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28 Aug 2023

Iraq hangs 3 for Daesh-claimed blast that killed hundreds

20 Aug 2023

20th anniversary of deadly attack on UN headquarters in Iraq commemorated

22 Jul 2023

Protesters try to storm Baghdad’s Green Zone over the burning of Qur’an and Iraqi flag in Denmark

26 May 2023

Duchess of Edinburgh visits Iraq to show support for women

27 Mar 2023

Iraq changes electoral law, sparking opposition anger

25 Dec 2022

Baghdad clears streets flooded after heavy rains hit Iraq

08 Nov 2022

Officials: US aid worker shot dead in Baghdad in rare attack

14 Oct 2022

Iraq elects new president and premier, ending stalemate

03 Aug 2022

Followers of cleric told to withdraw from Iraq’s parliament

31 May 2022

Daesh plotter of 2021 Baghdad market bombing sentenced to death

30 Jan 2022

Iran regime condemns attack on Baghdad airport as ‘destabilizing’

30 Jan 2022

Saudi foreign ministry condemns missile attack on Baghdad Airport

28 Jan 2022

Rockets hit Baghdad airport compound

03 Jan 2022

Coalition: 2 armed drones shot down at Baghdad airport

05 Dec 2021

Daesh attack on Iraqi village kills 10 soldiers, Kurdish government says

07 Nov 2021

Pro-Iran protesters stage fresh Baghdad demonstration after deadly clash

28 Aug 2021

Regional leaders arrive in Baghdad for summit on Middle East

21 Jul 2021

Japan condemns terrorist attack in Sadr city of Baghdad

20 Jul 2021

Iraq market bomb kills at least 35 on eve of Eid holiday

08 Jul 2021

Three rockets fired at US embassy in Baghdad: Iraqi army

01 Jul 2021

Iraqi military: Bomb explodes in Baghdad suburb, wounding 15

10 Jun 2021

Five rockets target Iraq base housing US contractors: security source

03 Jun 2021

UK condemns recent threats by armed groups against Iraq's Green Zone

03 May 2021

Two rockets target Baghdad airport base housing US troops

23 Apr 2021

Iraqi military: 3 rockets strike close to Baghdad airport

19 Apr 2021

Rockets hit Iraqi air base, 2 security forces wounded

04 Apr 2021

Two rockets hit near Iraq air base hosting US soldiers: Security source

22 Jan 2021

Japan strongly condemns terrorist attacks in Iraq

22 Jan 2021

Daesh claims deadly and rare twin blasts in Baghdad

21 Jan 2021

Saudi Arabia condemns twin suicide bombing in central Baghdad

21 Jan 2021

Twin suicide bombings rock central Baghdad, at least 32 dead

25 Dec 2020

UN rights office slams Trump pardon of Blackwater guards

21 Dec 2020

Rockets hit near US embassy in Iraq as tensions flare

16 Dec 2020

Iraqi activist shot dead in Baghdad

09 Dec 2020

Six protesters killed amid unrest in Iraq’s Kurdistan region

18 Nov 2020

Rocket attack on Baghdad's Green Zone kills child

01 Nov 2020

Baghdad square reopens a year after mass protest closure

06 Oct 2020

Two rockets fall in Baghdad, no casualties

29 Sep 2020

US warns Iraq of Baghdad embassy closure if attacks continue

03 Sep 2020

Iraq must assert sovereignty despite US-Iran tensions, stresses Macron

03 Sep 2020

Macron and Iraqi PM discuss nuclear energy project

27 Aug 2020

Iraq government must choose between US and Iran — its people already have

13 Aug 2020

Turkey urges Baghdad to cooperate as operations against Kurdish militants to continue

07 Jul 2020

Iraqi security and political expert Hisham Al-Hashimi killed in Baghdad

05 Jul 2020

Rocket targeting US embassy in Baghdad intercepted while Iraq condemns Turkish operations against state

26 Jun 2020

Iraqi security forces raid Iran-backed militia headquarters

23 Jun 2020

New rocket attack in Baghdad, 6th in two weeks

10 May 2020

New Iraq PM releases protesters, promotes respected general

03 May 2020

The strike on Iran’s Soleimani

09 Apr 2020

Iraq appoints third PM-designate, after second withdraws


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