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21 May 2024

Biden: What’s happening in Gaza is not genocide

19 May 2024

G-7 goal of nuclear-free world increasingly challenged

18 May 2024

Biden-Netanyahu standoff complicates the Gaza conflict

12 May 2024

North Korean group predicts collapse of US, rise of new world order

04 May 2024

Tokyo protests Biden's description of Japan as "Xenophobic"

25 Apr 2024

Biden says Israel must allow aid to Palestinians ‘without delay’

15 Apr 2024

US will not take part in retaliatory action against Iran, White House says

10 Apr 2024

Biden says Netanyahu making ‘mistake’ on Gaza

05 Apr 2024

US support to Israel war depends on ‘steps to protect civilians,’ says Biden

25 Mar 2024

When wounded empires rise and seek revenge

19 Mar 2024

Biden tells Netanyahu Rafah operation would be ‘mistake’

08 Mar 2024

Biden tells Israel not to use aid as ‘bargaining chip,’ pushes truce deal

06 Mar 2024

Possible Trump return causing concerns for Japan firms

28 Feb 2024

Biden, Trump, and Gaza dynamic

01 Feb 2024

Biden’s double standard on Israeli, Palestinian accusations

29 Jan 2024

Three US troops killed in Jordan, Biden vows reprisal

26 Jan 2024

Japan's Kishida to visit US on April 10: White House

19 Jan 2024

Netanyahu says he told the US that he opposes a Palestinian state in any postwar scenario

18 Jan 2024

Kishida eyeing talks with Biden on April 10

16 Jan 2024

The Biden administration’s naive approach to the Houthis

02 Nov 2023

Biden voices support for humanitarian ‘pause’ in Israel-Hamas war

16 Oct 2023

Biden says Israeli occupation of Gaza would be ‘big mistake’

06 Sep 2023

Biden taps political veteran Lew as Israel envoy

29 Jul 2023

Biden to host Japan, South Korea leaders for Aug. 18 summit -- White House

27 May 2023

Biden leaves "Thank You" message in Hiroshima hotel

21 May 2023

Biden invites Japan, S. Korea leaders to US for talks

17 May 2023

Biden off to Japan for Group of Seven summit, says there's 'work to do' on global stage

05 May 2023

President Biden threatens Sudan sanctions as latest truce unravels

29 Mar 2023

Biden urges Netanyahu abandon judicial overhaul that sparked protests

20 Mar 2023

Biden in call with Netanyahu backs ‘compromise’ in Israeli judicial reform

06 Mar 2023

US welcomes S. Korea's compensation plan over wartime labor

21 Feb 2023

US President Biden pledges $500m military aid during Kyiv visit

03 Feb 2023

Biden underlines support for Jordan in meeting with king

13 Jan 2023

Biden hails Japan defense reforms, tells Kishida alliance strong

12 Jan 2023

Biden, Japan's Kishida expected to discuss security, global economy -- US official

21 Dec 2022

Biden tells supporter Iran deal ‘dead’ in campaign rally footage

12 Nov 2022

Kishida delays start of Southeast Asian tour

04 Nov 2022

Japan-US and South Korea summit eyed over North Korea

19 Oct 2022

Iran protests are changing US calculus on the nuclear deal

14 Oct 2022

US Democrats are spinning out of control

07 Oct 2022

Biden says he is surveying options after OPEC+ decision to cut output

26 Sep 2022

Someone should remind Biden of Iran’s tyranny

09 Sep 2022

Biden wants other ‘options’ to block Iran nuclear weapons capability if deal fails

07 Aug 2022

Kingdom’s Mideast alliances hold the key to security

22 Jul 2022

Much ado about nothing? Biden not first US president to fly direct from Israel to Saudi Arabia

22 Jul 2022

The bottom line of President Joe Biden’s Saudi Arabia visit

15 Jul 2022

Biden restates backing for two-state solution but offers no way forward

15 Jul 2022

US President Biden pledges $100 million for Palestinian hospitals in East Jerusalem

14 Jul 2022

Reunited GCC a gift ahead of Biden’s Saudi visit

14 Jul 2022

Biden to see ‘a new Iraq’ at the table, PM Al-Kadhimi says

14 Jul 2022

Solving Palestinian issue a prerequisite for progress, says Jordan’s former PM Hani Fawzi Mulki as Biden begins Middle East trip

