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22 Nov 2023

US fighter aircraft strike Hezbollah targets in Iraq after attacks on bases

21 Nov 2023

Hezbollah attacks Israeli troops with drones, artillery, missiles

12 Nov 2023

Hezbollah chief warns US to halt Israeli aggression

11 Nov 2023

Lebanon’s Hezbollah says Israeli fire kills 7 fighters

10 Nov 2023

Israel strikes Syria source of drone that hit school: IDF

09 Nov 2023

Rockets break the quiet in emptied towns along Israel-Lebanon border

05 Nov 2023

Lebanon is revisiting the ghost of the 2006 Israel-Hezbollah war

02 Nov 2023

Will Hezbollah drag Lebanon into war?

30 Oct 2023

Hezbollah says it has downed an Israeli drone in south Lebanon

17 Oct 2023

Mikati: Lebanese front in Hamas-Israel conflict in no one’s interest

14 Oct 2023

Lebanese must reject any involvement in war with Israel

17 Aug 2023

US sanctions Lebanese environmental group accused of being an arm of Hezbollah

13 Aug 2023

Lebanon Christian cleric urges state control of weapons after clash

10 Aug 2023

Lebanon army seizes Hezbollah munitions after deadly clashes

09 Aug 2023

Israel threatens to 'return Lebanon to stone age' in any war with Hezbollah

02 Jun 2023

Hezbollah accused of deliberately killing peacekeeper

19 Feb 2023

Hezbollah expands financial wing as Lebanon’s banking crisis continues

24 Jan 2023

As Lebanon collapses, Hezbollah will be buried in the rubble

23 Dec 2022

Hezbollah to remove facilities near Rmeish after accusations of encroachment

17 Sep 2022

Hezbollah slams amendment in UN peacekeepers’ mandate

02 Sep 2022

Will maritime-border settlement imply Lebanon’s indirect recognition of Israel?

23 Aug 2022

Israel warns Hezbollah attack on gas field may mean war

09 Aug 2022

Severing Hezbollah’s grip is Lebanon’s only salvation

19 Jul 2022

Lebanon needs a hero to save it from Hezbollah

07 Jul 2022

Lebanon must reclaim its sovereignty from Hezbollah

21 Jun 2022

US Treasury offers $10 million for information on Hezbollah officials

16 Jun 2022

Hariri killers to be sentenced as end looms for Lebanon court

02 Jun 2022

‘Major confrontation’ with Hezbollah ahead, says Lebanon Christian politician

28 May 2022

US sanctions Iran’s Quds Force, Hezbollah

26 May 2022

More Iran sanctions needed to squeeze Hezbollah, says US Congressman Darrell Issa

19 May 2022

Hezbollah chief Nasrallah acknowledges loss of Lebanon parliamentary majority

10 May 2022

Nearly 60% Lebanese diaspora voter turnout for parliamentary elections

16 Apr 2022

Lebanese female candidates stand up to Hezbollah, are disowned by families

23 Mar 2022

Lebanese president sparks Christian anger by defending Hezbollah at the Vatican

11 Mar 2022

Two Hezbollah members guilty of 2005 Hariri slaying on appeal: UN tribunal

18 Feb 2022

Israel shoots down alleged Hezbollah drone, scrambles jets

14 Feb 2022

Lebanon needs American help on two key fronts

27 Jan 2022

Aoun condemns fresh attack on UN forces in Lebanon, announces probe

16 Jan 2022

Lebanese Shiite scholar attacks Hezbollah leaders, denounces party’s policies

08 Jan 2022

Downed drones show Hezbollah surveillance: Israel security

05 Jan 2022

Lebanese leaders denounce Hezbollah chief’s anti-Saudi speech

03 Jan 2022

Lebanon’s Bassil hits out at Hezbollah amid country’s political paralysis

25 Nov 2021

Hezbollah experiencing political confusion, says political analyst

18 Nov 2021

US should ensure Iran pays the price for its proxies’ violence

07 Nov 2021

Uproar over ‘Hezbollah pressure’ on Lebanese military judiciary

31 Oct 2021

Saudi foreign minister says crisis with Lebanon has its origins in Hezbollah dominance

30 Oct 2021

Hezbollah responsible for Lebanon’s rift with Saudi Arabia, says former PM Hariri

20 Oct 2021

Those who want to stop Beirut port blast probe are involved in the crime, say activists

19 Oct 2021

‘Unfortunate incident, not ambush’ caused Beirut protest violence, says defense minister

