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14 Jun 2024

G7 warns Iran over continuing nuclear program escalation

13 Jun 2024

Iran expanding enrichment capacity after IAEA resolution, diplomats say

11 Jun 2024

Jordan hosts first meeting of regional project to improve response to nuclear emergencies

23 Apr 2024

IAEA begins 2nd review of Fukushima n-plant water release

02 Apr 2024

IAEA finds improved nuclear security at Kashiwazaki-Kariwa plant

19 Mar 2024

IAEA to help Iraq develop nuclear program

14 Mar 2024

IAEA chief tells Kishida discharge of contaminated water going well

13 Mar 2024

IAEA chief reassures residents that treated wastewater discharge at Fukushima nuclear plant is safe

12 Mar 2024

Japan's push for North Korea summit 'very important', IAEA chief says

27 Feb 2024

IAEA's Grossi to visit Fukushima n-plant in March

21 Feb 2024

Iran dismisses plan by UN nuclear watchdog head to visit next month

24 Oct 2023

IAEA begins review of Fukushima water release

25 Sep 2023

Saudi Arabia affirms commitment to nuclear energy at international conference

21 Sep 2023

President Raisi says Iran has ‘no problem’ with IAEA inspections

20 Sep 2023

US ‘goodwill’ needed to revive 2015 nuclear deal: Iranian president

17 Sep 2023

Iran informs IAEA of decision to withdraw designation of several experienced inspectors

12 Sep 2023

IAEA head concerned at ‘decrease in interest’ in Iran nuclear escalation

11 Sep 2023

Fukushima water meets safety standards: IAEA's Grossi

23 Aug 2023

Nuclear center accuses Japan government of betrayal over polluted water

27 Jul 2023

Iran gives ‘detailed answers’ to UN inspectors over 2 sites where manmade uranium particles were found

11 Jul 2023

North Korea blasts IAEA over Japan’s plan to release contaminated water into sea

05 Jul 2023

IAEA chief reassures Fukushima residents on water release

23 Jun 2023

Japan denies reported political donations to IAEA

06 Jun 2023

IAEA will ‘never politicize’ its work in Iran, Grossi says

30 May 2023

IAEA resolves nuclear issues with Iran – Iranian media

05 Mar 2023

Netanyahu rebuffs IAEA chief’s remarks against possible attack on Iran

05 Mar 2023

IAEA chief reports ‘constructive discussions’ with Iran

28 Feb 2023

Iran says UN nuclear watchdog chief to visit in ‘coming days’

02 Feb 2023

Iran says IAEA stance on nuclear work “incorrect” — Mizan

02 Feb 2023

IAEA chides Iran for undeclared change to Fordow uranium enrichment setup

20 Jan 2023

IAEA visits Japan ahead of discharge of contaminated water into ocean

18 Nov 2022

IAEA board passes resolution ordering Iran to cooperate with probe

17 Nov 2022

IAEA chief hopes for crunch meeting in Iran after Tehran says it’s off

04 Aug 2022

Envoy: Saudi Arabia deeply concerned over Iran’s lack of transparency with IAEA

04 Aug 2022

IAEA chief: Iran’s increasingly sophisticated nuclear program moving ‘ahead and sideways’

25 Jul 2022

Iran will keep IAEA cameras turned off until nuclear deal is restored — Tasnim

23 Jul 2022

IAEA chief: Iran’s nuclear program is ‘galloping ahead’

21 Jun 2022

Iran prepares enrichment escalation at Fordow plant, IAEA report shows

10 Jun 2022

Iran delivers ‘a fatal blow’ to hopes of revived nuclear deal

10 Jun 2022

Saudi Arabia calls on Iran to clarify outstanding IAEA safeguards issues

09 Jun 2022

Saudi Arabia welcomes IAEA’s resolution on Iran

06 Jun 2022

Iran to face censure amid stalled nuclear talks

31 May 2022

Iran’s enriched uranium stockpile 18 times over 2015 deal limit: IAEA

19 May 2022

Japan to donate $2 million to IAEA for Ukraine nuke safety

13 May 2022

Iran gaining the upper hand in nuclear deal talks

05 Mar 2022

Iran says agreed roadmap with IAEA to resolve nuclear issues

19 Feb 2022

IAEA officials checked treated water at Fukushima Nuclear Station

16 Feb 2022

IAEA joins with Saudi Arabia for nuclear power program

05 Jan 2022

Saudi, Greek ministers reaffirm opposition to Iran’s nuclear ambitions

15 Dec 2021

Iran lets UN replace nuclear site's damaged cameras: Reports

14 Dec 2021

Iran nuclear chief rejects IAEA demand to access Karaj site, says beyond safeguards

