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03 Aug 2021

Houthis accused of torturing prisoners to death in Yemen

02 Aug 2021

At least 40 Houthi fighters killed in fierce Marib fighting

27 Jul 2021

US condemns latest Houthi attacks on Saudi Arabia, calls for Iran-backed group to return to negotiations

17 Jul 2021

Fears of environmental disaster in Red Sea grow as UN-Houthis talks on Safer tanker fail

03 Jul 2021

Yemeni parties support Saudi call for adherence to Riyadh Agreement

28 Jun 2021

Arab coalition intercepts 10 Houthi drones, missiles launched toward southern Saudi Arabia within 48 hours

23 Jun 2021

Battle for Marib deals severe blow to Houthis

21 Jun 2021

Arab countries condemn Houthis’ launching of 17 drones toward Saudi Arabia from Yemen

20 Jun 2021

Houthis block ship carrying 12,500 tons of wheat from unloading at port of Hodeidah

18 Jun 2021

Arab coalition destroys Houthi drone launched toward southern Saudi Arabia

14 Jun 2021

Houthi drone falls on school in Saudi Arabia's Asir region, no injuries reported

13 Jun 2021

Houthis fired 55 Iranian-made ballistic missiles at Marib since start of 2021: Yemen information minister

11 Jun 2021

8 killed, 27 wounded after Houthis launch missile, drone strikes on Marib

11 Jun 2021

US sanctions network charged with funding Yemen's Houthis

07 Jun 2021

5-year-old Lian was burnt to death by the Houthis, will the world care?

06 Jun 2021

17 civilians killed, dozens wounded as Houthi missile hits gas station in Marib city

06 Jun 2021

US envoy says Yemeni Houthi militia not trying to reach cease-fire

02 Jun 2021

Human Rights Watch says Houthis blocking COVID-19 vaccines

26 May 2021

Houthis sought to recruit me as spy, abducted Yemeni model says from prison

13 May 2021

Saudi air defenses intercept 8 UAVs and 3 ballistic missiles launched by Houthis from Yemen

11 May 2021

Saudi civil defense reports some damage after Houthi projectile hits Jazan

10 May 2021

Dozens sign petition for the release of abducted Yemeni model

09 May 2021

Arab coalition intercepts, destroys Houthi drone targeting Khamis Mushait

09 May 2021

US slams Houthis for boycotting UN Yemen envoy, not stopping Marib offensive

08 May 2021

Houthis to force virginity test on abducted Yemeni model, says Amnesty International

03 May 2021

Arab Parliament denounces Houthis’ banning of Tarawih prayers in areas under their control

30 Apr 2021

Yemen model’s lawyer intimidated as Houthis dismiss ‘soft’ investigator

27 Apr 2021

Houthis deprive medical workers of COVID-19 vaccines as disease spreads

25 Apr 2021

Houthis slammed for recruiting primary school students for war

24 Apr 2021

45 Houthis dead in raging fighting in Marib province

16 Apr 2021

Saudi Arabia must ‘confront power with power’ in Yemen, says expert

16 Apr 2021

World powers round on Houthis over Yemen’s ‘time bomb’ oil tanker

13 Apr 2021

Who is Entesar Al-Hammadi, the Yemeni model kidnapped by the Houthis?

08 Apr 2021

Arab coalition intercepts Houthi drone headed towards Saudi Arabia

07 Apr 2021

Arab coalition intercepts Houthi drone launched toward Saudi Arabia

06 Apr 2021

Death of Houthi security chief accused of rape, torture, reportedly due to COVID-19

05 Apr 2021

Senior Yemeni official demands UN condemn Houthi mistreatment of African refugees

04 Apr 2021

Black Lives Matter’s Hawk Newsome appalled by lack of coverage of Houthi massacre of Ethiopians

04 Apr 2021

From Ethiopia to Yemen, a perilous migrant route to endless misery

02 Apr 2021

Revealed: Houthi militia’s deadly ties with Al-Qaeda and Daesh

30 Mar 2021

Blinken urged by lawmakers to relist Houthis as terrorist organization

28 Mar 2021

Houthis ‘provisionally’ accept Saudi peace plan

25 Mar 2021

Houthi spokesman says they are ready for good relations with Saudi Arabia

24 Mar 2021

Ball in Houthis court, says Saudi Arabia’s UN envoy Al-Mouallimi

23 Mar 2021

Japan welcomes Saudi ceasefire initiative for Yemen

16 Mar 2021

US slams ‘unacceptable’ Houthi attacks on Saudi Arabia

14 Mar 2021

When black lives don’t matter: World silent on Houthi ‘Holocaust’ of African migrants

13 Mar 2021

US concerned about Houthis stealing humanitarian aid

09 Mar 2021

Egypt condemns Houthis’ targeting of civilian areas and Saudi institutions

09 Mar 2021

‘Alarm in White House’ over escalating attacks on Saudi Arabia


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