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18 Dec 2021

UN nuclear chief casts ‘doubt’ on missing Iran data

14 Dec 2021

Japan Foreign Minister says Iran should stop its expansion of nuclear activities

03 Dec 2021

Iran makes nuclear advance despite talks to salvage 2015 deal, says IAEA

01 Nov 2021

Iran rejects Western ‘concerns’ over nuclear compliance

14 Oct 2021

EU envoy on nuclear talks meets Iran deputy minister in Tehran

11 Oct 2021

Japan's new PM defends pro-nuclear stance in parliamentary debut

06 Oct 2021

Iran’s foreign minister says nuclear talks to resume soon

27 Sep 2021

US to Iran: Grant inspectors access to workshop or face action at UN nuclear watchdog

25 Sep 2021

Iran says nuclear talks to resume ‘very soon,’ gives no date

12 Sep 2021

Anti-Nuke activists protest at METI

09 Aug 2021

France’s Macron calls on Iran to return to nuclear talks

05 Aug 2021

First hearing in court case brought by irradiated village in Fukushima

27 Jun 2021

Iran: Nuclear site images will not be given to UN watchdog as deal has expired

21 Jun 2021

Iran’s new president says ballistic program non-negotiable, but restoring ties with Riyadh possible

14 Apr 2021

Iran to enrich uranium to 60%, highest level ever

13 Apr 2021

Iran warns sabotage affects Vienna talks over nuclear deal

11 Apr 2021

‘Accident’ strikes Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility

10 Apr 2021

Iran starts up advanced centrifuges in new nuclear deal breach

10 Mar 2021

UAE to host IAEA’s most complex nuclear crisis drill

06 Mar 2021

Saudi Arabia: Iran continues nuclear blackmail, IAEA safeguards system at stake

01 Mar 2021

Former Japanese prime ministers renew anti-nuclear calls

25 Feb 2021

Rouhani calls for ‘unity’ as he faces backlash from hardliners on commitment to nuclear deal

22 Feb 2021

‘Temporary solution’ found ahead of Iran nuclear deadline: IAEA

20 Feb 2021

IAEA found uranium traces at two sites Iran barred it from: Sources

19 Feb 2021

US, Europeans urge Iran to keep allowing nuclear inspections

10 Jan 2021

Coming-of-Age ceremony held in Fukushima town hit by N-crisis

12 Dec 2020

Pompeo says international community must not reward Iranian ‘nuclear gamesmanship’

30 Nov 2020

Iran to give a ‘calculated’ response to nuclear scientist killing, says official

19 Nov 2020

UN atomic watchdog: Iran now operating Natanz centrifuges

29 Oct 2020

Satellite photos show construction at Iran nuclear site

28 Oct 2020

IAEA chief: Iran building underground centrifuge plant at nuclear facility

27 Sep 2020

PM Suga makes 1st Fukushima visit since taking office

27 Aug 2020

Drill held to prepare for nuclear disaster during pandemic

12 Aug 2020

UN disarmament chief calls for cutting nuke war risk

06 Aug 2020

Japan complicit in nuclear threat, ICAN chief says

07 Jul 2020

North Korea rejects talks ahead of US envoy's arrival in Seoul

06 Jul 2020

Israel says ‘not necessarily’ behind all Iran nuclear site incidents

05 Jul 2020

Khojir and Natanz explosions wreck Iran’s strategy of deception

04 Jul 2020

Yemen welcomes UN report on Iran’s nuclear commitment under 2015 deal

24 May 2020

North Korea’s Kim vows to further bolster nuclear war deterrence -KCNA

16 Feb 2020

Japan urges Iran to implement nuke deal commitments

08 Jan 2020

Iran ‘ready to come back to full compliance’ in nuclear deal – senior official

23 Dec 2019

Japan government proposes Fukushima water release to sea or air

19 Nov 2019

Rich in dramatic Catholic history, Nagasaki awaits the pope

12 Nov 2019

UN watchdog confirms Iran nuclear breach

12 Nov 2019

Evidence contradicts Iran’s ‘peaceful’ nuclear activity claim

10 Nov 2019

New mayor elected in Fukushima nuclear plant host town

10 Nov 2019

Iran able to enrich uranium up to 60%, says atomic energy agency spokesman

04 Nov 2019

Iran scales back nuclear pact compliance with new centrifuges move


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