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12 May 2024

Saudi Arabia woos investors with lucrative business environment

11 May 2024

How building greener homes in Saudi Arabia could benefit the environment and well-being of homeowners

10 Nov 2023

Planet Earth also a victim in times of war

09 Oct 2023

Saudi crown prince: Royal reserve development addresses environmental challenges

09 Apr 2023

Environmentalists pressure Tokyo governor against felling century-old trees

12 Oct 2022

More ambition, scale and speed are needed in climate talks

23 Sep 2022

Jordan’s Royal Marine Conservation Society launches ‘Clean up the World 2022’ campaign

27 Jun 2022

World needs to unite to fight desertification

02 Jun 2022

Abu Dhabi bans single-use plastic bags

20 Feb 2022

Initiatives to plant and preserve wild plants and trees in Saudi Arabia

22 Jan 2022

Japan groups aim to end use of plastic fertilizer capsules

18 Jan 2022

Japan hopes to lead Asian zero-emissions push

09 Nov 2021

Israel an enemy of the environment, not its savior

23 Oct 2021

New era of afforestation takes flight in Saudi Arabia

14 Oct 2021

Measure taken to further protect vegetation and combat desertification in Saudi Arabia

17 Jul 2021

Young Saudis take giant strides to promote green solutions

22 Jun 2021

Japanese researchers devise new rose-growing method

06 Jun 2021

Saudi Arabia making giant strides toward sustainable solutions

04 Jun 2021

Japan Diet enacts bill to reduce plastic waste

16 May 2021

Organic waste offers Saudi Arabia a plentiful and sustainable resource

26 Apr 2021

Japan's MUFG to stop financing upgrades of coal-fired power plants

08 Apr 2021

Japan looks to raise 2030 emissions cut target to at least 40%-Kyodo

01 Apr 2021

Saudi Green Initiative will improve quality of life in Kingdom, environment minister says

17 Mar 2021

'Big Coal' damage to the environment exposed

09 Mar 2021

Japan govt adopts bill to promote plastic recycling

28 Jan 2021

Tokyo to halve greenhouse gas emissions by 2030: Koike

02 Dec 2020

Al-Jouf principality, Saudi Ministry of Environment sign agreement to boost support for family-run businesses

24 Nov 2020

Itochu develops plastic bag from marine waste

23 Oct 2020

Japan set to target zero emissions by 2050 in policy shift

14 Oct 2020

Japan starts discussions to review basic energy plan

10 Oct 2020

Saudi Arabia launches ‘make it green’ campaign to plant 10 million trees

19 Sep 2020

G20 ministers discuss preserving environment

07 Sep 2020

How Japan forged Olympic medals from recycled electronic waste

07 Sep 2020

Japan says it offered Mauritius "unprecedented" support, including financial

26 Aug 2020

Satellites to monitor land encroachments in Saudi Arabia

13 Aug 2020

Saudi body to help UN devise policies for sustainable living

24 Jul 2020

67 local govts in Japan committed to reducing plastic waste

10 Jul 2020

Studio Ghibli releases anime plushies that turn into eco-friendly bags

12 Jun 2020

Japan uses term "climate crisis" for first time

05 Jun 2020

World Environment Day: Coronavirus gives world the chance to contain climate change

30 May 2020

Japan to step up support for green procurement by local govts

23 May 2020

Casio to release an aquatic-themed capsule of timepieces

04 Apr 2020

Japan Environment Ministry to switch facilities to renewable power

27 Jan 2020

Olympics-Tokyo 2020 to power Olympic torch with hydrogen for first time

18 Jan 2020

Egyptian eco-activist turns agricultural waste into crafts

05 Jan 2020

Why ‘green’ is the new mainstream

27 Dec 2019

Tokyo to become ‘zero emission’ city by 2050

25 Dec 2019

Japanese retailers asked to charge one yen or more for plastic bags

17 Dec 2019

Global warming could bring heavier snow to Japan mountains

14 Dec 2019

How Middle East cities can meet the sustainability challenge

08 Dec 2019

Japan, China hold public-private meeting on energy saving

05 Nov 2019

Tokyo think-tank lays out two scenarios for the future of energy


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