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Baria Alamuddin

Baria Alamuddin

Baria Alamuddin is an award-winning journalist and broadcaster in the Middle East and the UK. She is editor of the Media Services Syndicate and has interviewed numerous heads of state.

22 Feb 2021

Putin considers slamming the door on Iran and opening a window for Israel

14 Feb 2021

Lebanon and Iraq’s choice: Sovereignty, or paramilitary anarchy

31 Jan 2021

Has Biden already got Tehran running scared on nuclear issue?

27 Dec 2020

Cowardly rush back to flawed nuclear deal leaves world less safe

06 Dec 2020

If Iran doesn’t want to get burnt, stop stoking the flames

12 Nov 2020

The death of Prince Khalifa is an immense loss for Bahrain and the entire Arabian Gulf

11 Oct 2020

Tehran’s warmongering is a last, desperate throw of the dice

06 Sep 2020

The emigration brain drain – Lebanon’s looming new catastrophe

16 Aug 2020

To save Lebanon, break the Aoun-Nasrallah unholy alliance

19 Jul 2020

‘Axis of Evil’ asserts the right to pillage and burn

05 Jul 2020

Afghanistan is a graveyard for foreign invaders — Iran included

15 Jun 2020

The murderous price of Lebanon's sectarianism

25 May 2020

Anarchy loosed upon the region as Iran’s client states fall apart

04 May 2020

Will Lebanon’s collapse herald Hezbollah dominance or demise?

27 Apr 2020

Female leadership and heroism in the face of pandemic

30 Mar 2020

Wars won’t wait for coronavirus threat to pass

23 Mar 2020

Pandemic an opportunity for humanity to show its best side

16 Mar 2020

Iran’s puppets pushing Iraq into failed statehood

02 Mar 2020

Pandemic of infighting grips Western ruling classes

24 Feb 2020

Iran’s hard-liners seize control of sinking ship

17 Feb 2020

Russia, Turkey and Iran scramble for supremacy amid Idlib bloodbath

10 Feb 2020

Tehran’s proxies should be punished by Iraqi voters

03 Feb 2020

Forget two states, Trump’s plan prescribes apartheid

27 Jan 2020

Trump’s deal takes a knife to Palestinian hopes for justice

23 Jan 2020

Lebanon’s new Cabinet already on borrowed time

20 Jan 2020

Iran’s wounded rulers bring region to the boil

07 Jan 2020

World must seize opportunities offered by Soleimani’s death

04 Jan 2020

Soleimani’s death leaves Iran’s strategy in tatters

30 Dec 2019

2020s global leadership: The future is young and female

23 Dec 2019

What doesn’t kill Lebanon’s revolution only makes it stronger

16 Dec 2019

Tehran, Moscow and Beijing – an unholy alliance?

09 Dec 2019

Ayatollahs should be most afraid of Iran’s own citizens

02 Dec 2019

Iran’s proxies in Iraq, Lebanon signing own death warrants

25 Nov 2019

Trump administration continues gifting stolen land to Netanyahu

20 Nov 2019

Tehran’s control over Iraqi leaders — the smoking gun

18 Nov 2019

Let Aoun, Nasrallah and Bassil be the ones to emigrate

11 Nov 2019

In battling for their rights, the Lebanese are not for turning

04 Nov 2019

Failure not an option as Iraq, Lebanon rebel against Iranian influence

27 Oct 2019

Time is up for Iraq and Lebanon’s sectarian systems

29 Sep 2019

The world has failed to confront Iran – so what next?

08 Sep 2019

Saving the politics of decency from the ravages of populism

01 Sep 2019

Four days to save the United Kingdom

25 Aug 2019

Mafia militias in Iraq reopen Pandora’s Box

18 Aug 2019

Iran thrusts Iraq into the line of fire

21 Jul 2019

Syria’s returnees out of the frying pan into the fire

14 Jul 2019

Iran only a threat if the world allows it to be

07 Jul 2019

Iran’s proxies defy Iraqi PM’s anti-militia decree

30 Jun 2019

Hubristic Israeli hawks risk losing everything

23 Jun 2019

Iran’s high-stakes game of chicken

14 Jun 2019

Iran threatened to block Hormuz. Will we now take it seriously?


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