Japanese students injured in stabbing during entrance exams

12 Jan 2022

Visitors chosen by lottery get access to twin pandas at Ueno Zoo

03 Jan 2022

Aoyama University wins 98th edition of Hakone Ekiden Marathon

28 Dec 2021

London edges New York and Tokyo in top city ranking

17 Dec 2021

Tokyo reports two new Omicron cases, including soccer spectator

16 Dec 2021

Hydrogen will fuel more than 300 of Tokyo’s public buses by 2030

15 Dec 2021

Musashino City ordinance to recognize foreign voters approved at committee stage

12 Dec 2021

Earthquake with preliminary magnitude 5 shakes Kanto central Japan including Tokyo

08 Dec 2021

Nuclear sector workers gather outside court to support sick, irradiated colleague

26 Nov 2021

Recovered Tokyo governor Koike back at office, held a press conference

25 Nov 2021

British researcher Paul Martin becomes one of the world’s leading Japanese swords experts


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