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20 Feb 2024

Building collapse in Beirut suburb kills 4, search ongoing for survivors

20 Feb 2024

Israeli strikes hit factories near southern Lebanon city of Sidon

17 Feb 2024

Israeli attacks in southern Lebanon kill 6 members of Hezbollah, ally

16 Feb 2024

What the intensifying US-Iran proxy war means for crisis-wracked Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen

15 Feb 2024

Israeli strikes on Lebanon kill 11 civilians, Hezbollah has vowed to retaliate

10 Feb 2024

Lebanon’s Maronite patriarch criticizes parliament for not electing president

08 Feb 2024

Israeli bombing kills 1 civilian, damages water network in south Lebanon

31 Jan 2024

Ambassador Magoshi attends hand-over ceremony of solar power system to Baalechmay

28 Jan 2024

Hezbollah ‘fully prepared’ for escalation as tension mounts in southern Lebanon

27 Jan 2024

Japan provides medical equipment to Geitaoui University Medical Center in Lebanon

24 Jan 2024

Israel violates rules of engagement in southern Lebanon

23 Jan 2024

Japan supports sewage treatment facility construction in Lebanon

21 Jan 2024

KSrelief’s humanitarian initiatives continue across the Middle East

20 Jan 2024

Japan supports solar power system, water pump installation in South Lebanon

20 Jan 2024

Social and economic crisis is looming again in Lebanon, minister warns

18 Jan 2024

Hezbollah rejected US overtures, still open to diplomacy to avoid wider war

18 Jan 2024

Israel targets places of worship in Lebanon

16 Jan 2024

100 days of fighting on southern Lebanese front: devastation, displacement and violations

15 Jan 2024

Israel ‘failed’ in Gaza and will negotiate: Hezbollah chief

12 Jan 2024

Japan offers grants for small-scale projects in Lebanon

11 Jan 2024

No Lebanon village beyond Israel’s reach, says army chief

10 Jan 2024

Lebanon’s Hezbollah denies Israel’s claim for killing senior Hezbollah commander

08 Jan 2024

Screens at Beirut airport hacked with anti-Hezbollah message

06 Jan 2024

Lebanon files complaint to UN Security Council over killing of Hamas deputy chief in Beirut

05 Jan 2024

Israel border violence displaces 76,000 in Lebanon: IOM

05 Jan 2024

Israel ‘has gone too far,’ Lebanon’s caretaker PM warns

03 Jan 2024

Fears of Gaza conflict spillover grow as Israel kills senior Hamas official in Beirut

02 Jan 2024

Lebanon prepared if border situation worsens, says minister

01 Jan 2024

UN chief closes tribunal founded to investigate 2005 assassination of former Lebanese prime minister

29 Dec 2023

Year in review: Lebanon ends crisis-filled 2023 on the precipice of war

29 Dec 2023

Lebanese PM urges UK for ‘maximum pressure’ on Israel

27 Dec 2023

Israel strike kills three in south Lebanon: state media

27 Dec 2023

Widespread casualties on day 80 of Lebanon conflict

26 Dec 2023

Plea for Lebanon to remain neutral amid Israel-Hezbollah hostilities

24 Dec 2023

Lebanon floods: 4 refugee children killed, MP almost drowns

23 Dec 2023

Israeli army says Lebanon rocket fire kills soldier

21 Dec 2023

Elderly woman killed in Israeli strike on Lebanon: state media

21 Dec 2023

Noor Taan: Lebanese designer weaving sustainability into style with loofahs and Japanese inspiration

20 Dec 2023

Intensive Israeli drone activity in Lebanon extends as far north as Baalbek for first time

17 Dec 2023

Lebanon rescues 51 people from sinking migrant boat: army

16 Dec 2023

US national security adviser says a negotiated outcome is the best way to end Lebanon-Israel tension

15 Dec 2023

Mosque hit as raids, phosphorus bombs strike southern Lebanon front

14 Dec 2023

Japan, Lebanon FMs discuss Israeli aggression against Southern Lebanon

12 Dec 2023

Al-Habtoor Group mulls exit from Lebanon if government fails to protect investments

10 Dec 2023

Lebanon border clashes intensify despite peace efforts

04 Dec 2023

Japanese Ambassador Magoshi inaugurates solar power system at Lebanon’s Yeghishe Manoukian College

