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Dr. Mohammed Al-Sulami

Dr. Mohammed Al-Sulami

Dr. Mohammed Al-Sulami is Head of the International Institute for Iranian Studies (Rasanah). Twitter: @mohalsulami

20 May 2024

Symbolic Western sanctions will not change Iran’s behavior

22 Apr 2024

Palestinian cause must be freed from Iran-Israel trap

16 Jan 2024

The Biden administration’s naive approach to the Houthis

09 Jan 2024

Economic, political factors driving increase in migration from Iran

12 Dec 2023

Iran again faces disastrous consequences of financial corruption

17 Oct 2023

GCC-ASEAN Summit: Gulf states shift to new waters in testing geopolitical times

03 Oct 2023

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman lays out new formula for US-Saudi cooperation

25 Sep 2023

Reaction to Ronaldo’s visit shows Iranians long for normality

19 Sep 2023

Why Iran is ignored when nations plan transboundary trade routes

04 Sep 2023

Saudi Arabia beating illiteracy while Iran lags behind

23 Aug 2023

Western model not the only way to achieve good governance

01 Aug 2023

Saudi Arabia’s development model wins admirers in Iran

25 Jul 2023

The opportunities offered by Saudi-Central Asia cooperation

04 Jul 2023

The Sudan crisis and the international community

07 Jun 2023

Afghanistan hands Iran a timely reality check

31 May 2023

The militarization of Iranian politics in the context of regional detente

24 May 2023

Improved regional ties can help soothe Iran’s demographic crisis

15 May 2023

Sudan crisis holds real danger for Arab, North Africa and Sahel nations

03 Jan 2023

The Iranian regime’s costly misconceptions

22 Nov 2022

Iran regime’s false World Cup promises come crashing down

25 Oct 2022

How Europe views the Iranian national uprising

04 Oct 2022

Iran could turn to mercenaries to maintain order

19 Apr 2022

Where does Tehran stand on the developments in Pakistan?

29 Mar 2022

Iran’s parallel economy gives it upper hand in nuclear talks

12 Mar 2022

Why now is the time to repair Gulf-US relations

01 Mar 2022

State dominance of Iranian economy impedes foreign investment

25 Jan 2022

Yemen’s role in Iran’s strategic plan

21 Dec 2021

Resentment fuels Iran’s animosity toward US and Saudi Arabia

05 Oct 2021

Iran’s nuclear ambiguity may drag on until 2022

30 Mar 2021

Iran’s militias push Middle East toward all-out war

09 Feb 2021

How Biden might attempt to resolve the Syrian crisis

20 Oct 2020

The misinformation surrounding Iran’s defense budget

06 Oct 2020

The tangled web of competition and cooperation in natural gas market

10 Aug 2020

Hezbollah’s explosives a threat to international peace and security

21 Jan 2020

Proxy flag stunt betrays Iranian regime’s confusion

05 Jan 2020

After Soleimani: Three scenarios that could happen next

01 Jan 2020

Iraqis must stop their country from becoming a proxy battlefield

10 Dec 2019

The next Iran Parliament and Tehran’s battle with Washington

03 Dec 2019

Iraq protests sparking fear among Kurds


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