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14 Oct 2021

Lebanese soprano Hiba Tawaji kicks off return of events at AlUla

13 Oct 2021

Manga Productions announces launch of ‘AlUla Adventures’ VR Pod experience

26 Sep 2021

Winter at Tantora to return in addition to new festivals in Saudi Arabia’s AlUla

14 Sep 2021

Major Saudi filming destination AlUla promoted at Venice Film Festival

12 Jul 2021

Building permits open for AlUla development

07 Jul 2021

Saudi Arabia’s film AlUla debuts at Cannes Film Festival

27 May 2021

Saudi Arabia, World Bank pledge $100m to global tourism fund

11 May 2021

Royal Commission for AlUla says hospitality is a key investment area

30 Apr 2021

An institute honoring an ancient kingdom

28 Apr 2021

Royal Commission for AlUla confirms $15 billion masterplan opportunity for public-private partnerships

26 Apr 2021

AlUla can be a city of the future, as well as of the past

23 Apr 2021

The Future of AlUla Depends on a Sustainable Growth Model

20 Apr 2021

AlUla says sustainability key to future growth

15 Apr 2021

The five districts along AlUla’s ‘green pedestrian spine’

09 Apr 2021

Saudi Arabia’s AlUla to have 5,000 hotel rooms

09 Apr 2021

Italian opera star hits the high notes in world-first AlUla concert

08 Apr 2021

The Journey Through Time: A master plan to transform Saudi Arabia’s AlUla into a living museum

08 Apr 2021

Crown Prince launches ‘Journey Through Time’ vision for AlUla development

23 Mar 2021

Documentary unveils unknown aspects of Saudi Arabia's AlUla

20 Mar 2021

Luxury, adventure await visitors as Saudi Arabia’s AlUla serves up fresh feast of flavors

17 Mar 2021

AlUla’s natural wonders provide setting for wellness activities

14 Feb 2021

A timeless love story from heart of Saudi Arabia’s AlUla

16 Jan 2021

Saudi Arabia to reopen its embassy in Doha, says Saudi FM

12 Jan 2021

Film showcases AlUla’s beauty and diversity

07 Jan 2021

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres hails AlUla Declaration

06 Jan 2021

Saudi crown prince gives Qatar emir tour of AlUla

04 Jan 2021

GCC chief calls for stronger Gulf cooperation to overcome pandemic challenges

28 Oct 2020

Jean Nouvel concept designs for Sharaan resort in AlUla unveiled

16 Oct 2020

AlUla heritage sites reopen to public Oct. 31

08 Sep 2020

New book features landscapes, ancient sites, illustrations of Saudi Arabia’s AlUla

11 Jun 2020

See the wonders of AlUla from the comfort of your couch

06 Jun 2020

Design ‘dream team’ helps Saudi Arabia’s historic AlUla shape its future

02 Jun 2020

AlUla cultural and heritage site to reopen in October

16 May 2020

International archaeological team ready to discover secrets of AlUla

17 Apr 2020

Itching to travel? Visit the wonders of AlUla … from home

07 Apr 2020

AlUla CEO joins global hospitality leaders to discuss industry’s future

26 Mar 2020

Ancient art reveals lions once prowled the land in prehistoric Saudi Arabia

18 Mar 2020

Maraya Concert Hall: The ‘mirrored wonder’ of Saudi Arabia’s AlUla creates Guinness World Record

17 Mar 2020

X marks the spot as art and history merge at Saudi Arabia’s AlUla

09 Mar 2020

Saudi Arabia’s AlUla South permit applications to open March 15

05 Mar 2020

‘AlUla: Wonder of Arabia’ exhibition continues in Paris

02 Mar 2020

AlUla’s Winter at Tantora festival set to bow out with a flourish

28 Feb 2020

Swarm of drones to light up AlUla’s skies as part of aerial art display

27 Feb 2020

Two-night event to bring legendary Persian musicians to Saudi Arabia’s AlUla

21 Feb 2020

The French agency helping Saudi Arabia realize AlUla’s potential

20 Feb 2020

French engineer returns ancient coins to AlUla

20 Feb 2020

Runners step back in time on AlUla’s historic trails

17 Feb 2020

Tinie Tempah, The Chainsmokers, set for Azimuth Festival at AlUla

14 Feb 2020

Snapchat brings Saudi UNESCO site to life with augmented reality

13 Feb 2020

AlUla, Saudi Arabia’s most romantic gem


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