30 Nov 2023

UN peacekeepers try to stay safe amid Lebanon-Israel border flare-ups

28 Nov 2023

Japan provides medical equipment to Lebanon's Dar Al Ajaza Al Islamia hospital

25 Nov 2023

Calm on southern Lebanon front allows the displaced to return to inspect damage

24 Nov 2023

Iran top diplomat meets Hezbollah chief in Lebanon

24 Nov 2023

Hezbollah steps up rocket attacks after 5 senior fighters die in airstrike

21 Nov 2023

Egypt’s president, Lebanon’s PM focus on developments in Gaza

18 Nov 2023

Israel shells southern Lebanese sites after Hezbollah missile attacks

15 Nov 2023

Israel ‘taking it too far,’ warns Lebanon as border skirmishes continue

14 Nov 2023

Escalation on the southern Lebanese front kills and injures civilians

11 Nov 2023

Israeli missile strike hits hospital in southern Lebanon

11 Nov 2023

Lebanon’s Hezbollah says Israeli fire kills 7 fighters

10 Nov 2023

Israel strikes Syria source of drone that hit school: IDF

09 Nov 2023

Israel, Lebanon ignore US envoy’s plea for calm

08 Nov 2023

Israel-Hamas conflict in Gaza leaves Lebanon trapped between war and uneasy peace

06 Nov 2023

Lebanon says Israeli strike kills reporter’s 4 relatives, Hezbollah vows revenge

05 Nov 2023

Lebanon is revisiting the ghost of the 2006 Israel-Hezbollah war

04 Nov 2023

Will harm to Lebanon’s environment, public health force Israeli military to admit and end use of white phosphorus?

03 Nov 2023

French defense minister fears ‘untenable situation’ for UN peacekeepers in Lebanon

01 Nov 2023

In Lebanon, a Christian village hopes for the best and plans for the worst

29 Oct 2023

Drone strikes stoke tensions as Israel, Hezbollah trade fire

28 Oct 2023

Israeli forces and Hezbollah in skirmishes at Lebanon’s border

27 Oct 2023

SDF team sent to Lebanon to prepare for evacuation of Japanese nationals

27 Oct 2023

Israel-Hamas war could threaten already fragile economies in Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan

27 Oct 2023

Lebanon accuses Israel of ‘scorched earth policy’ over shelling

26 Oct 2023

Lebanon ‘abyss’ warning as fears of wider conflict grow

26 Oct 2023

Israel struck Lebanon in retaliation for missile launch: military

25 Oct 2023

Japan supports rehabilitation of school in Lebanon

25 Oct 2023

Crisis-wracked Lebanon braced for worst case scenarios as Israel-Hezbollah clashes intensify

24 Oct 2023

Japan Embassy extends a grant to install advanced medical equipment in Lebanon

23 Oct 2023

Japan extends a grant to support water pipeline construction in Ainata

22 Oct 2023

Hezbollah official says his group already ‘is in the heart’ of Israel-Hamas war

22 Oct 2023

Hospitals in Beirut, southern Lebanon finalize emergency plans as war fears mount

21 Oct 2023

Lebanon national carrier halves flights amid fears of war

20 Oct 2023

Japan extends support to Farah Social Foundation in Lebanon

19 Oct 2023

Saudi FM discusses military escalation in Gaza with Iranian, Lebanese counterparts

17 Oct 2023

Israel thwarts infiltration bid from Lebanon, killing four: army

17 Oct 2023

Mikati: Lebanese front in Hamas-Israel conflict in no one’s interest

15 Oct 2023

Lebanon protests to UN over journalist’s death in Israel border clash

14 Oct 2023

Israel says killed ‘terrorists’ trying to cross from Lebanon

14 Oct 2023

Lebanese must reject any involvement in war with Israel

14 Oct 2023

Japan supports autism and training centers in Lebanon through installation of solar power system

12 Oct 2023

Japan extends support to the clearance operations of cluster munitions in Lebanon 

11 Oct 2023

Israel bombs south Lebanon after Hezbollah rocket fire

11 Oct 2023

Israel on high alert after rocket exchanges at Lebanon border

10 Oct 2023

Israel says no aerial infiltration from Syria or Lebanon after alert

10 Oct 2023

Mikati: Primary focus is safeguarding security and stability in southern Lebanon

09 Oct 2023

Israel kills ‘a number of armed suspects’ who infiltrated from Lebanon: army

08 Oct 2023

Israel strikes Lebanon after Hezbollah hits Shebaa Farms

07 Oct 2023

Anti-migrant hostility mounts in Lebanon amid Syrian refugee surge

07 Oct 2023

3 inmates die as protest fire engulfs Lebanese prison

07 Oct 2023

Lebanese army rescues over 100 migrants whose boat ran into trouble in the Mediterranean

06 Oct 2023

Nearly 4 million people in Lebanon need humanitarian help but less than half receive aid, UN says

06 Oct 2023

Health crisis in Lebanon is ‘catastrophic,’ head of parliamentary committee warns

05 Oct 2023

‘Lebanon is not for sale’: Minister calls for hard-line approach to Syrian refugees


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