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19 May 2024

Houthi missile strikes China-bound oil tanker in Red Sea

17 May 2024

Houthis say they downed US MQ-9 drone over Yemen’s Maareb

10 May 2024

Houthis vow to widen attacks after targeting 3 cargo ships

09 May 2024

US says Houthis targeted Gulf of Aden with four drones and missiles

29 Apr 2024

Houthis expecting ‘hostile’ reaction from US over Red Sea attacks, drone downing

27 Apr 2024

Yemen’s Houthis say their missile hit Andromeda Star oil ship in Red Sea

10 Apr 2024

US sends Houthi-bound Iranian arms to Ukraine

04 Apr 2024

‘Reckless’ Houthi Red Sea campaign harming Yemenis, Palestinians: US special envoy

02 Apr 2024

US military destroys Houthi drones over Red Sea and in Yemen

28 Mar 2024

US says it downed four Yemen rebel drones in Red Sea

28 Mar 2024

US, UK bomb Houthi-held Saada in Yemen

27 Mar 2024

Houthis claim 6 attacks on Israel, US and UK ships

22 Mar 2024

US-led Red Sea coalition destroys Houthi drone, boat

20 Mar 2024

Houthis claim firing missile toward Israel and attacking Red Sea ship

19 Mar 2024

UN Security Council calls for immediate halt to Houthi attacks on Red Sea vessels

15 Mar 2024

Yemen’s Houthis reported to have a hypersonic missile, possibly raising stakes in Red Sea crisis

15 Mar 2024

Yemen’s Houthis attack ship in Gulf of Aden

14 Mar 2024

Houthis launch missile, 4 drones in latest attack off Yemen

13 Mar 2024

Houthis warn Red Sea attacks will intensify during Ramadan

12 Mar 2024

US military confirms Yemen’s Houthis targeting of vessel Pinocchio

09 Mar 2024

US-led coalition shoots down 15 Yemen rebel drones: CENTCOM

09 Mar 2024

Japan condemns the Houthi's attack on "True Confidence" vessel

06 Mar 2024

Ships entering Yemeni waters must obtain permit, Houthi minister says

03 Mar 2024

Ship earlier attacked by Yemen’s Houthi rebels sinks in the Red Sea

27 Feb 2024

Could Houthi attacks on ships off the Yemen coast continue even after a Gaza ceasefire?

26 Feb 2024

Yemen’s Houthis ballistic missile misses US tanker Torm Thor

26 Feb 2024

Yemen’s Houthis vow to impede rescue of leaking ship in Red Sea

25 Feb 2024

US, British forces carry out more strikes against Houthis in Yemen

23 Feb 2024

Houthis to step up Red Sea strikes, use ‘submarine weapons’, leader says

22 Feb 2024

US military says it destroyed Houthi missiles in pre-emptive strikes

20 Feb 2024

Houthi attacks cut Suez Canal revenue by 40-50%: Egyptian President El-Sisi

19 Feb 2024

Red Sea disruption to impact deliveries, not output: QatarEnergy CEO

19 Feb 2024

Houthis suspected in attack that damaged a Belize-flagged ship in Bab el-Mandeb Strait

19 Feb 2024

Houthis will always threaten Red Sea even if Gaza war ends, says Al-Alimi

13 Feb 2024

Houthis fire two missiles at ship in Bab Al-Mandeb early Tuesday: US military

13 Feb 2024

Yemen’s Houthi missiles hit Iran-bound ship in Red Sea

12 Feb 2024

US foils Houthi Red Sea drone boat, missile strikes

07 Feb 2024

Houthis launch new wave of missile attacks on ships off Yemeni coast

06 Feb 2024

Minor damage to ship hit by projectile off Yemen’s Hodeidah coast

06 Feb 2024

Yemen’s Houthi militia ‘ready for peace’ with Saudi Arabia

05 Feb 2024

Houthis threaten revenge attacks on US, UK following fresh strikes

05 Feb 2024

Frankly Speaking: Are Houthis doing more harm than good for Gaza?

