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26 May 2023

Turkiye begins work on 240,000 homes to repatriate refugees in northern Syria

22 May 2023

5.3 earthquake strikes near Japanese islands southwest of Tokyo

04 Apr 2023

Series of earthquakes strike remote Japanese island

04 Apr 2023

Mother and baby reunited nearly two months after earthquake

17 Mar 2023

Magnitude 5 quake strikes Iraqi-Iranian borderline

13 Mar 2023

‘Cat man of Aleppo’ returns to the rescue returns following devastating Syria earthquake

11 Mar 2023

Japan marks 12 years from tsunami and nuclear disaster

08 Mar 2023

Turkiye earthquake survivors search rubble for their gold savings

04 Mar 2023

Earthquakes caused $5.1 billion in damage in Syria, World Bank estimates

03 Mar 2023

Japan to send third medical team to help earthquake relief in Turkiye 

28 Feb 2023

Turkiye’s Erdogan asks forgiveness for quake rescue delays

26 Feb 2023

Turkiye widens probe into building collapses as quake toll exceeds 50,000

25 Feb 2023

Magnitude 6.1 quake shakes Japan's Hokkaido, no tsunami warning

25 Feb 2023

Quake-prone Istanbul not at heightened risk: expert

21 Feb 2023

Between pessimism and optimism, readiness is the best weapon

20 Feb 2023

Earthquake at 4.1-magnitude hits Oman’s Duqm region

19 Feb 2023

The tragedy of the earthquake and the power of humanity

18 Feb 2023

Earthquake devastation reveals humanitarian cost of isolating Syria’s Assad regime

16 Feb 2023

Earthquake havoc compounds misfortune of Syrians left destitute by war

16 Feb 2023

Photos tied to tree of missing boys highlight painful search for quake victims

15 Feb 2023

Canon aids relief effort following Turkiye-Syria quake

15 Feb 2023

Erdogan: Earthquake deaths worst in Turkiye’s modern history

15 Feb 2023

Britain’s King Charles meets Turkiye-Syria earthquake volunteers

13 Feb 2023

Israeli rescue team leaves Turkiye over security fears

13 Feb 2023

UN warns of aid failure for Syria as quake toll nears 30,000

12 Feb 2023

Dramatic rescues as Turkiye-Syria quake death toll tops 28,000

11 Feb 2023

Saudi Arabia sends 3 more relief planes to earthquake-hit Turkiye and Syria, evacuates citizens

11 Feb 2023

UK firefighters rescue trapped mother in Turkiye, reunite her with new-born daughter

11 Feb 2023

Japan’s earthquake recovery offers hard lessons for Turkiye

10 Feb 2023

Japan to send disaster relief supplies to Turkey, Iran

10 Feb 2023

Another Japanese Disaster Relief team to be dispatched to Turkiye

09 Feb 2023

Turkiye, Syria rescue hopes fade, anger rising as death toll passes 15,000

09 Feb 2023

Syrian man digs for 30 relatives buried by quake

09 Feb 2023

Catastrophe in Turkiye, Syria causes deep heartache

09 Feb 2023

Lebanese victim pulled from rubble 2 days after Turkiye quake; several remain trapped

08 Feb 2023

Survivors ‘praying for miracles’ as Turkiye steps up quake rescue efforts

08 Feb 2023

Japan Embassy in Turkiye commemorates lives lost to earthquake by lowering flag at half-mast

08 Feb 2023

‘Everyone has been impacted’: UK charity describes ‘race against time’ to find survivors

08 Feb 2023

Japanese earthquake expert warns against more large earthquakes in the Middle East

07 Feb 2023

Japan warns its citizen to be vigilant in Turkiye, promises more assistance

07 Feb 2023

Saudi Arabia, Arab nations send condolences to Turkiye, Syria over deadly earthquake

07 Feb 2023

Saudi king, crown prince offer condolences to Erdogan after Turkiye quake

07 Feb 2023

At least 20 escape Syria prison holding Daesh inmates after quake

07 Feb 2023

‘Buildings folded like paper towels’: Turkish survivors recount harrowing quake experiences

07 Feb 2023

Israel says approved aid to quake-hit Syria, Damascus denies request

06 Feb 2023

Two massive quakes leave hundreds dead, others missing in Turkiye and Syria

29 Jan 2023

Quake shakes large area around Tokyo

06 Jan 2023

Earthquake hits Noto Peninsula on Japan’s northern coast

05 Dec 2022

No tsunami expected for Japan after Indonesia volcano eruption

01 Dec 2022

Earthquake of magnitude 5.6 strikes southern Iran; felt in UAE — EMSC


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