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21 Feb 2024

Iran dismisses plan by UN nuclear watchdog head to visit next month

17 Feb 2024

Iran unveils new air defense weaponry as regional tensions ramp up

16 Feb 2024

What the intensifying US-Iran proxy war means for crisis-wracked Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen

15 Feb 2024

Iran will reciprocate if its ships are seized, official says

14 Feb 2024

Iran Ambassador to Japan calls for peace in face of 'exclusion and injustice'

08 Feb 2024

Raisi says US presence ‘disrupts’ Middle East security

08 Feb 2024

Iran playing ‘very, very negative role’ in region: US Yemen envoy

07 Feb 2024

Osaka firm raided over illicit ship export to Iran

02 Feb 2024

Iran won’t start a war but will respond to bullies, says president

02 Feb 2024

Iran pulls top Guard officers out of Syria over deadly Israeli strikes

29 Jan 2024

Pro-Iran fighters among 6 dead in Israeli strike near Damascus: monitor

29 Jan 2024

Iran denies links to Jordan drone strike that killed 3 US troops

29 Jan 2024

Iran executes four men convicted of spying for Israel

29 Jan 2024

Three US troops killed in Jordan, Biden vows reprisal

28 Jan 2024

Iran says it has launched 3 satellites into space as tensions grip wider Mideast

27 Jan 2024

Houthi missile causes fire on British oil tanker

25 Jan 2024

Iran’s Raisi, Erdogan pledge to contain Gaza violence

24 Jan 2024

Iran executes another prisoner detained during nationwide protests

22 Jan 2024

Iran holds funerals for Guards killed in alleged Israeli strike

22 Jan 2024

Iranian soldier kills 5 comrades in southeastern city where Daesh attack killed dozens, state TV says

21 Jan 2024

Iran says ‘reserves right’ to avenge deadly Israeli strike on Damascus

20 Jan 2024

Iran launches satellite that is part of a Western-criticized program as regional tensions spike

20 Jan 2024

Iran launches air defense drill amid rising regional tension

19 Jan 2024

Iran seeking to expand its influence in the fog of Gaza war

18 Jan 2024

Pakistan hits 'terrorist hideouts' in airstrike on Iran

16 Jan 2024

US military seizes Iranian-made missile parts enroute to Houthis

16 Jan 2024

Improvised explosive went off in southeastern Iranian city of Iranshahr, no casualties

16 Jan 2024

Iran keen to boost economic ties with Saudi Arabia: ambassador

16 Jan 2024

Iran says Revolutionary Guards attack Israel’s ‘spy HQ’ in Iraq, vow more revenge

15 Jan 2024

Warmongering by Iran and its proxies distracts from Gaza carnage

10 Jan 2024

Attack claimed by extremists kills policeman in southeast Iran

09 Jan 2024

Economic, political factors driving increase in migration from Iran

09 Jan 2024

Jordanian jets strike Iran-linked drug dealers inside Syria — intelligence sources

06 Jan 2024

Death toll from Daesh-claimed suicide blasts in Iran rises to 91

06 Jan 2024

Iran arrests 11 suspects over bomb blasts, mourners demand revenge

05 Jan 2024

Iranian general vows revenge at funeral for victims of bomb attack — state media

04 Jan 2024

Blasts kill nearly 100 at slain IRGC commander Soleimani’s memorial, Iran vows revenge

30 Dec 2023

Iran dismisses Western criticism of its hike in uranium enrichment, says part of peaceful nuclear program

29 Dec 2023

Iran executes 4 over Israel ‘collaboration’: judiciary

29 Dec 2023

Western powers condemn Iran’s accelerated uranium enrichment

27 Dec 2023

Iran threatens Israel over alleged Mousavi killing in Syria

27 Dec 2023

Iran says ‘nothing new’ in UN nuclear watchdog report

27 Dec 2023

Iran’s Raisi to visit Turkiye for talks on Gaza

27 Dec 2023

Iran resumes pace of 60 percent uranium enrichment, IAEA says

27 Dec 2023

Who killed Iran’s IRGC operative Sayyed Reza Mousavi in Syria, and why?