05 Feb 2024

Japan supports latest US, UK joint strikes against Houthis

01 Feb 2024

US destroys 10 Houthi attack drones, control station in Yemen: military

01 Feb 2024

US says it hit Houthi missile that threatened American planes

31 Jan 2024

US shoots down missile fired by Houthis toward Red Sea, Pentagon says

28 Jan 2024

Houthis accuse US, UK of targeting Ras Isa oil terminal in Hodeidah

26 Jan 2024

42 percent drop in Suez traffic following Houthi attacks: UN

25 Jan 2024

Yemen’s Houthis fire missiles at ships in Red Sea: US

23 Jan 2024

US, British militaries launch new round of joint strikes against multiple Houthi sites in Yemen

22 Jan 2024

Yemen’s presidential council appeals to world to label Houthis terrorists

19 Jan 2024

Houthis say US ship hit in Gulf of Aden attack

18 Jan 2024

US military launches another barrage of missiles against Houthi sites in Yemen

17 Jan 2024

Japan's Sumitomo says some cargoes affected by Red Sea situation

16 Jan 2024

US military seizes Iranian-made missile parts enroute to Houthis

16 Jan 2024

The Biden administration’s naive approach to the Houthis

16 Jan 2024

Houthi missile hits ship southeast of Yemen’s Aden

15 Jan 2024

Houthi drone kills 2 Yemeni government soldiers in Marib

14 Jan 2024

Yemen’s Houthis vow ‘strong response’ after new US strike

13 Jan 2024

Yemen’s Houthis fired an anti-ship missile after strikes: US

13 Jan 2024

Radar site in Sana’a targeted in fresh US strike against Houthi militia

12 Jan 2024

Japan welcomes UNSC Adoption resolution 2722 condemning the Houthis

11 Jan 2024

UN Security Council demands immediate end to Houthi Red Sea attacks

10 Jan 2024

Saudi project clears 725 Houthi mines in Yemen

08 Jan 2024

Houthis want Red Sea ships to report destinations to avoid attack

05 Jan 2024

Red Sea shipping disruption increases costs by 200 percent, forecasting group says

04 Jan 2024

Japan, US, others warn Houthis against commercial ship attacks

02 Jan 2024

Houthis vow revenge for US Navy Red Sea killings

25 Dec 2023

Houthis say US missile targeting its naval forces exploded near Gabon-owned ship

22 Dec 2023

More than 20 countries join coalition to protect Red Sea shipping

22 Dec 2023

Yemen militia scales back Red Sea attacks

21 Dec 2023

Exporters explore cargo flights as way out of deepening Red Sea bottleneck

21 Dec 2023

Why attacks by Yemen’s Houthis on Red Sea shipping pose a clear and present danger to Israel

20 Dec 2023

Houthis vow to attack US-led Red Sea maritime forces

19 Dec 2023

Houthis attack ships in Red Sea following period of calm

15 Dec 2023

Houthis under fire over Red Sea ship attacks

14 Dec 2023

Japan seeks Iran's support over Houthis' ship seizure

08 Dec 2023

US imposes sanctions on Iran-backed network funding Yemen’s Houthis

03 Dec 2023

Japan, Iran discuss Houthis' seizure of Japanese vessel

23 Nov 2023

Houthis warn they may seize more Red Sea ships

21 Nov 2023

Israeli ships ‘legitimate target’, Houthis warn after seizure

20 Nov 2023

Japan denounces Houthis' seizure of Nippon Yusen-operated ship

12 Nov 2023

Houthis torture prisoner to death in Sanaa

03 Nov 2023

Houthis launch missile attack on Yemen’s Marib city

03 Oct 2023

Houthis stop aircraft from taking off to put pressure on airline over flights

27 Sep 2023

Saudi Arabia, Arab world condemn deadly attack on Bahrain soldiers

28 Aug 2023

23 killed in Houthi attack in southern Yemen

09 Aug 2023

Houthis confirm death of 2nd military leader in a week

04 Aug 2023

Houthis fire Sanaa University professor for opposing college gender segregation

03 Aug 2023

Saudi land-mine clearing project Masam raises alarm over persistent Houthi threat

27 Jul 2023

Houthis impose gender segregation at Sanaa university college

21 Jun 2023

UN experts condemn Houthis for abducting Baha’is, demand their release

02 Jun 2023

Houthis halt Marib gas supply to squeeze Yemen govt funds

01 Jun 2023

Houthis abduct 17 Baha’is in Sanaa raid: HRW

20 Apr 2023

Yemeni soldier, child killed in Houthi attacks

18 Apr 2023

Presidential council head hails Saudi, Omani role in positive developments in Yemen

16 Apr 2023

Released coalition detainees arrive in Riyadh after Houthi prisoner swap

15 Apr 2023

Saudis among scores of Yemen war prisoners freed on day two of swap

14 Apr 2023

Houthi self-contradiction delays signing of peace pact

12 Apr 2023

Yemen’s factions ‘ready’ to exchange hundreds of prisoners on Thursday


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