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25 Oct 2021

Dozens of Yemenis feared dead in botched Houthi missile launch

25 Oct 2021

Arab coalition: Over 200 Houthis killed in strikes on Juba and Al-Kasarah

23 Oct 2021

Arab coalition: Over 90 Houthis killed, 16 military vehicles destroyed in strikes on Juba and Al-Kasara

21 Oct 2021

Arab coalition says more than 80 Houthis killed near Yemen’s Marib

18 Oct 2021

165 Houthis killed in coalition airstrikes in Marib battleground

16 Oct 2021

Arab coalition says 160 Houthis killed, 11 military vehicles destroyed in Abedia

15 Oct 2021

Japan strongly condemns Houthi attacks on Saudi Arabia: Motegi

15 Oct 2021

Yemeni troops recapture areas from Houthis in Marib’s Juba district

14 Oct 2021

US demands end to Houthi militia siege in Marib

13 Oct 2021

Coalition airstrikes on Houthis in bid to end siege of Abedia

12 Oct 2021

Yemeni authorities issue fresh plea for rescue of civilians in Houthi-besieged district

11 Oct 2021

Saudi Arabia calls on UN Security Council to impose deterrent measure on Yemen’s Houthis after Jazan airport attack

10 Oct 2021

100 Houthis killed in heavy fighting outside central Yemeni city of Marib

09 Oct 2021

10 people injured in foiled Houthi drone attack on Saudi Arabia’s Jazan airport

07 Oct 2021

Debris from intercepted Houthi drone injure 4 workers at Abha airport

02 Oct 2021

Debris from destroyed Houthi drone fall on houses in Jazan

01 Oct 2021

Houthis reject calls for truce, intensify attacks on Marib

27 Sep 2021

50 Houthis killed in new battle for Marib city

26 Sep 2021

Yemen’s civilians paying the price for delisting of Houthis from US terror list

25 Sep 2021

93 Houthis among 140 dead in battle for Marib

24 Sep 2021

International community condemns latest Houthi attacks on Saudi Arabia

23 Sep 2021

Houthis must be re-designated a terrorist organization: senior Yemeni official

21 Sep 2021

EU joins outcry over Houthis’ execution of nine men

21 Sep 2021

Arab coalition destroys two Houthi booby-trapped boats in Salif

19 Sep 2021

UN ‘strongly condemns’ Houthi execution of 9 civilians

17 Sep 2021

Japan Foreign Minister condemns attacks by Yemen Houthis

16 Sep 2021

Houthis told to stop ‘stalemated’ Marib offensive

15 Sep 2021

80 Houthis killed as loyalist forces repel new assault on Marib city

12 Sep 2021

Houthi missiles, drones target Yemen’s Mocha port

10 Sep 2021

Houthis torturing four abducted journalists, say families

09 Sep 2021

Arab coalition warplanes hit Houthi military sites in southern Yemen

05 Sep 2021

Wave of Houthi missile, drone attacks on Saudi Arabia thwarted

03 Sep 2021

140 Houthis killed in clashes with Yemeni forces

01 Sep 2021

Support for Saudi Arabia as Abha airport attack sparks global condemnation

28 Aug 2021

Saudi air defenses intercept Houthi drone targeting Khamis Mushayt

26 Aug 2021

Yemeni court sentences Houthi leader, 173 others to death as fighting rages

20 Aug 2021

Houthis abduct young journalist in Sanaa amid crackdown on dissent

13 Aug 2021

Houthis fire hundreds of ‘renegade’ security officers

05 Aug 2021

Saudi air defenses intercept Houthi drone launched from Yemen

03 Aug 2021

Houthis accused of torturing prisoners to death in Yemen

02 Aug 2021

At least 40 Houthi fighters killed in fierce Marib fighting

27 Jul 2021

US condemns latest Houthi attacks on Saudi Arabia, calls for Iran-backed group to return to negotiations

17 Jul 2021

Fears of environmental disaster in Red Sea grow as UN-Houthis talks on Safer tanker fail

03 Jul 2021

Yemeni parties support Saudi call for adherence to Riyadh Agreement

28 Jun 2021

Arab coalition intercepts 10 Houthi drones, missiles launched toward southern Saudi Arabia within 48 hours

23 Jun 2021

Battle for Marib deals severe blow to Houthis

21 Jun 2021

Arab countries condemn Houthis’ launching of 17 drones toward Saudi Arabia from Yemen

20 Jun 2021

Houthis block ship carrying 12,500 tons of wheat from unloading at port of Hodeidah

18 Jun 2021

Arab coalition destroys Houthi drone launched toward southern Saudi Arabia

14 Jun 2021

Houthi drone falls on school in Saudi Arabia's Asir region, no injuries reported


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