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Andrew Hammond

Andrew Hammond

Andrew Hammond is an Associate at LSE IDEAS at the London School of Economics.

01 Oct 2023

A rare ray of hope in runup to UN Climate Change Conference in Dubai

01 Sep 2023

Foreign powers’ focus turns to the Asia-Pacific

17 Aug 2023

The dilemmas surrounding any Ukraine-Russia peace deal

13 Aug 2023

Climate change challenges require bold leadership

16 Jul 2023

Golden age of EU-Japan relations offers a shining example of global leadership

28 May 2023

Japan’s warmer relations with the West

14 May 2023

G7 summit will showcase revival of the Western alliance

05 Feb 2023

The West and Japan work to enhance their ties, post-Ukraine

15 Jan 2023

Populist leaders are down but far from out

11 Sep 2022

UK PM’s ‘top team’ is alarmingly short on experience

04 Sep 2022

Russia’s focus on the Far East underlines its warm ties with China

28 Aug 2022

Europe emerges as an anchor for a potential nuclear deal with Iran

23 May 2022

WEF returns to Davos with spring in its step

01 May 2022

Japanese PM seeks to set the global agenda

01 Apr 2022

EU-China ties delicately poised ahead of summit

29 Aug 2021

G7 flexes its political muscles again

27 May 2021

EU-Japan summit to help set agenda for G7 and G20

09 May 2021

Why the G7 have China in their sights

12 Mar 2021

Why Japan is center stage in America’s anti-China alliance

14 Feb 2021

How the G7 can make itself relevant again

08 Nov 2020

G20: The greatest show on earth

02 Aug 2020

Japan grows into new role on world stage

03 May 2020

Buckle up, the ‘new normal’ is going to be a bumpy ride

29 Mar 2020

Why this could be a crucial year for the G20

11 Mar 2020

Coronavirus response could be a turning point for G7

16 Jan 2020

World leaders aim for cohesion at landmark Davos summit

29 Nov 2019

Will Trump get China deal for Christmas?

01 Nov 2019

Perils of a new East-West rift


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