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Sinem Cengiz

Sinem Cengiz

Sinem Cengiz is a Turkish political analyst who specializes in Turkey’s relations with the Middle East.

06 Jul 2024

Why Saudi Arabia is boosting defense ties with Turkiye, China

02 Sep 2023

Investor trust will pay dividends in stronger Turkish-Saudi relations

26 Aug 2023

Turkiye, Iraq seek new dynamism in their relationship

05 Aug 2023

How soft power can boost Turkish-Gulf relations

15 Jul 2023

Russia-Turkiye ties to the fore as Moscow vetoes Syria aid renewal

19 Mar 2023

Turkiye’s diaspora to get a say in critical elections

09 Feb 2023

Catastrophe in Turkiye, Syria causes deep heartache

04 Feb 2023

Deciphering the dynamics of Turkiye-Oman relations

31 Dec 2022

History is made by women who oppose oppression, not the regimes that impose it

26 Nov 2022

From Doha With Love: World Cup reconciles people and nations

12 Nov 2022

A useful role for the G20

02 Jul 2022

Obstacles to an ‘Arab NATO’

24 Jun 2022

Saudi Arabia and Turkey’s road map to deeper relations

23 Apr 2022

Turkey’s refugee record: From warm welcome to grave concern

19 Mar 2022

How the Syrian civil war moved to Ukraine

06 Mar 2022

Foreign policy challenges for Turkey’s opposition

05 Jan 2022

Cooperation key to tackling 2022’s security challenges

21 Nov 2021

New realities when it comes to Turkey and the Gulf

13 Nov 2021

Turkish parties ramp up efforts to win women’s votes

18 Sep 2021

Turkey’s open door for refugees appears to be closing

11 Sep 2021

Iraqi Kurdistan may be new arena for Turkish-French rivalry

02 Jan 2021

Can 2021 bring ‘vaccine of hope’ for refugees?

28 Nov 2020

Will Turkey revise its foreign policy?

07 Nov 2020

Hope and fear in Turkey after devastating earthquake

10 Oct 2020

Kuwait starts new era after smooth leadership transition

30 Sep 2020

Sheikh Sabah leaves behind a solid legacy

23 May 2020

The pandemic exposes flaws and limits of the global power system

09 May 2020

Turkey, Greece and France jockey for position in post-war Syria

04 Apr 2020

If a life-threatening pandemic cannot unite Turkish society, what can?

28 Mar 2020

Syrian war, coronavirus and the aftermath

21 Mar 2020

Refugees must not become the forgotten victims of corona crisis

07 Mar 2020

Another moment of truth looms for Turkey and Russia in Syria

22 Feb 2020

Making sense of Turkey’s ever-changing foreign policy

25 Jan 2020

Women breaking the glass ceiling all over the world

18 Jan 2020

Turkey and Syria’s complex path to potential friendship

11 Jan 2020

Turkey treads a fine line amid US-Iran tensions

28 Dec 2019

Turkey moves to 2020 with a heavy agenda

14 Dec 2019

Turkey-Libya maritime deal raises tensions with neighbors

07 Dec 2019

What does the NATO squabbling mean for Turkey’s future in the alliance?

16 Nov 2019

Israel finds itself in a precarious position as it loses allies in Syria

09 Nov 2019

Russia has risen like a phoenix from the ashes of the Soviet Union

02 Nov 2019

Europe missed the train on Syria and is trying to play catch up

26 Oct 2019

US-Kurdish alliance dies in game of Russian roulette


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