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23 Mar 2023

Israel-Palestine conflict: Palestinians could learn from Israelis’ powerful protests

27 Jan 2023

Anger soars in Beirut amid standoff over port blast probe

25 Nov 2022

One killed in Sudan anti-coup protests: medics

21 Nov 2022

Iranians in Japan protest against authorities in their home country

26 Sep 2022

Iran’s malign theocracy is unraveling before our eyes

26 Sep 2022

Iran summons UK and Norway ambassadors amid violent unrest

26 Sep 2022

Mahsa Amini’s death in Iranian police custody has lit a spark in a nation seething with anger and discontent

23 Sep 2022

Iranian actor Sam Asghari slams Tehran over crackdown on protests

10 Jul 2022

Japanese involved in politics react to the attack on the former prime minister

06 May 2022

Iranian regime under pressure to release teachers held after wage protests

11 Feb 2022

Protesters take to Sudan’s streets again, decrying coup and arrests

25 Dec 2021

Libyans protest against poll cancellation

24 Dec 2021

Sudanese women march to protest rapes blamed on security forces

21 Nov 2021

Sudanese call for anti-coup protests as death toll rises to 40

04 Oct 2021

Tunisians take to the streets to back president’s anti-corruption drive

02 Oct 2021

Lebanese political class trying to postpone elections: Expert

30 Sep 2021

Families of Beirut blast victims protest against suspension of probe

25 Aug 2021

Anti-Paralympic protesters demonstrate against the games in Tokyo

31 Jul 2021

HRW slams Iranian crackdown on Khuzestan protests

17 Jul 2021

Dozens injured in Lebanon as protests turn violent amid rising tensions

07 Jul 2021

Palestinian journalists strike in protest against violent police action

29 Jun 2021

Protesters’ coalition defeats parties in power in Engineers’ Syndicate elections

26 Jun 2021

Palestinian protesters demand Abbas resignation after activist’s death

22 Jun 2021

Protests spark after Lebanon bids to curb fuel smuggling

31 May 2021

Turkish protesters ‘face growing threat of police violence’

24 May 2021

Israel’s Gaza campaign energizes global Palestinian diaspora

10 May 2021

Opposition to the Olympics growing in Japan

02 May 2021

Japanese workers march to call for better working conditions

02 May 2021

Turkey ban on protest filming unlawful and dangerous, lawyers warn

25 Apr 2021

Tokyo protests against proposed immigration bill intensify

05 Apr 2021

Protests growing against new law centralizing citizens’ personal data

02 Apr 2021

Protesters ask Japanese government to stop ODA program in Myanmar

28 Mar 2021

Global condemnation follows bloodiest day since Myanmar coup

26 Mar 2021

Iran’s online anti-government protests gain momentum

19 Mar 2021

Lebanese protesters should beware any changes to their message

16 Mar 2021

Jordan uses tear gas to clamp down on anti-lockdown protesters

14 Mar 2021

Panic on the streets as Lebanese pound hits new low

09 Mar 2021

With Internet shutdown, Iran seeks to limit protest outcry

05 Mar 2021

Lebanon's roads blocked with burning tires over economic, political crisis

26 Feb 2021

Lebanon’s top Christian cleric calls for international conference

21 Feb 2021

Japan strongly condemns Myanmar security apparatus

18 Feb 2021

Protestors demand Tokyo court to release a fugitive of 46 years

04 Feb 2021

Turkey rejects criticism of its handling of student protest

01 Feb 2021

Over 1,000 gather in Tokyo to protest Myanmar military coup

28 Jan 2021

Violent lockdown protests wound dozens in northern Lebanon

10 Dec 2020

Thousands of Lebanese workers to strike over latest govt. spending cuts

09 Dec 2020

Six protesters killed amid unrest in Iraq’s Kurdistan region

22 Nov 2020

In Lebanon, army courts target anti-government protesters

07 Nov 2020

Protester killed in southern Iraq as tensions flare again

02 Nov 2020

Arrests during protest of medical union


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