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Japan FM avoids labeling Houthis as ‘terrorists’

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19 Jan 2024 08:01:27 GMT9
19 Jan 2024 08:01:27 GMT9

Arab News Japan

TOKYO: Japanese Foreign Minister KAMIKAWA Yoko on Friday acknowledged the United States’ move to designate the Houthis in Yemen as terrorists once again but gave no indication that Japan will do likewise.

“On the 17th of January, the United States designated the Houthis as a special local terrorist group,” Kamikawa said. “For Japan, all actions that obstruct the freedom of navigation for shipping are unacceptable and Japan resolutely condemns the continued attacks by the Houthis on ships.”

She said that United Nations Security Council Resolution 2140 empowers nations like Japan to take steps against the Houthis, such as the freezing of assets. “We will not eliminate any possibilities and reach our decisions on what to do based on our perspective and continue to consider whether additional measures are necessary or not,” she added. “Japan is concerned, and resolutely condemns the continued attacks on ships by the Houthis.”

“The recent attack on the Houthis by the US and the UK I understand to be a measure to prevent deterioration of the situation. We would like to continue to cooperate with relevant countries, including the United States, to realize the freedom of navigation and take necessary measures.”

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