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13 May 2024

Egypt says to support South Africa ICJ case against Israel

03 Apr 2024

Saudi efforts on Gaza ‘in line’ with Japanese policy: Special envoy

26 Feb 2024

Final day of ICJ hearing: OIC says two-state solution in Palestine imperative to regional peace

22 Feb 2024

Day 4 at ICJ hearing: Iran says Israel continues to violate Palestinians’ right to self-determination

22 Feb 2024

US urges UN court not to order Israel out of Palestinian lands

21 Feb 2024

Day 2 at ICJ hearing: Saudi Arabia condemns Israel’s actions in Palestinian Territories as ‘legally indefensible’

20 Feb 2024

Palestinians accuse Israel of ‘apartheid’ at UN top court

14 Feb 2024

South Africa makes urgent appeal to International Court of Justice over Rafah offensive

29 Jan 2024

Genocide ruling a vindication for international justice

29 Jan 2024

Japan says it pauses funding to UNRWA, 'extremely concerned' about allegations

29 Jan 2024

Israel’s president says the UN world court misrepresented his comments in its genocide ruling

26 Jan 2024

Hamas says would abide by Gaza ceasefire if ruled by top UN court

26 Jan 2024

How South Africa’s genocide case against Israel could influence the course of Gaza war

12 Jan 2024

Israel defends itself on day 2 of the UN top court’s genocide hearing

12 Jan 2024

Israel to counter genocide accusations at World Court

06 Mar 2023

AI will have its day in court — but human judges will always rule

06 Mar 2023

Saudi Arabia must make the most of digital judicial progress: minister

06 Mar 2023

International conference in Riyadh to explore how justice can harness the power of digital transformation

13 Nov 2020

Japan’s Yuji Iwasawa wins seat at UN court


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