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15 Jan 2022

No external interference in OPEC+ decision, Saudi energy minister says

30 Dec 2021

King Salman calls for continued commitment to the OPEC+ agreement

03 Dec 2021

Oil down $2 a barrel after OPEC+ sticks to planned output rise

02 Dec 2021

OPEC+ sees little impact from SPR on market

30 Nov 2021

Saudi energy minister says too early to tell Omicron’s impact on oil demand

12 Nov 2021

OPEC says high energy prices to dampen Q4 demand

08 Nov 2021

OPEC+ able to increase oil supply in case of market demand, UAE minister tells Asharq

07 Nov 2021

Saudi energy minister blames developed nations’ policies for current crisis

05 Nov 2021

Saudi energy minister blames developed nations' policies for current crisis

05 Nov 2021

OPEC+ agrees to stick to output level plan despite US pressure

04 Nov 2021

Why OPEC+ should stick to its strategy, despite COP26

16 Oct 2021

Brent tops $85 as Saudi oil minister vows to stick to output plan

15 Oct 2021

OPEC, OPEC+ market management needs to be copy, pasted by others: Saudi energy minister

05 Oct 2021

OPEC+ agrees to stick to existing oil output plan

30 Sep 2021

Global oil prices slip as US inventories rise: Market wrap

19 Sep 2021

OPEC to stick to oil production deal in October, Iraq oil minister says

02 Sep 2021

OPEC+ sticks with gradual oil output increase

30 Aug 2021

OPEC+ unlikely to be swayed from long-term strategy

14 Aug 2021

OPEC+ should not give in to request to increase supply immediately

04 Aug 2021

Saudi Aramco investors expect profit surge after strong first half

01 Aug 2021

Saudi Arabia’s economy likely to grow in 2021 and 2022, says report

24 Jul 2021

OPEC should leave oil market in hands of the Saudis – Mizuho

19 Jul 2021

OPEC+ Eid compromise: All’s well that ends well

18 Jul 2021

OPEC+ members agree to raise output by 400,000 barrels a day from August

18 Jul 2021

Talks on Sunday to end oil output stalemate

13 Jul 2021

OPEC+ impasse could last into next month, says JP Morgan analyst

13 Jul 2021

Saudi Arabia and Oman call for oil market solidarity

06 Jul 2021

OPEC+ leaves oil market wondering after postponing meeting indefinitely

05 Jul 2021

Extending OPEC+ deal beyond April is the basis of agreement: Saudi Energy Minister

04 Jul 2021

UAE proposes postponing decision to extend OPEC+ pact, WAM says

03 Jul 2021

OPEC+ talks on oil-supply increase stall

02 Jul 2021

Oil-producing countries postpone decision on output increase

01 Jul 2021

Crunch talks to set oil output for rest of year

24 Jun 2021

OPEC+ has a role in containing inflation, says Saudi oil minister

12 Jun 2021

Oil hits fresh multi-year highs on demand recovery

04 Jun 2021

Too soon to talk about the oil market overheating, says Saudi energy minister

02 Jun 2021

Oil adds to gains on OPEC+ supply discipline, demand prospects

01 Jun 2021

Brent hits $70 ahead of OPEC+ meet

03 May 2021

A critical week for the hydrocarbon sector

13 Apr 2021

Oil ‘supercycle’ not on the cards: Energy experts

06 Apr 2021

Tapering of cuts by OPEC+ seems to have judged market sentiment correctly

05 Apr 2021

Oil prices dip after OPEC+ agree to ease output cuts

02 Apr 2021

Saudi energy minister urges continued caution for OPEC+

02 Apr 2021

OPEC+ turns the oil taps back on — gradually

01 Apr 2021

Oil gains ahead of OPEC+ meeting on output policy

07 Mar 2021

The end of ‘Drill, baby drill?’ What analysts are saying about OPEC+ oil output extension

06 Mar 2021

The end of “Drill, baby drill?” What analysts are saying about OPEC+ oil output extension

05 Mar 2021

OPEC+ agrees to ‘keep its powder dry’

02 Mar 2021

Oil markets ahead of March OPEC+ meeting: Caution may be advisable

24 Feb 2021

Kingdom mourns long-serving oil minister Yamani


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