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Frank Kane

Frank Kane

Frank Kane is an award-winning business journalist based in Dubai.

16 Dec 2021

How Dubai rolled the virus dice — and won

04 Nov 2021

Why OPEC+ should stick to its strategy, despite COP26

18 Sep 2021

Will Unifonic be the Middle East’s next unicorn?

30 Aug 2021

OPEC+ unlikely to be swayed from long-term strategy

14 May 2021

Inflation ‘bump’ spooks pumped-up stock markets

08 May 2021

The fading specter of the inflationary threat

30 Apr 2021

Despite India, seat belt sign is on for global economy ‘take-off’

20 Jan 2021

The business case for Riyadh is a no-brainer

12 Jan 2021

Saudi Arabia puts its NEOM proposition on The Line

26 Dec 2020

Tadawul passes 2020 test with flying colors

05 Dec 2020

Saudi Electricity revamp lights up the markets

23 Nov 2020

UAE leaving OPEC? A storm in an oil barrel

09 Nov 2020

Regardless of who is in the White House, oil markets want stability

06 Nov 2020

Financial ‘fear gauge’ fluctuates wildly in volatile US

08 Oct 2020

Increasingly stark choices ahead on global stimulus packages

26 Sep 2020

Riyadh Initiative is key to meaningful WTO reform

19 Sep 2020

Libya might resume oil exports. Will we notice?

09 Sep 2020

Billion-dollar bubble? SoftBank ‘whale’ unnerves global markets

05 Sep 2020

Crude hiccups should not derail long-term oil market recovery

24 Aug 2020

Forget ‘V’ or ‘W’ shaped recovery — now ‘K’ looks the market model

18 Aug 2020

China and Russia imagine a world without the dollar

14 Aug 2020

Global oil supply has pretty much got its house in order

30 Jun 2020

NCB-Samba merger to create national champion in banking

22 Jun 2020

Amlak IPO is test of Saudis’ post-pandemic investment appetite

16 Jun 2020

JP Morgan’s roadmap toward an oil ‘supercycle’

10 Jun 2020

Between the lines at the OPEC+ ‘Zoom comms’

01 Jun 2020

The pandemic threat to emerging markets

30 May 2020

The risk to post-pandemic recovery from growing corporate debt

25 May 2020

A new oil price war is just a few dollars per barrel away

19 May 2020

Saudi Arabia's PIF buying spree is vote of confidence in pandemic recovery

06 May 2020

Essential reading during The Great Lockdown

04 May 2020

Al-Jadaan reveals full extent of Saudi Arabia’s pandemic challenge

24 Apr 2020

Speculators take a beating on oil price collapse and some more and some more

21 Apr 2020

Pandemic brings Saudi Arabia’s ‘whatever it takes’ moment

15 Apr 2020

When stock markets are at odds with the economists

30 Mar 2020

Buckle up for another rollercoaster week in financial markets

25 Mar 2020

Reasons for guarded optimism over oil price

23 Mar 2020

World hopes the American bazooka will hit the spot

18 Mar 2020

In challenging times for oil, investors drill deep into Saudi Aramco

16 Mar 2020

Saudi, UAE stimulus packages are good first response to economic threats

05 Mar 2020

Will the sickening global economy respond to the Fed’s salvo?

27 Feb 2020

Asia House gives boost to Riyadh’s booming forums business

25 Feb 2020

Saudi Arabia shows its diplomacy skills at Riyadh G20 opener

19 Feb 2020

DP World delisting is a straw in the wind for Gulf markets

03 Feb 2020

Oil is not tobacco, but it needs to win over stay-away investors

30 Jan 2020

Lessons from Davos: Aramco is meeting climate change challenge

13 Jan 2020

Saudi and Japan trade must move beyond oil-for-Landcruisers

09 Jan 2020

Regional tensions strain delegates at energy forum

08 Dec 2019

Now we will begin to understand the true significance of Aramco’s IPO

28 Nov 2019

Western media and Aramco: A tale of two IPOs


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