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15 Jul 2022

Mosques in Tokyo ensure preventative measures against COVID-19, despite declining cases

08 Jun 2022

‘Japan as a savior of a Muslim World’: Saudi Arabia’s KFCRIS discusses evolving relationship between Islam and Japan

17 Sep 2021

First Friday prayers held at new Tokyo mosque

05 Sep 2021

‘Finding Inner Peace through Muslim Perspective’: a book about the life of Muslims in GCC countries by Japanese author

04 May 2021

Turkish police remove followers of Islamist figure from mosques

17 Apr 2021

Muslims mark 1st Ramadan Friday prayers in Jerusalem

31 Mar 2021

The Pope and the Grand Imam: The friendship our world needs right now

16 Mar 2021

History made as first Muslim nominated for lead actor Oscar

02 Feb 2021

Japan’s Education Minister: comments on Islam inappropriate, prejudice

31 Jan 2021

Mock university exam in Japan suggests poor Muslims will become terrorists

14 Nov 2020

Saudi Arabia’s success in eliminating extremism praised

30 Aug 2020

Turkish Nobel laureate criticizes government, Hagia Sophia conversion

01 Aug 2020

The Well of Zamzam is a lasting miracle

29 Jul 2020

The journey begins: 1,000 pilgrims arrive in Mina for first day of Hajj

29 Jul 2020

Hajj explained: The rituals of Hajj

28 Jul 2020

Decision to scale down Hajj wins support among Muslims

26 Jul 2020

Hajj explained: A sacred site for Muslims

14 Jul 2020

Saudi Arabia permits Eid Al-Adha prayers with coronavirus measures

20 Jun 2020

Mosques across Saudi Arabia prepared to ensure worshippers’ safety

31 May 2020

Saudi Arabia reopens mosques after 2 month coronavirus lockdown

31 May 2020

10 million SMS sent to educate people for prayers in Saudi mosques

15 May 2020

How Saudi Arabia’s King Fahad National Library is preserving Islamic history for posterity

13 Apr 2020

Islamic finance industry charts high-tech future

09 Dec 2019

Social networking services indispensable for Muslims in Japan


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