06 Dec 2021

Japan visit by IAEA team on nuclear plant water release postponed

02 Dec 2021

Japan’s foreign minister urges Iran to cooperate with IAEA

24 Nov 2021

Iran taking ‘arbitrary measures’ against IAEA inspectors, says Saudi representative

28 Oct 2021

Saudi Arabia takes part in IAEA’s nuclear emergency drill

20 Oct 2021

IAEA: Surveillance of Iran nuclear program no longer ‘intact’

29 Sep 2021

IAEA task force on Fukushima water release starts 1st meeting

21 Sep 2021

Saudi Arabia blasts push by Iran for nuclear bomb

17 Sep 2021

Iran’s nuclear program was never intended to be for civilian purposes

17 Sep 2021

Iran dismisses IAEA’s work as ‘unprofessional’

16 Sep 2021

Saudi Arabia calls on Iran to fully comply with IAEA

16 Sep 2021

IAEA slams reported harassment of female inspectors in Iran

07 Sep 2021

IAEA team in Japan to help prepare Fukushima water release

17 Aug 2021

IAEA reports Iranian progress on uranium metal despite Western objections

04 Jul 2021

IAEA deputy head to visit Iran for 'routine' matters - Iranian envoy

02 Jul 2021

Iran restricts IAEA access to main enrichment plant after attack, diplomats say

30 Jun 2021

Iran ‘examining’ whether to extend IAEA monitoring deal

26 Jun 2021

Lack of IAEA-Iran monitoring deal serious concern: US

26 Jun 2021

IAEA wants ‘immediate response’ from Iran on extending monitoring deal

26 May 2021

IAEA head calls Iran's nuclear program “very concerning” - FT

24 May 2021

Iran tells IAEA it is extending nuclear monitoring deal for a month

23 Mar 2021

Japan asks for IAEA support for release of Fukushima water to sea

24 Feb 2021

Iran must cooperate with IAEA, reverse steps that reduce transparency- UK, France, Germany

23 Feb 2021

Iran stops snap nuclear inspections, state-run daily urges caution

06 Feb 2021

IAEA probers find new evidence of Iran’s undeclared nuclear work — WSJ

03 Feb 2021

Iran enriching uranium in second set of centrifuges in Natanz: IAEA

26 Jan 2021

Iran threatens to curb short-notice IAEA inspections next month

02 Jan 2021

Iran tells IAEA of plans to enrich uranium to 20%, Russian envoy says

18 Dec 2020

New agreement needed to revive Iran nuclear deal under Biden, IAEA chief says

05 Dec 2020

Iran plans to install more advanced atomic centrifuges underground: IAEA

28 Oct 2020

IAEA chief: Iran building underground centrifuge plant at nuclear facility

26 Sep 2020

UAE re-elected to IAEA Board of Governors

25 Sep 2020

Saudi Arabia elected to preside over IAEA committee

23 Aug 2020

New pressure on Iran to open secret nuclear sites

05 Jul 2020

Khojir and Natanz explosions wreck Iran’s strategy of deception

26 Jun 2020

International community must act on Iran’s nuclear defiance

15 Jun 2020

UN nuclear watchdog meets as Iran row brews

06 Jun 2020

UN agency: Iran violating all restrictions of nuclear deal

09 Mar 2020

Nuclear surfing in Fukushima

25 Feb 2020

Japanese, IAEA leaders discuss Iran, N. Korea nuclear issues

12 Nov 2019

UN watchdog confirms Iran nuclear breach


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