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A slightly strong earthquake awakens Tokyo residents Sunday morning

No damage has been reported. (JMA)
No damage has been reported. (JMA)
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28 Jan 2024 08:01:33 GMT9
28 Jan 2024 08:01:33 GMT9

Arab News Japan

TOKYO: A slightly strong earthquake struck Tokyo at around 8:59 a.m. on Sunday, surprising the population of the Japanese capital.  

According to the Japan Metrological Agency, the epicenter of the trembler was at Tokyo Bay at a depth of 80 kilometers and a maximum seismic intensity of 4.8. The agency said there is no need to worry about a tsunami from this earthquake.

Buildings swayed in Tokyo and Kanagawa as the magnitude of the earthquake registered at 4. Surrounding prefectures, including Kanagawa, were also hit with an intensity of 4, but no aftershocks were reported.

Some central Tokyo residents told Arab News Japan that the shaking woke them up and their building swayed, but not strongly. No damage has been reported.

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