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19 Aug 2023

Japan, U.S. to jointly develop new interceptor missile

15 Jul 2022

Saudi Arabia opens airspace for all carriers that meet aviation authority requirements

13 Jul 2022

Arab countries in a strong position ahead of Biden’s visit

24 May 2022

Japan says it scrambled jets after Russian, Chinese warplanes neared airspace during Quad

13 Apr 2022

‘Sleepy Joe’: Saudi Ramadan TV comedy pokes fun at US leader

30 Sep 2021

Biden hopes for stronger ties with Japan under new PM

22 Sep 2021

Biden in UN call for independent Palestine

20 Jul 2021

US ‘always there for Jordan,’ Biden tells King Abdullah

02 Apr 2021

Biden’s gestures to Palestinians only ‘symbolic,’ says PLO’s Hanan Ashrawi

17 Feb 2021

Biden's first call with leader in region will be with Israel's Netanyahu - White House

13 Feb 2021

China and the West face off in the Indo-Pacific

08 Feb 2021

Biden tells Iran ‘we will not lift sanctions’

22 Jan 2021

Saudi Arabia optimistic about ‘excellent relationship’ with US under Biden

21 Jan 2021

Suga hoping to work closely with Biden to strengthen alliance

21 Jan 2021

Team Biden is off on the right foot

21 Jan 2021

Taking helm of divided nation, US President Biden calls for end to ‘uncivil war’

21 Jan 2021

Biden announces return to global climate accord, new curbs on US oil industry

21 Jan 2021

White House says Biden will be discussing Iran with foreign partners

21 Jan 2021

US’ top foreign policy diplomat hints at continued hardline approach to Turkey

21 Jan 2021

Joe Biden becomes 46th US President

21 Jan 2021

Biden plans immediate end to Trump’s ‘travel ban’ on Muslim majority states

16 Jan 2021

Iranian Guard holds anti-warship ballistic missile drill

14 Jan 2021

What Biden’s Arab American ‘partnership’ might look like

09 Jan 2021

Biden should pick up where Trump left off with Mideast alliance

25 Nov 2020

Oil hits highest level since March on vaccine, Biden transition

21 Nov 2020

US extends Iraq sanctions waiver until before Biden inauguration

16 Nov 2020

Suga administration keeping eye on Biden's N. Korea policy

13 Nov 2020

Biden win spurs Gulf US visa scheme demand

13 Nov 2020

Denying Biden victory, Pompeo heads to Europe, Mideast

12 Nov 2020

Japan PM Suga speaks with Biden, confirms importance of Japan-US ties

11 Nov 2020

Japan govt arranging phone talks between PM Suga and Biden at 'appropriate time'

11 Nov 2020

Experts weigh up Biden’s Middle East policy options at Abu Dhabi Strategic Debate

09 Nov 2020

Biden to value experts in US diplomacy toward Japan

09 Nov 2020

Biden and the Iran nuclear deal conundrum

09 Nov 2020

Okinawans hopeful for US base burden reduction after Biden's win

09 Nov 2020

Nikkei rallies to 29-year high, Honda leads carmakers on upbeat earnings

09 Nov 2020

Japan PM Suga: Want to work with President-elect Biden to enhance alliance

09 Nov 2020

Biden’s presidency won’t go smoothly on Turkey, say experts

09 Nov 2020

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman and crown prince congratulate US president-elect Biden

08 Nov 2020

Palestinian President Abbas congratulates Joe Biden

08 Nov 2020

‘This isn’t over!’: Trump supporters refuse to accept defeat

08 Nov 2020

Suga congratulates Joe Biden on victory

08 Nov 2020

Arab leaders congratulate Joe Biden on election win

08 Nov 2020

Palestinians pin peace hopes on Biden

06 Nov 2020

Financial ‘fear gauge’ fluctuates wildly in volatile US

27 Oct 2020

Arabs overwhelmingly hope Biden parts ways with Obama legacy: poll

26 Oct 2020

Pan-Arab poll: Biden better for region, but must shun Obama policies

23 Oct 2020

Biden slams Trump friendship with ‘thug’ Kim

20 Oct 2020

Battleground states define presidential battle, not popular vote

01 Oct 2020

A fight for the last word: Japanese interpreters caught in the middle of US presidential debate

01 Oct 2020

‘Worst debate ever’ — US expats lament lack of substance in Trump-Biden bust-up


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