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Saudi crown prince: Royal reserve development addresses environmental challenges

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09 Oct 2023 01:10:05 GMT9
09 Oct 2023 01:10:05 GMT9

Arab News

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said on Sunday that the Imam Faisal bin Turki Royal Reserve was among a number of royal reserves that the Kingdom has developed to provide solutions to global environmental challenges.

Mohammed bin Salman issued a royal order to establish the Imam Faisal bin Turki Royal Reserve, spanning three key administrative regions in Saudi Arabia, including Asir, Makkah Al-Mukarramah, and Jazan. This reserve also extends into the Kingdom’s territorial waters in the Red Sea, making it the eighth royal reserve in Saudi Arabia.

The primary purpose of this reserve is to preserve environmental and biological diversity. It aims to support sustainable ecosystems, enhance plant productivity, and safeguard endangered species. Covering a substantial area of 30,152.7 square kilometers, the reserve includes a diverse range of landscapes, from the sea and coast to peaks, plains, deserts, and valleys. It also houses a wealth of animal, fish, and plant species, contributing to its environmental significance.

The crown prince stated that the biological diversity of the reserve will contribute to supporting all forms of life within it.

“We are determined to develop our natural resources, improve the quality of life within Saudi territory, develop infrastructure, enhance the sustainability of non-oil economic resources, and provide more job and investment opportunities in the Kingdom,” the crown prince said.

In addition to its environmental value, the reserve boasts cultural importance, with its unique blend of arts, architecture, and popular folklore reflecting the distinct identities of the regions it covers. The Imam Faisal bin Turki Royal Reserve is now the third-largest in Saudi Arabia and stands out for its topographical and geographical diversity, making it an exceptional natural asset.

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