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29 May 2022

Yemeni parties conclude initial round of discussions to reopen key roads

27 May 2022

Death of US embassy employee in Houthi detention sparks outrage

26 May 2022

Talks begin between Yemeni government and Houthis over reopening of Taiz road

24 May 2022

Yemeni army reports 4,276 Houthi truce violations

15 May 2022

Silent Taiz protest denounces deadly strikes by Houthis

10 May 2022

Yemeni government vows to uphold UN-brokered truce despite Houthi violations

08 May 2022

Two officers, 7 Al-Qaeda militants killed in clashes in Yemen’s Dhale

06 May 2022

Houthis commit 341 violations of truce, 10 injured

05 May 2022

UNESCO, UN Human Rights Office call on Houthis to ‘immediately’ release staff members

04 May 2022

Houthis committed 2,158 violations against mosques in Yemen in 4 months

02 May 2022

Yemen truce could help reverse humanitarian crisis: UN

02 May 2022

Yemeni leader: We are adhering to the truce despite Houthi violations

19 Apr 2022

Houthis sign UN plan to end recruitment of child soldiers

09 Apr 2022

Yemen troops battle new Houthi attacks near Marib

01 Apr 2022

Coalition says committed to halting military operations in Yemen

01 Apr 2022

Yemen talks focus on aid, care for wounded and opening of roads

01 Apr 2022

Saudi Arabia blacklists 25 people, entities over financing of Houthis

30 Mar 2022

Coalition halts all military operations in Yemen

28 Mar 2022

Houthi ceasefire proposal is bid to foil Riyadh talks, say Yemeni experts

24 Mar 2022

GCC-hosted Yemeni talks could be a game changer

24 Mar 2022

Aden scarred by grinding war in Yemen

22 Mar 2022

Japan condemns Houthi attacks on Saudi Arabia

22 Mar 2022

EU condemns Houthi attack on civilian infrastructure in Saudi Arabia

22 Mar 2022

Egypt condemns Houthi attacks on Saudi facilities

21 Mar 2022

Saudi Arabia says it isn't responsible for oil supply shortage from attacks on its facilities

21 Mar 2022

Coalition: Fire caused by Houthi attack on Aramco station in Jeddah brought under control

20 Mar 2022

Houthis under fire for ruining peace efforts to end war

19 Mar 2022

Yemenis embrace GCC call for peace talks in Riyadh

18 Mar 2022

Houthis reject proposed GCC peace talks in Riyadh

16 Mar 2022

GCC offers to host peace talks between Yemeni factions, including Houthis, in Riyadh

08 Mar 2022

Coalition pounds Houthi militia positions across Yemen

07 Mar 2022

Houthis agree to allow UN to offload decaying oil tanker in Red Sea

04 Mar 2022

Yemeni authorities destroy large quantities of hashish, pills linked to Houthi gangs in Hajjah

04 Mar 2022

Houthis condemned for storing weapons in housing complex as blasts kill residents

03 Mar 2022

Houthis pay a heavy price as coalition airstrikes hit convoy

01 Mar 2022

UN Security Council calls Houthis a terrorist group for first time, expands arms embargo

01 Mar 2022

Saudi Arabia welcomes Security Council’s resolution to label Houthis terrorist group

27 Feb 2022

Ukraine — a stark reminder of Western unreliability

21 Feb 2022

Houthis fire 7 missiles at Yemen’s Marib amid surge in fighting

19 Feb 2022

Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union condemns Houthi attacks on Saudi Arabia and UAE

19 Feb 2022

Coalition in Yemen launches 18 strikes on Houthis in Marib, Hajjah

18 Feb 2022

Coalition says 11 Houthi vehicles destroyed in strikes on Marib, Hajjah

16 Feb 2022

Dozens of Houthis killed in raging battles outside Marib in Yemen

15 Feb 2022

Houthis ‘primary obstacle to peace efforts’ in Yemen: US special envoy

14 Feb 2022

Coalition destroys Houthi communications system being used to control drones for hostile operations

13 Feb 2022

Yemenis put pressure on Biden administration to reclassify Houthis as terrorists

12 Feb 2022

International organizations condemn Houthi attack on Saudi Arabia

12 Feb 2022

Strikes target Houthi sites in Yemeni capital, Coalition says

11 Feb 2022

US says committed to supporting Saudi Arabia defend itself from Houthi attacks

07 Feb 2022

Yemen army seizes parts of Haradh city from Houthis


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