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Frank Kane

Frank Kane

Frank Kane is an award-winning business journalist based in Dubai.

30 Mar 2020

Buckle up for another rollercoaster week in financial markets

25 Mar 2020

Reasons for guarded optimism over oil price

23 Mar 2020

World hopes the American bazooka will hit the spot

18 Mar 2020

In challenging times for oil, investors drill deep into Saudi Aramco

16 Mar 2020

Saudi, UAE stimulus packages are good first response to economic threats

05 Mar 2020

Will the sickening global economy respond to the Fed’s salvo?

27 Feb 2020

Asia House gives boost to Riyadh’s booming forums business

25 Feb 2020

Saudi Arabia shows its diplomacy skills at Riyadh G20 opener

19 Feb 2020

DP World delisting is a straw in the wind for Gulf markets

03 Feb 2020

Oil is not tobacco, but it needs to win over stay-away investors

30 Jan 2020

Lessons from Davos: Aramco is meeting climate change challenge

13 Jan 2020

Saudi and Japan trade must move beyond oil-for-Landcruisers

09 Jan 2020

Regional tensions strain delegates at energy forum

08 Dec 2019

Now we will begin to understand the true significance of Aramco’s IPO

28 Nov 2019

Western media and Aramco: A tale of two IPOs

18 Nov 2019

Saudi Aramco IPO is up and running — but watch out for surprises

13 Nov 2019

Aramco’s historic IPO — the view from the ADIPEC stand

11 Nov 2019

IPO transparency on the factors that could make shares go down, as well as up

04 Nov 2019

Learning process all around as Aramco prepares for market

28 Oct 2019

Vision Fund ‘committed to startups in Kingdom’

22 Oct 2019

Abenomics vs. aging: Japan’s economic dilemma

19 Oct 2019

INTERVIEW: Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea project to set ‘new global standards in sustainability’, says CEO

29 Sep 2019

Tokyo stock exchange courts Saudi Aramco for international IPO

23 Sep 2019

The 1970s — a seismic decade for Saudi Arabia’s economy

22 Sep 2019

INTERVIEW: Nuclear war and peace — The view from Tokyo

08 Sep 2019

INTERVIEW: Japan offers an illuminating view of Vision 2030 — Nomura executive Tarek Fadlallah

23 Aug 2019

We all want WeWork IPO to succeed — especially in the Gulf

14 Aug 2019

Lifting the veil from the Aramco money machine

11 Aug 2019

Oil markets will have to weather the ‘perfect storm’

30 Jul 2019

For once, Trump is right — China is well past the development stage

24 Jul 2019

INTERVIEW: SoftBank Vision Fund stands shoulder to shoulder with Saudi Arabia — CEO Rajeev Misra

18 Jul 2019

California Dreamin’: What the Gulf can learn from the ‘Golden State’

30 Jun 2019

The top 5 lessons from the Osaka G20 summit

09 Jun 2019

SPIEF DIARY: Unwrapping the enigma: 5 key takeaways from St. Petersburg forum

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