14 Jul 2022

Biden vows to keep IRGC on terror list, says using force against Iran is possible: Israeli TV

13 Jul 2022

Biden arrives in Israel for Mideast visit

13 Jul 2022

New US-Israel agreement to prevent Iranian nuclear bomb

13 Jul 2022

Biden’s Saudi visit is a return to the norm, not a ‘reorientation’

13 Jul 2022

Biden won’t shake hands in Israel due to COVID-19

30 Jun 2022

America’s watery Indo-Pacific alphabet soup

28 Jun 2022

Diplomatic activity intensifies ahead of Biden’s Mideast visit

17 Jun 2022

What do Saudis want from Biden’s visit?

16 Jun 2022

Biden will see a new Middle East when he visits next month

14 Jun 2022

US President Joe Biden to visit Saudi Arabia next month

03 Jun 2022

Biden welcomes Yemen truce extension, notes Saudi Arabia’s ‘courageous leadership’

25 May 2022

North Korea fires 3 ballistic missiles, possibly including ICBM

23 May 2022

Biden declares launch of Indo-Pacific economic framework

22 May 2022

Biden arrives in Japan for talks with Kishida, Quad summit

21 May 2022

Biden, Yoon affirm importance of trilateral cooperation with Japan

19 May 2022

North Korea 'ready for nuclear test' with Biden due in Seoul

15 May 2022

Biden thanks Okinawa on milestone anniversary

14 May 2022

Biden signals stronger Ankara ties with push to ‘green light’ missile sales

14 May 2022

Biden invites private investment in Syrian areas not under Daesh, Assad control

14 May 2022

Biden’s Middle East policy is pragmatic but incomplete

13 May 2022

President Biden, King Abdullah II discuss West Bank violence during meeting

06 May 2022

Biden to discuss N. Korea with Kishida, Yoon: White House

05 May 2022

G7 leaders to discuss extra Russia sanctions this week: Biden

19 Apr 2022

How a Saudi TV sketch mocking Biden went viral on US networks

13 Apr 2022

Japan may set up Biden meeting with families of N.Korea abductees

12 Apr 2022

Biden unveils plan to visit Japan around May 24

01 Apr 2022

Israel-Palestine ‘peace moves ahead with Biden govt working quietly behind the scenes’

28 Mar 2022

Biden not calling for Russia ‘regime change’ after Putin comments: White House

26 Mar 2022

US President Biden may visit Hiroshima or Nagasaki

04 Mar 2022

Quad leaders confirm cooperation on the Ukrainian situation

19 Feb 2022

Biden ‘convinced’ Putin has ‘made decision’ to invade Ukraine

26 Jan 2022

Qatar emir to meet with Biden in Washington Jan 31: White House

22 Jan 2022

Biden, Kishida agree to boost security, economic cooperation amid mounting concerns

21 Jan 2022

It’s not that complicated, Mr. Biden!

20 Jan 2022

Biden considers restoring terror listing of Yemen’s Houthis

17 Jan 2022

Kishida, Biden to meet virtually on Friday

26 Dec 2021

Biden will look to move beyond crisis management in 2022

05 Nov 2021

Japan's Kishida may visit US this month

06 Oct 2021

Biden aide tells Israeli official diplomacy best way to keep Iran from getting nuclear bomb

05 Sep 2021

Will Biden make the same mistakes in Iraq?

01 Sep 2021

President Biden defends Afghanistan withdrawal, warns Daesh: ‘We are not done with you’

28 Aug 2021

Biden, Bennett agree Iran should never acquire nuclear weapons in White House talks

27 Aug 2021

Biden warns Kabul airport attackers: ‘We will hunt you down’

10 Aug 2021

Biden praises Tokyo Olympics as great success

27 Jul 2021

Biden calls halt to US combat mission in Iraq

17 Jul 2021

Biden to host Iraqi PM at White House on July 26

10 Jul 2021

Biden hails diplomatic victory after UN votes to extend cross-border aid to Syria

08 Jul 2021

Biden to host Jordan's King Abdullah on July 19: White House

21 Jun 2021

Iran’s new president says ballistic program non-negotiable, but restoring ties with Riyadh possible


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