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04 Aug 2020

Oil steady as virus fears counter positive factory data

01 Aug 2020

OPEC July oil output surges as Gulf voluntary cuts end

31 Jul 2020

Iraq increases oil exports, pumps above OPEC+ target

26 Jul 2020

INTERVIEW: A Sharjah oilman’s view on the energy world

22 Jul 2020

Oil prices double in three-month recovery from ‘Black Monday’

16 Jul 2020

Saudi Arabia oversees oil agreement on stage 2 of output cuts

15 Jul 2020

Don’t be spooked by scary oil stories

15 Jul 2020

OPEC sees oil demand soaring in 2021 but still below 2019

14 Jul 2020

OPEC+ close to deal on next phase of oil cuts

12 Jul 2020

Oil price trends suggest OPEC+ output cuts having desired effect

11 Jul 2020

IEA raises 2020 oil demand forecast but warns COVID-19 clouds outlook

09 Jul 2020

Oil price war headlines deflect from new peace

05 Jul 2020

Breaking through $40 oil

04 Jul 2020

Oil falls below $43 a barrel on coronavirus fears

30 Jun 2020

Oil prices slip as weak Japan data exposes market jitters over fragile demand

28 Jun 2020

Prices remain in narrow band

24 Jun 2020

Oil price rebounds as virus lockdowns are eased

23 Jun 2020

Oil markets starting to balance, but not out of the woods yet

21 Jun 2020

Fears of second pandemic wave move crude market

20 Jun 2020

Oil tops $42 as OPEC+ ‘laggards’ promise to step up compliance

19 Jun 2020

OPEC+ pushes for compliance, undecided on oil cut extension

17 Jun 2020

Saudi Arabia regains position as world’s top oil exporter

16 Jun 2020

Reasons behind last week’s decline in oil prices

10 Jun 2020

Between the lines at the OPEC+ ‘Zoom comms’

09 Jun 2020

Iraq confirms commitment to reduce production in OPEC + deal

08 Jun 2020

Saudi Arabia urges OPEC+ members to fulfil oil production cut commitments

07 Jun 2020

Oil coup for Saudi Arabia as output cuts are extended

06 Jun 2020

OPEC and its allies meet to discuss oil output cuts

06 Jun 2020

Crude prices surge as OPEC+ agrees to extend cuts

04 Jun 2020

How oil pulled back from coronavirus chaos

04 Jun 2020

Saudi Arabia, Russia reach oil output deal and urge others to keep promises

03 Jun 2020

Oil gains, with Brent above $40, as hopes rise for output cuts, recovery

03 Jun 2020

OPEC+ to consider market fundamentals, not prices

02 Jun 2020

Where to go in oil markets after May’s stunning price performance

02 Jun 2020

Oil surges on hopes of new deal on output cuts

28 May 2020

Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince and Putin agree to 'close coordination' on oil output

27 May 2020

Oil prices rise as faith in supply cuts grows

23 May 2020

Deputy oil minister named as Iran’s acting OPEC governor

22 May 2020

Kuwait, Saudi Arabia to suspend oil output from joint field in June

19 May 2020

Oil market outlook proves better than expected

16 May 2020

Iran’s OPEC governor dies from brain hemorrhage

16 May 2020

Oman considers cutting oil output in June by an extra 10,000-15,000 bpd

14 May 2020

Saudi Arabia, Russia committed to oil market stability

13 May 2020

Saudi Arabia leads by example in making voluntary output cuts

11 May 2020

Saudi Arabia to cut oil production by additional 1 million bpd

06 May 2020

‘Worst is over’ as oil stages a comeback

29 Apr 2020

Future on tap: Is it time for an OPEC of the gas market?

27 Apr 2020

Asia markets lifted by hopes worst of virus has passed, oil falls

22 Apr 2020

Storage space hunt steps up as glut grows

22 Apr 2020

Saudi Arabia monitoring oil markets closely, prepared for additional measures

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