27 Dec 2023

Egypt, Iranian FMs discussed the situation in the Gaza Strip

27 Dec 2023

Israeli minister hints at retaliatory actions taken in Iraq, Yemen, Iran

25 Dec 2023

Iran rejects US claims on Tehran targeting tanker off India

25 Dec 2023

Japan condemns tanker attack by Iranian drone

23 Dec 2023

Egyptian, Iranian presidents discuss Gaza developments, restoring ties

23 Dec 2023

Iran threatens Mediterranean closure over Gaza, without saying how

23 Dec 2023

US alleges Iran ‘deeply involved’ in Red Sea Houthi operations as more tankers avoid vital waterway

18 Dec 2023

Israeli-linked hackers disrupt services at petrol stations across Iran

16 Dec 2023

Iran executes agent of Israel’s Mossad intelligence service — official media

16 Dec 2023

Saudi Arabia, Iran commit to implementing Beijing Agreement

15 Dec 2023

Gunmen kill 11 people, injure several others in an attack on a police station in Iran, state TV says

15 Dec 2023

Iran abolishes visa requirements for 33 countries, including Saudi Arabia, Japan

12 Dec 2023

Iran again faces disastrous consequences of financial corruption

10 Dec 2023

Iran says reviving nuclear deal ‘useless’

09 Dec 2023

Mahsa Amini’s family blocked from leaving Iran for EU rights prize

08 Dec 2023

US imposes sanctions on Iran-backed network funding Yemen’s Houthis

06 Dec 2023

Iran says it sent a capsule with animals into orbit as it prepares for human missions

06 Dec 2023

Iran Revolutionary Guards seize two vessels smuggling 4.5 million liters of fuel — Tasnim

05 Dec 2023

Iran says it is not involved in any actions against US military forces -Tasnim

03 Dec 2023

Japan, Iran discuss Houthis' seizure of Japanese vessel

29 Nov 2023

Japan, Iran discuss disarmament, non-proliferation

29 Nov 2023

UN deplores Iran executions

28 Nov 2023

Iran’s Raisi not coming to Turkiye on Tuesday: Ankara

26 Nov 2023

Iran hangs 17-year-old for murder: rights groups

24 Nov 2023

Iran top diplomat meets Hezbollah chief in Lebanon

23 Nov 2023

Houthis warn they may seize more Red Sea ships

20 Nov 2023

Iran denies involvement in Red Sea ship seizure by Yemen’s Houthis

19 Nov 2023

Pro-Iranian Iraq militia labels US sanctions ‘ridiculous’

19 Nov 2023

Iran rapper jailed over backing protests freed on bail: media

16 Nov 2023

UN agency report says Iran has further increased its uranium stockpile

14 Nov 2023

Iran confirms death sentence over officer’s killing in 2022 protests

09 Nov 2023

US strikes Iran-linked site in Syria: Pentagon chief

08 Nov 2023

Nasty drought in Syria, Iraq and Iran wouldn’t have happened without climate change, study finds

06 Nov 2023

Nobel Peace Prize laureate Narges Mohammadi goes on a hunger strike while imprisoned in Iran

04 Nov 2023

State-organized rallies in Iran mark 1979 US embassy seizure, support Gaza

01 Nov 2023

Iran’s Khamenei calls upon Muslim countries to boycott Israel

31 Oct 2023

Drones target Iraq’s Ain Al-Asad air base, no casualties, damage

31 Oct 2023

Japan hosts the 14th Japan-Iran Human Rights Dialogue

29 Oct 2023

Iran’s Raisi says Israeli actions ‘may force everyone’ to act

27 Oct 2023

US strikes two sites used by Iranian forces in Syria: Pentagon

24 Oct 2023

US says Iran assisting base attacks, confirms advisers in Israel

21 Oct 2023

Iranian diplomat warns Israeli attacks on Gaza could escalate into regional war

20 Oct 2023

Iran-backed groups blow up gas pipeline in Syria: monitor

19 Oct 2023

Saudi FM discusses military escalation in Gaza with Iranian, Lebanese counterparts

17 Oct 2023

Iran bans teaching foreign languages to kids

17 Oct 2023

Japan Foreign Minister urges Iran to help resolve situation in Gaza

17 Oct 2023

Iran’s Khamenei says Israel must halt ‘genocide’ of Palestinians in Gaza

14 Oct 2023

Iran holds state-organized rallies in support of Palestinians

11 Oct 2023

Health of Iranian metro teen in coma worsens: media

10 Oct 2023

Iran’s Khamenei says Tehran was not behind Hamas attack on Israel

09 Oct 2023

Iran denies it had role in Hamas attack on Israel

09 Oct 2023

Iran calls for emergency OIC meeting over regional developments

07 Oct 2023

UN expert: Iran is unlawfully detaining human rights activists, including new Nobel peace laureate

05 Oct 2023

Concern grows over Iranian teen’s ‘intolerable’ metro assault

05 Oct 2023

Iran hits back at Britain over satellite launch


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