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Dr. Dania Koleilat Khatib

Dr. Dania Koleilat Khatib

Dr. Dania Koleilat Khatib is a specialist in US-Arab relations with a focus on lobbying. She is co-founder of the Research Center for Cooperation and Peace Building, a Lebanese nongovernmental organization focused on Track II.

15 May 2024

How Israel can be restrained as it eyes an attack on Lebanon

21 Mar 2024

Netanyahu on course to become the man who broke Israel

02 Mar 2024

Gaza and the shameless vacuum of Western morality

08 Feb 2024

The thorny issue of refugees’ right of return can be solved

25 Jan 2024

The time is right for Israel to negotiate

05 Jan 2024

Odds stacked against Israel in genocide case

01 Jan 2024

Why Israel should choose peace — before time runs out

14 Dec 2023

US must coerce Israel into accepting a ceasefire

10 Nov 2023

Will we see a joint Iranian-Arab front on Gaza?

02 Nov 2023

Will Hezbollah drag Lebanon into war?

11 Aug 2023

Growing protest movement is a wake-up call for all Israelis

04 Aug 2023

Netanyahu unlikely to make concessions on normalization with Muslim world

03 Jul 2023

Israel becoming an apartheid state

18 May 2023

A deal with Russia on Syria could shorten the war in Ukraine

28 Apr 2023

Local solutions should come first in Syria

12 Dec 2022

Why the world is in wait-and-see mode on Iran protests

13 Oct 2022

Lebanon-Israel deal should be followed by a nonaggression pact

10 Sep 2022

The Israeli occupation must not be forgotten

30 Jun 2022

The fallacy of unity government is paralyzing Lebanon

07 May 2022

Iran’s future in a world of shifting sands

07 Dec 2021

Will Lebanon’s energy crisis be solved by Israeli gas?

22 May 2021

Cease-fire does not mean the end of fighting

14 May 2021

Israel should look to South Africa and do the right thing

30 Dec 2020

Gulf’s 2021 recovery hangs on COVID-19, Iran uncertainties

30 Nov 2020

Biden should look to Lebanon if he wants a deal with Iran

09 Nov 2020

Biden and the Iran nuclear deal conundrum

02 Nov 2020

World leaders should stop politicizing religion

25 Sep 2020

Lebanese maneuvers produce same mediocre results

04 Sep 2020

Macron using Lebanon as a gateway to Iran

19 Aug 2020

Special Tribunal for Lebanon fails the Lebanese people

12 Aug 2020

Why Macron’s ‘unity government’ would fail the Lebanese people

06 Aug 2020

Hezbollah in precarious position ahead of Hariri verdict

29 Apr 2020

Why a state of emergency is needed in Lebanon

04 Apr 2020

Turkey, US and Russia may prioritize stability in Syria

11 Mar 2020

Lebanon faces mayhem after defaulting on its debt

11 Feb 2020

Palestinians can only negotiate with Israel with Arab support

06 Feb 2020

US broke Iraq, now it must own its mistakes

30 Jan 2020

Iran’s revenge might be to go nuclear

22 Jan 2020

Lebanon’s moment of truth has arrived

15 Jan 2020

The region needs a grand bargain with Iran

11 Jan 2020

Wisdom required if US is to avoid conflict with Iran

06 Jan 2020

Trump must plot a course between instinct and strategy

17 Dec 2019

Arab world held back by its lack of a productive sector

03 Dec 2019

US’ Lebanon policy should not be guided by Israeli perspective

27 Nov 2019

Containing Hezbollah a long-term process

20 Nov 2019

Israeli leaders blinded by their arrogance

12 Nov 2019

Lebanese protests lacking a legitimate leader


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