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26 Jun 2024

Japan hosts 1st meeting of ASEAN, G7 judicial officials

24 May 2024

Kishida vows to develop 100,000 digital personnel with ASEAN

02 May 2024

Kishida announces 8 million euros program for ASEAN growth

02 May 2024

Japanese companies targeting ASEAN countries as they turn to LNG

18 Dec 2023

Japan's Kishida calls for stronger economic ties with ASEAN

17 Dec 2023

Japan, ASEAN leaders affirm security, EV cooperation

27 Oct 2023

Historic Riyadh summit brings Asia’s east and west together

21 Oct 2023

How GCC-ASEAN Riyadh Summit charted a path for inter-regional cooperation

21 Oct 2023

Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait thank Saudi leaders for hosting GCC-ASEAN summit

20 Oct 2023

GCC, ASEAN leaders call for permanent ceasefire in Gaza, condemn attacks against civilians

19 Oct 2023

Riyadh meeting aims to boost GCC-ASEAN strategic cooperation before Friday’s summit

17 Oct 2023

GCC-ASEAN Summit: Gulf states shift to new waters in testing geopolitical times

02 Sep 2023

Kishida aims to draw Global South support in upcoming trip

13 Jul 2023

Japan, ASEAN ministers discuss South, East China seas situations

10 May 2023

ASEAN leaders condemn armed attack on aid convoy in Myanmar

07 Dec 2022

Japan’s Foreign Minister eyes closer ties with ASEAN

12 Nov 2022

Kishida stresses importance of peace in Taiwan Strait, says Tokyo will host next summit

18 Sep 2022

Japan, ASEAN eye action plan to strengthen economic partnership

28 Jul 2022

G7 Foreign ministers condemn executions by military junta in Myanmar

10 Apr 2022

Japan faces difficulty expanding united front against Russia

27 Oct 2021

Japan, China, S. Korea to boost support for ASEAN amid pandemic

27 Oct 2021

Kishida vows cooperation with ASEAN for free Indo-Pacific

21 Jun 2021

Japan pledges 10-B.-Dollar aid for ASEAN's decarbonization

15 Nov 2020

ASEAN, Japan, other partners set world's biggest trade pact

30 Jul 2020

Japan, ASEAN agree to promote digital transformation

04 Jan 2020

Japan to tie up with ASEAN nations to develop aircraft industry

17 Nov 2019

Kono seeks stronger Japan-ASEAN defense cooperation

03 Nov 2019

RCEP deal between 16 countries to be delayed into 2020


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