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25 May 2023

AlUla’s natural beauty provides inspiration for new permanent art exhibition

19 May 2023

Actress Katie Holmes to spearhead second phase of AlUla Creates film program

20 Mar 2023

Emirati brothers celebrate AlUla Camel Cup double triumph

18 Mar 2023

Will Smith jets to Saudi Arabia to attend AlUla Camel Cup

17 Mar 2023

US record producer Swizz Beatz talks camel racing ahead of AlUla Camel Cup

08 Mar 2023

Second Rally Jameel kicks off on International Women’s Day

08 Mar 2023

Inaugural AlUla Camel Cup brings to light Saudi Arabia’s desert heritage

25 Feb 2023

AlUla to welcome world’s best riders for Custodian of Two Holy Mosques Endurance Cup 2023

14 Feb 2023

Alicia Keys to perform at Saudi Arabia’s AlUla this month

10 Jan 2023

AlUla Citrus Festival displays delectable diversity

16 Dec 2022

Murakami hopes to exhibit artwork in Saudi Arabia’s AlUla  

14 Dec 2022

Partnership with World Bank puts AlUla’s development on the fast track to sustainability

07 Dec 2022

AlUla, UNESCO launch archaeology International Fellowship Program

26 Nov 2022

Saudi rapper creates hip hop podcast in Arabic

09 Nov 2022

Saudi Arabia boosts expertise on preserving its natural beauty

07 Nov 2022

AlUla festival gives ancient oases a new lease of life

20 Oct 2022

OneRepublic to perform in Saudi Arabia for the first time

27 Sep 2022

Popstar Jason Derulo lauds AlUla’s unique ‘blend of worlds’

02 Sep 2022

AlUla celebrates Saudi National Day with beats of top artists

13 Aug 2022

How archaeological discoveries in AlUla and Khayba are unearthing Saudi Arabia’s prehistoric past

10 Aug 2022

Saudi Arabia’s AlUla unveils 2022 calendar and announces new festival

04 Aug 2022

AlUla ‘snapper’ uses drone to catch 550m-year-old Fish Rock

09 Jul 2022

Can Saudi Arabia’s AlUla rival Hollywood for film production?

06 Jul 2022

AlUla unveils new summer schedule for flights and activities

07 Jun 2022

AlUla hosts second Hegra Conference of Nobel Laureates & Friends

28 May 2022

AlUla attracts 250,000 visitors over the last 12 months

25 May 2022

WEF 2022: Head of Saudi Arabia’s AlUla project highlights importance of investing in arts, culture

29 Mar 2022

AlUla expands with luxury accommodation as demand spikes

25 Mar 2022

AlUla Wellness Festival welcomes world’s yogis, wellness fanatics

16 Mar 2022

The Japanese Ambassador’s journey through AlUla

11 Mar 2022

Up, up and away: Saudi Arabia’s first hot air balloon pilots take to the skies

05 Mar 2022

Native species return home as Saudi Arabia heeds call of the wild

20 Feb 2022

AlUla aims to draw 250,000 visitors in 2023, CEO says

16 Feb 2022

Comedian Russell Peters to take to the stage in AlUla

15 Feb 2022

AlUla Arts Festival: Saudi Arabia’s cultural oasis hosts a packed season of international exhibitions

03 Feb 2022

Grammy winner Alicia Keys set to perform at AlUla

29 Jan 2022

AlUla says ‘bienvenue’ to France as first direct flight arrives in ancient city

26 Jan 2022

Saudia to launch direct flights from Paris to AlUla

20 Jan 2022

Asti Symphony Orchestra heads to AlUla to perform with Andrea Bocelli

28 Dec 2021

AlUla: A living museum in the heart of the desert

25 Dec 2021

AlUla celebration kicks off Winter at Tantora

08 Dec 2021

AlUla Declaration has turned the page on Gulf tensions

19 Nov 2021

AlUla shows success of Saudi Arabia’s new focus on tourism

11 Nov 2021

AlUla, UNESCO sign deal to promote Saudi heritage, culture

09 Nov 2021

Visitors see AlUla in new light during nighttime tours

02 Nov 2021

Saudi Arabia to launch world’s first ‘flying museum’

29 Oct 2021

AlUla seeks to attract foreign investors in its $15bn first phase funding

14 Oct 2021

Lebanese soprano Hiba Tawaji kicks off return of events at AlUla

13 Oct 2021

Manga Productions announces launch of ‘AlUla Adventures’ VR Pod experience

26 Sep 2021

Winter at Tantora to return in addition to new festivals in Saudi Arabia’s AlUla


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