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10 Apr 2024

53m people benefited from Saudi Ramadan programs

10 Apr 2024

Symphony of color as pilgrims mark Eid in Makkah

08 Apr 2024

Arab restaurant feeds Tokyo Muslims Iftar meals

05 Apr 2024

How the war in Gaza deprived Palestinians of beloved Ramadan rituals and traditions

04 Apr 2024

UAE-based company brightens global Ramadan celebrations with crescent decorations

03 Apr 2024

Tokyo Governor hosts Iftar for Islamic Ambassadors

01 Apr 2024

Japanese Prime Minister hosts Iftar for Arab Ambassadors

01 Apr 2024

Tokyo Muslims served daily Iftar in Otsuka Masjid

31 Mar 2024

Muslim women living in Japan reflect on their Ramadan experiences

28 Mar 2024

Saudi Arabia’s KSrelief donates tonnes of dates and food aid to families in need

27 Mar 2024

Kamikawa says Japan not intentionally linking Ramadan with terrorist attacks

25 Mar 2024

Muslims gather for Iftar at Tokyo Grand Mosque

21 Mar 2024

Ramadan iftars embracing Japanese flair around the Arab world

20 Mar 2024

Japan embassy hosts Saudi alumni for iftar

18 Mar 2024

Japan's Foreign Ministry warns of Ramadan terrorism and danger on Fridays

15 Mar 2024

Saudi Arabia’s KSrelief continues Ramadan food aid deliveries

14 Mar 2024

Exploring the rich history of Islam in Japan

13 Mar 2024

Kobe Mosque welcomes Ramadan: Embracing diversity in the month of reflection

12 Mar 2024

Saudi Arabia distributes dates in 93 countries

11 Mar 2024

Israel-Hamas war rages in besieged Gaza as Ramadan begins

11 Mar 2024

Saudi Arabia, Muslim world gear up as Ramadan begins

11 Mar 2024

Palestinians prepare for Ramadan in the shadow of Gaza war

11 Mar 2024

Ramadan — a global commitment to spirituality, community

11 Mar 2024

Sudan’s RSF paramilitaries welcome UN call for cessation of hostilities in Ramadan

11 Mar 2024

Ramadan to begin on Tuesday in Japan

10 Mar 2024

KSrelief food aid projects continue in Yemen, Lebanon and Sudan ahead of Ramadan

10 Mar 2024

On eve of Ramadan, Jerusalem’s Old City offers little festivity as Gaza war rages

10 Mar 2024

Jeddah’s date markets buzzing as Ramadan nears

09 Mar 2024

Saudi Supreme Court calls on Muslims to look out for Ramadan crescent

09 Mar 2024

‘It hurts’: Gaza war robs Muslim world of Ramadan joy

08 Mar 2024

UN chief urges Sudan’s warring parties to halt hostilities during Muslim holy month of Ramadan


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