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Dr. Theodore Karasik

Dr. Theodore Karasik

Dr. Theodore Karasik is a senior adviser to Gulf State Analytics in Washington, D.C. He is a former RAND Corporation Senior Political Scientist who lived in the UAE for 10 years, focusing on security issues.
Twitter: @tkarasik

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06 Apr 2024

Space might remain Japan’s final frontier for some time yet

06 Jan 2024

New high-tech planes and the miracle of Haneda Airport

22 Nov 2023

Ocean pollution cleanup should be an urgent priority

27 Aug 2023

Double disaster preparation: Floods and earthquakes

30 Jun 2023

US and its allies building a wall around North Korea

13 Feb 2023

North Korea’s distant female leadership

03 Oct 2022

East Asia’s murky future due to North Korea’s escalatory behavior

18 Aug 2022

Kim Yo Jong’s path to power in North Korea becoming clear

20 May 2022

The risks of future demographic inequalities

11 Apr 2022

History keeps repeating but what have we learned?

07 Mar 2022

Military conflicts wage war on the environment as well as people

12 Jan 2022

COVID-19 pandemic is far from over

04 Oct 2021

Let’s hope the pandemic travel bubble doesn’t burst

13 Apr 2021

Vaccine passports the only way out of this pandemic

27 Mar 2021

Suez Canal blockage is a wake-up call

13 Feb 2021

China and the West face off in the Indo-Pacific

01 Feb 2021

Pandemic divisions set to widen as vaccines rolled out

13 Jan 2021

The Line fulfills humankind’s need to change

04 Dec 2020

Decaying infrastructure at risk from effects of climate change

29 Sep 2020

South Korea, North Korea may seize diplomatic opportunity after Kim Jong Un apology

17 Sep 2020

Security concerns high on new Japan PM Yoshihide Suga’s list of priorities

22 Aug 2020

What next for Japan if Abe decides to say ‘sayonara’?

23 Jul 2020

COVID-19’s effects on mental health to last years

11 Mar 2020

More red zones like Italy’s are coming

19 Feb 2020

Coronavirus — next steps

13 Feb 2020

Clarity needed on how to contain COVID-19 pandemic

28 Jan 2020

How coronavirus outbreak threatens national security

11 Dec 2019

US influence in Northeast Asia faces several complications

23 Nov 2019

US strategy of maximum pressure is taking Iran to the brink

06 Nov 2019

Forty years after the Iran hostage crisis, the tragedy continues

01 Nov 2019

Leverage over Turkey is Russia’s dream come true


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