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16 May 2024

Saudi Center for Space Futures will support lunar mission and $2 trillion global space economy, NASA chief tells Asharq TV

29 Feb 2024

Fierce competition to be hallmark of new space era

08 Jan 2024

UAE partners with NASA to build components for planned Moon space station

10 Nov 2023

Astronaut who led humanity’s first mission around the Moon dead at 95

15 Sep 2023

NASA joins the still controversial search for UFOs

04 Sep 2023

UAE’s Sultan AlNeyadi, first Arab astronaut on long-term space mission, back on Earth

03 Sep 2023

Emirati astronaut says Arab world has a young audience ‘thirsty to learn more about space’

02 Sep 2023

Emirati astronaut Sultan AlNeyadi to return to Earth on Saturday

26 Aug 2023

Rocket carrying Japan's furukawa, others successfully launched

07 Feb 2023

Kishida, NASA Chief reaffirm cooperation for space probe

27 Jan 2023

First Arab long-duration astronaut mission to launch next month

26 Jan 2023

UAE astronaut says not required to fast during Ramadan on ISS

02 Nov 2022

'Planet Killer' asteroid could threaten earth

29 Aug 2022

NASA fuels moon rocket for liftoff on 1st test flight

22 Jul 2022

Why space is more than just a billionaires’ playground

12 Jul 2022

Far out: NASA space telescope’s 1st cosmic view goes deep

12 May 2022

Saudi Space Commission and NASA’s Kennedy Center cooperate to exchange expertise, technologies

20 Dec 2021

Japanese space tourists safely return to Earth

15 Dec 2021

NASA craft ‘touches’ sun for 1st time, dives into atmosphere

11 May 2021

NASA spacecraft begins 2-year trip home with asteroid rubble

02 May 2021

Astronauts leave ISS, begin return journey to Earth on SpaceX craft

01 May 2021

Gazan engineer behind Mars helicopter says visiting home is no small step

30 Apr 2021

Japanese astronaut publishes brilliant photo of Makkah from outer space

13 Jan 2021

Japan-NASA MOU on Civil Lunar Gateway cooperation activated

17 Nov 2020

Spacecraft carrying Japanese astronaut Noguchi docks to ISS

16 Nov 2020

Japanese astronaut Noguchi marks 3rd trip to space

23 Oct 2020

Japan to solicit applications for astronauts for lunar project

22 Sep 2020

Storm heading northward toward Japan packing winds, downpour

03 Aug 2020

SpaceX brings NASA astronauts safely home in milestone mission

10 Jul 2020

Japan, NASA sign declaration on Lunar Probe project

04 Jun 2020

The Arab world’s first satellite

26 Apr 2020

Casio’s G-SHOCK pays homage to NASA in new limited-edition watch

15 Apr 2020

NASA opens its archives to the public

31 Mar 2020

Japanese astronaut Noguchi Soichi set to board SpaceX’s Crew Dragon


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