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27 Sep 2023

Saudi Arabia, Arab world condemn deadly attack on Bahrain soldiers

28 Aug 2023

23 killed in Houthi attack in southern Yemen

09 Aug 2023

Houthis confirm death of 2nd military leader in a week

04 Aug 2023

Houthis fire Sanaa University professor for opposing college gender segregation

03 Aug 2023

Saudi land-mine clearing project Masam raises alarm over persistent Houthi threat

27 Jul 2023

Houthis impose gender segregation at Sanaa university college

21 Jun 2023

UN experts condemn Houthis for abducting Baha’is, demand their release

02 Jun 2023

Houthis halt Marib gas supply to squeeze Yemen govt funds

01 Jun 2023

Houthis abduct 17 Baha’is in Sanaa raid: HRW

20 Apr 2023

Yemeni soldier, child killed in Houthi attacks

18 Apr 2023

Presidential council head hails Saudi, Omani role in positive developments in Yemen

16 Apr 2023

Released coalition detainees arrive in Riyadh after Houthi prisoner swap

15 Apr 2023

Saudis among scores of Yemen war prisoners freed on day two of swap

14 Apr 2023

Houthi self-contradiction delays signing of peace pact

12 Apr 2023

Yemen’s factions ‘ready’ to exchange hundreds of prisoners on Thursday

11 Apr 2023

Saudi ambassador to Yemen says talks with Houthis aim to revive Yemen ceasefire

07 Apr 2023

Houthis agree to restore UN-brokered truce, negotiate with opponents

03 Apr 2023

Yemen truce ‘broadly holding’ but fragile, says UN envoy

28 Mar 2023

Yemeni leaders vow to resist renewed Houthi assault

23 Mar 2023

10 dead in new attack by Houthis in Yemen

21 Mar 2023

Yemeni government and Houthis agree to release hundreds of detainees

14 Mar 2023

Japan urges Houthis to make progress for peace in Yemen

14 Mar 2023

Houthis refuse to trade four abducted journalists with Yemen’s government

13 Mar 2023

Qat-chewing Houthi negotiators annoy pilot of UN aircraft

06 Mar 2023

Yemeni military commander killed, another wounded in Houthi attacks

20 Feb 2023

Yemeni leader demands US handover of Houthi-bound Iranian arms

16 Feb 2023

UN security council extends sanctions on Houthi leaders for nine months

14 Feb 2023

UK presents evidence linking Iran in Houthi weapon supply

05 Feb 2023

Yemeni minister condemns Iran’s escalated arms smuggling to Houthis

19 Jan 2023

Houthis put two YouTube activists on trial for critical videos

15 Jan 2023

Houthis abduct tribesman over corruption criticism

10 Jan 2023

Tribal leader assassinated in Houthi-held Sanaa

09 Jan 2023

Yemeni rights groups urging Houthis to release online influencers

04 Jan 2023

Houthis abduct 3 YouTubers amid social media influencer crackdown

03 Jan 2023

Yemen coalition investigation team looks into allegations of rights violations at sites

27 Dec 2022

Omani mediators leave Sanaa empty-handed as Houthis reject truce renewal

26 Dec 2022

Houthis abduct famous Sanaa YouTuber following corruption remarks

14 Dec 2022

Houthis accused of torturing prisoner, concealing death from family for years

24 Nov 2022

Houthis reject UN calls for de-escalation, truce extension

21 Nov 2022

Rights group: Houthis abducted 16,804 civilians since late 2014

15 Nov 2022

Detainees in Houthi-run prison go on hunger strike to protest detentions, abuse

11 Nov 2022

Saudi Arabia condemns Houthis for targeting civilian and vital facilities in Yemen

10 Nov 2022

Houthis launch fresh drone attack on Yemeni port

22 Oct 2022

International community faces mounting pressure to declare Houthis to be terrorists

15 Oct 2022

Houthis responsible for death of over 18 children injected with expired chemotherapy: Minister

14 Oct 2022

Houthis accused of executing Yemeni prisoner of war

13 Oct 2022

Restraint urged as Houthis pressed to agree Yemen truce

13 Oct 2022

Coalition says it exchanged POW visits with Yemen’s Houthis

09 Oct 2022

Houthis kill 6 Yemeni soldiers in nationwide attacks

04 Oct 2022

Fighting erupts in Yemen as Houthis refuse to renew UN-brokered truce


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