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Baria Alamuddin

Baria Alamuddin

Baria Alamuddin is an award-winning journalist and broadcaster in the Middle East and the UK. She is editor of the Media Services Syndicate and has interviewed numerous heads of state.

11 Sep 2023

Iran’s women light the path to a radiant future

22 Aug 2023

Women bear the brunt of Taliban’s gender apartheid

11 Jul 2023

World will be forced to grapple with coming Palestinian storm

03 Jul 2023

Iraq’s militias: Double the size, double the money, double the threat

27 Jun 2023

Cause for celebration in states that suffered Wagner’s brutality

12 Jun 2023

The rule of law victorious, or justice weaponized?

05 Jun 2023

The war for eastern Syria is just getting started

29 May 2023

China and the West: Deadly enemies or prosperous allies?

22 May 2023

Jeddah summit offers hope for a reinvigorated Arab nation

01 May 2023

Malevolent voices manipulating the Syria refugee issue

24 Apr 2023

Is it too late to banish the specter of civil war in Sudan?

10 Apr 2023

Israel will be incinerated by these fires Netanyahu ignites

28 Mar 2023

Lebanon’s rulers set the clock ticking down to destruction

20 Mar 2023

Twenty years after invasion, is Iraq salvageable?

06 Mar 2023

A regime in disgrace: poisoning girls, raping protesters, smuggling arms

14 Feb 2023

Apocalyptic quake exploited for cheap propaganda

06 Feb 2023

Apartheid policies push Israel to point of no return

30 Jan 2023

Judge Bitar is right: Lebanon’s entire leadership is guilty

24 Jan 2023

As Lebanon collapses, Hezbollah will be buried in the rubble

16 Jan 2023

Iran’s bid to steal Arab identity is an own goal

11 Jan 2023

Despite the obstacles, women are our planet’s future

21 Dec 2022

Palestine on a knife-edge as extremists surge to power

22 Nov 2022

The West is waking up to the Iranian threat — now what?

02 Nov 2022

Last nail in the coffin of Hezbollah’s pretexts for existence

24 Oct 2022

Made in Tehran: narcotics, missiles and killer drones

09 Oct 2022

These girls are Iran’s future … this murderous regime belongs to the past

26 Sep 2022

Iran’s malign theocracy is unraveling before our eyes

12 Sep 2022

West turns a blind eye as Daesh grow and prosper

30 Aug 2022

Biden seeks nuclear wedlock, but his unfaithful Iranian groom won’t change

15 Aug 2022

The Taliban a year on: imposing misery, exporting instability

09 Aug 2022

Severing Hezbollah’s grip is Lebanon’s only salvation

06 Jun 2022

How Iran’s malign proxies are tearing a nation apart

16 May 2022

Shireen Abu Akleh: A martyr to the truth of Israeli inhumanity

09 May 2022

We Lebanese will get the parliament we deserve

18 Apr 2022

Jerusalem violence exposes fundamental injustice of occupation

04 Apr 2022

Thwarting the people’s will in Iraq and Lebanon

29 Mar 2022

Navigating a world of alternative realities and weaponized data

21 Mar 2022

Arabs face hunger as Syrian mercenaries join the Ukraine inferno

15 Mar 2022

After Irbil, no more appeasing aggressor states like Iran

07 Jan 2022

Lebanon’s arsonist-in-chief aims to set the region alight

29 Nov 2021

Iran nuclear talks: Preparing for failure

11 Nov 2021

Iraq’s moment of truth in wake of attempt on PM’s life

17 Oct 2021

Factions who seek to dominate Lebanon will only destroy it

12 Oct 2021

Hezbollah’s role in the global drugs trade — the West Africa connection

13 Sep 2021

Message to Lebanon’s new Cabinet: Prove us all wrong

10 Sep 2021

Twenty years on from 9/11, a grim new era of terror approaches

05 Sep 2021

The horrors emerging from Afghanistan are only just beginning

22 Aug 2021

Nasrallah gloats over US defeat while turning Lebanon into Afghanistan

06 Jun 2021

What could be worse than Netanyahu? Meet Israel’s new prime minister

17 May 2021

No peace for Palestine until impunity and inhumanity cease


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