17 Oct 2021

Lebanon MPs hide in fear of Hezbollah assassins

16 Oct 2021

Lebanese Christian group denies Hezbollah claim it planned Beirut bloodshed

15 Oct 2021

Six killed in Beirut clashes as tensions soar over port blast investigation

15 Oct 2021

Saudi Arabia stands with Lebanese people, hopes situation will stabilize: foreign ministry

10 Oct 2021

Hezbollah member wanted for role in 1985 hijacking dies

08 Oct 2021

In facing Hezbollah, the Lebanese can count only on themselves

08 Oct 2021

Iran-Saudi talks have gone a ‘good distance,’ Iran’s foreign minister says in Beirut

05 Oct 2021

Lebanese judiciary resists Hezbollah threats and political pressure

18 Sep 2021

US issues sanctions tied to supporters of Hezbollah, Iran

15 Sep 2021

Hezbollah illegally bringing Iranian oil to Lebanon

09 Sep 2021

Saudi-bound Hezbollah narcotics haul seized in major drugs bust

02 Sep 2021

US Senate delegation says Hezbollah is ‘cancer spreading in Lebanon’

27 Aug 2021

Lebanon fuel crisis turns up the heat on Hezbollah

14 Aug 2021

Israel downs Hezbollah drone that crossed into airspace

10 Aug 2021

Hezbollah under fire as Lebanese political, economic crises continue

08 Aug 2021

Israel PM: Lebanon responsible for attacks, Hezbollah or not

08 Aug 2021

Support to Hezbollah dented after rocket attack on Israel

07 Aug 2021

Hezbollah rocket attack on Israel brings Lebanon to the brink of war

05 Aug 2021

Saudi FM: Hezbollah’s power is the main cause of Lebanon's crisis

02 Aug 2021

Lebanese killed as violence erupts at Hezbollah funeral

20 Jul 2021

Signs of further clashing between Hezbollah and Israel military: Japanese media

20 Jul 2021

Are Hezbollah and Iran headed for war with Israel: Japanese magazine

19 Jul 2021

US offers $7 million reward for information leading to Hezbollah operative

06 Jul 2021

Lebanon’s drug trade booms on the back of Hezbollah’s Captagon connection

29 Jun 2021

Senior Hezbollah-linked leader assasinated in Southern Syria

29 Jun 2021

Journalists detained by Hezbollah released to Lebanese authorities

24 Jun 2021

US linguist sentenced to 23 years for exposing classified information to Hezbollah

10 Jun 2021

Nasrallah defies Lebanese state, says he will import Iranian oil

02 Jun 2021

Pentagon official warns of Hezbollah threat to Lebanon’s stability amid financial crisis

26 May 2021

Coalition airstrike kills Hezbollah militant helping Houthis in Yemen

12 May 2021

US Treasury sanctions 7 Lebanese tied to Hezbollah finances

03 May 2021

Saudi, Greek drug busts throw Hezbollah’s ‘narcoterrorist strategy’ into sharp relief

01 Apr 2021

Lebanon’s top Christian cleric criticizes Hezbollah in leaked video

30 Mar 2021

Iran’s militias push Middle East toward all-out war

20 Mar 2021

Hezbollah reneges on Lebanese government pledge

19 Mar 2021

Hezbollah has thousands of missiles, rockets located in civilian areas to target Israeli citizens: IDF

17 Mar 2021

US report says Russia, Iran and Hezbollah meddled in 2020 election

03 Mar 2021

Hezbollah gunmen fight off bid to arrest Rafik Hariri’s killer

27 Feb 2021

UN court to try Hezbollah member for Lebanon attacks

06 Feb 2021

Murdered Lebanese activist’s family: ‘We will not be silenced’

05 Feb 2021

Killing of Lebanese anti-Hezbollah activist Luqman Salim sparks fury

25 Jan 2021

Hezbollah should have no role in Lebanon’s future, says Bahaa Hariri, son of Rafik Hariri

15 Jan 2021

Lebanon a country of exceptions that needs a new vision

28 Dec 2020

Hezbollah doubled its precision-guided missiles in a year, says Nasrallah

12 Dec 2020

Hezbollah man convicted in 2005 Hariri bombing sentenced to five life terms in prison

05 Dec 2020

Lebanese security services warn of terror plot to destabilize country

24 Nov 2020

Lebanon on borrowed time not addressing Hezbollah’s weapons

12 Nov 2020

Coalition airstrikes kill Hezbollah military experts in Yemen

07 Nov 2020

Hezbollah, Iran preventing Lebanese recovery: Expert

02 Nov 2020

Hezbollah, Gebran Bassil under fire over Lebanese government paralysis

24 Oct 2020

US sanctions 2 senior members of Lebanon’s Hezbollah


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