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02 May 2022

Japan FM wishes Muslims around the globe happy, peaceful Eid al-Fitr

01 May 2022

Eid Al-Fitr to begin on Monday: Saudi Supreme Court

30 Apr 2022

In Gaza, families enjoy iftar on the beach with cool breeze and fantastic view

30 Apr 2022

Why many non-Muslims in Saudi Arabia chose to fast this Ramadan

30 Apr 2022

Several injured in Al-Aqsa clashes on last Friday of Ramadan

30 Apr 2022

King Salman arrives in Makkah to see out Ramadan in the holy city

29 Apr 2022

Jordanians enjoy Ramadan as normalcy returns after COVID-19

28 Apr 2022

Saudi Arabia continues to distribute Ramadan aid

27 Apr 2022

Robots help Makkah Grand Mosque’s round-the-clock cleanup

26 Apr 2022

Trade picks up in Hebron during Ramadan until tensions resume

24 Apr 2022

Tokyo’s Otsuka Masjid helps people in need this Ramadan

24 Apr 2022

Umrah package prices soar, tour operators double rates amid Ramadan rush

22 Apr 2022

Makkah Grand Mosque free of disease outbreaks during Ramadan: Saudi health update

21 Apr 2022

Robatayaki restaurant ROKA Riyadh welcomes guests with Ramadan menu

21 Apr 2022

Japanese ambassador and wife host Ramadan iftar

17 Apr 2022

Ramadan inspires athletes to head to gym and stay fit

13 Apr 2022

Kobe Mosque is a site to be celebrated this Ramadan

12 Apr 2022

Syria’s Ramadan drummers defiant as tradition wanes

10 Apr 2022

Muslims, Christians serve iftar to Bethlehem’s poor

09 Apr 2022

Hard-hit Gaza eateries pray for ‘holy month of mercy’

09 Apr 2022

Al-Aqsa worshippers enjoy peaceful Friday prayer amid Tel Aviv attack tensions

08 Apr 2022

Palestinians mark timeless traditional Ramadan rituals

07 Apr 2022

Israel’s failure to pursue peace may provoke more violence

07 Apr 2022

Demand for tasty, tangy pickles increases during Ramadan in Palestine

07 Apr 2022

Muslims join Ramadan prayers in Tokyo Mosque

04 Apr 2022

Saudi Arabia starts distributing Ramadan aid worldwide

04 Apr 2022

Palestinians reminisce about Ramadan before the Nakba

03 Apr 2022

Dinner tables turn green and white in Palestine on the first day of Ramadan

02 Apr 2022

Ramadan kicks off in much of Middle East amid soaring prices

02 Apr 2022

Amid tough Ramadan conditions, Lebanese will pray in mosques by candlelight

02 Apr 2022

Saudis gear up to celebrate first Ramadan free of COVID-19 restrictions

02 Apr 2022

Japanese ambassador shares joy of the holy month, wishes everyone a 'Ramadan Kareem'

01 Apr 2022

As pandemic fears subside, Ramadan signifies a joyous return to normality in Saudi Arabia

01 Apr 2022

Respite for Gazans as religious tourism resumes in Gaza

14 May 2021

Holy city of Jerusalem marks sad end to Ramadan

03 May 2021

Arab Parliament denounces Houthis’ banning of Tarawih prayers in areas under their control

02 May 2021

As they observe Ramadan, Gazans hope COVID-19 measures will end soon

26 Apr 2021

Explained: How to visit Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah this Ramadan

24 Apr 2021

King Abdullah II declares Jordan’s ‘strong’ as defendants in ‘sedition’ case released

22 Apr 2021

In Gaza, Christians share in the spirit of Ramadan

18 Apr 2021

Gaza man winning hearts by donating traditional food to the poor

17 Apr 2021

Muslims mark 1st Ramadan Friday prayers in Jerusalem

16 Apr 2021

Ramadan lanterns trade in Gaza: Source of strength for family of five

16 Apr 2021

Yemen facing ‘worst humanitarian crisis in 100 years’ as Ramadan appeal launched

15 Apr 2021

WHO worried COVID-19 rates could spike during Ramadan

14 Apr 2021

LEGO’s heart-warming Ramadan greeting goes wrong as toymaker mistakes holy month for Eid

14 Apr 2021

Worshippers flock to Grand Mosque in Makkah as dawn breaks on Ramadan

13 Apr 2021

Ramadan breeds dread in crisis-hit Iraq

13 Apr 2021

Saudi families welcome Ramadan amid mood of cautious optimism

13 Apr 2021

Ramadan 2021 will start on Tuesday: Saudi Arabia


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