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05 Nov 2022

Israel fires missiles at Hamas military training camp in Gaza in reply to rocket attack

04 Sep 2022

Hamas says executed 5 Palestinians in Gaza, including 2 for ‘collaboration’

12 Aug 2022

Hamas ‘wins with Israel but loses with Palestinians’: Analysts

11 Aug 2022

Hamas issues, then rescinds, sweeping rules on Gaza coverage

16 Jul 2022

Israel bombs Hamas ‘military site’ in Gaza after rocket fire: Army

16 Jun 2022

Israel convicts US-based NGO’s former Gaza head of aiding Hamas

03 May 2022

Hamas claims deadly attack that killed Israeli guard

19 Apr 2022

Israel-Hamas tensions increase with new attack

17 Feb 2022

Australia to list Hamas as terror group

17 Feb 2022

Hamas TV series glorifies fight against Israel

12 Dec 2021

Hamas cordons off explosion site in Lebanon camp, says oxygen bottles exploded

27 Sep 2021

Israeli troops kill 5 Palestinians in West Bank gun battles

24 Sep 2021

Sudanese authorities close door on support for Hamas

23 Sep 2021

Hamas rejects PA’s call for Palestinian local elections

13 Sep 2021

Hamas likely to oppose Palestinian municipal elections

12 Sep 2021

Israel strikes Gaza in retaliation for rocket fire, military says

12 Aug 2021

Rights group says Hamas rockets at Israel a clear war crime

20 Jul 2021

Signs of further clashing between Hezbollah and Israel military: Japanese media

16 Jun 2021

Israel-Gaza violence erupts for first time since end of last month’s fighting

09 Jun 2021

Hamas slammed for honoring Houthi aid to Palestine

08 Jun 2021

Hamas chief in Egypt for talks ahead of planned meeting of Palestinian factions

07 Jun 2021

Hamas threatens new escalation if settlers hold Jerusalem rally

03 Jun 2021

Israeli army arrests Hamas leader in West Bank

01 Jun 2021

Egypt intelligence chief in Gaza for Hamas talks

26 May 2021

Egypt FM: Gaza reconstruction to be ‘carried out with PA’

25 May 2021

Israel defense ministry wants Gaza aid to bypass Hamas

25 May 2021

Belarus points to Hamas bomb threat in plane diversion, group rejects claim

23 May 2021

Visiting devastated Gaza, UN aid official urges both sides to honor truce

22 May 2021

Cease-fire does not mean the end of fighting

22 May 2021

‘Proud’ Gazans see ‘victory’ in ceasefire

22 May 2021

Israel, Hamas cease fire but Jerusalem clashes break out

21 May 2021

Israeli security cabinet approves cease-fire with Hamas in Gaza

20 May 2021

Hamas official predicts cease-fire soon in Israel-Gaza conflict

16 May 2021

Japan asks citizens to refrain from travel to Gaza

13 May 2021

Israel destroys tower block, kills Hamas commander as Gaza civilian death toll mounts

13 May 2021

Japan deputy defense minister says ‘Israel has right to defend itself against terrorists’

12 May 2021

Egypt, Saudi FMs discuss Israeli attacks against Palestinians

11 May 2021

Gaza militants, children among 24 dead as Israel hits Hamas

24 Mar 2021

Israeli strikes hit Hamas positions in Gaza: military

16 Feb 2021

Hamas restricts travel of Palestinians in Gaza

30 Jan 2021

‘Secretive’ Hamas elections spark internal party row

23 Jan 2021

Agreement between Fatah and Hamas paves way for Palestine coalition

01 Jan 2021

Poster of Iran’s Soleimani sparks controversy in Gaza Strip

27 Dec 2020

Hamas says ‘barbaric’ Israeli strike damaged children’s hospital

25 Oct 2020

Revealed: How a bank in Turkey funded Hamas terror operations

25 Sep 2020

Fatah and Hamas agree to hold general elections in Palestine

11 Sep 2020

‘Historic’ Palestinian factions’ reconciliation meeting puts smiles on faces

07 Sep 2020

Hamas leader says group has missiles that can hit Tel Aviv

03 Sep 2020

Israel to withhold bodies of all Palestinian militants

02 Sep 2020

Hamas, Israel agree to cease-fire over border violence


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