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09 May 2024

Syrian refugees benefit from KSrelief’s volunteer program

31 Oct 2023

How refugees and IDPs in the Middle East could benefit from early breast cancer diagnosis and treatment

20 Oct 2023

Jordan PM, KSrelief chief discuss aid for refugees

05 Oct 2023

‘Lebanon is not for sale’: Minister calls for hard-line approach to Syrian refugees

23 Sep 2023

Lebanon rescues Syrians in sinking migrant boat

31 Jul 2023

At least 5 dead and 7 wounded in clashes inside crowded Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon

11 Jul 2023

A Libyan court jails 38 human traffickers over the deaths of 11 Europe-bound migrants at sea

21 Jun 2023

Voluntary refugees from nuclear disaster seek compensation

09 Jun 2023

Japan's revised immigration law fuels fear of deportations

08 Jun 2023

Japan, UNRWA celebrate 15 years in Gaza

07 Apr 2023

UN, Arab development fund agreement to assist refugees, displaced people in MENA region

24 Mar 2023

Japan makes handbook on refugee status criteria

14 Mar 2023

Japan contributes ¥147m in support of WFP’s food assistance to Syrian refugees in Jordan

26 Feb 2023

Refugee-adverse Japan welcomes Ukrainians after Russia war

12 Jan 2023

Renewal of cross-border aid mechanism promises little relief for war-displaced Syrians

20 Dec 2022

Global cooperation, shared responsibilities key to tackling global refugee, migrant crisis: Egypt

15 Dec 2022

In Jordan, refugees scan irises to collect aid. But is it ethical?

21 Oct 2022

UN ‘urgently’ needs $13 million for Palestinian refugees in Lebanon

22 Sep 2022

100,000 Syrian refugees in Turkey plan to form caravan and cross border into Greece

06 Sep 2022

Hate crimes against Syrian refugees in Turkey on rise: Experts

07 Jul 2022

Lebanon plans to send refugees back to Syria within months

13 Jun 2022

Japan philanthropic group begins fund raising for Ukrainians

11 Jun 2022

Jordan lets humanitarian aid enter Syrian refugee camp

23 Apr 2022

Turkey’s refugee record: From warm welcome to grave concern

21 Apr 2022

US Ambassador to Japan meets Ukrainian evacuees in Tokyo

07 Apr 2022

Japan aiming to establish quasi-refugee system

30 Mar 2022

Empathy, not indignation, in Arabs’ reactions to Ukraine

30 Mar 2022

Japan could accept fleeing Ukrainians without passport

07 Mar 2022

Kishida slams Russian attack on nuclear facility in Ukraine

07 Mar 2022

UN: Ukraine exodus ‘is fastest growing refugee crisis in Europe since World War’

02 Mar 2022

Japan to accept Ukrainian refugees fleeing Russian invasion

25 Feb 2022

Suffering in Syria is at its highest level since crisis began: UN

14 Dec 2021

Syrian refugees stranded in Gaza ‘prison’ for a decade

21 Sep 2021

Syrian migrants allowed in by Merkel vote to choose her successor

18 Sep 2021

Turkey’s open door for refugees appears to be closing

11 Sep 2021

10 Afghan evacuees may head for Japan

05 Sep 2021

Fewer than 1,400 evacuees from Afghanistan still at Qatar base, US general says

10 Aug 2021

Italy approves 1,000 refugees from Lebanon over two years

19 Jun 2021

Saudi Arabia distributes food baskets, provides medical services to refugees

15 Jun 2021

Hundreds of migrants feared dead in shipwreck off Yemen

27 Mar 2021

Four Syrian refugees die of cold in Lebanon mountains

12 Mar 2021

Japan extends assistance to landmine clearance activities in Southern Lebanon

03 Feb 2021

Syria flooding destroys schools, refugee camps

29 Jan 2021

UN says US aid for Palestinian refugees will not cover the shortfall

25 Jan 2021

Will Turkey’s refugees be vaccinated against the coronavirus?

02 Jan 2021

Can 2021 bring ‘vaccine of hope’ for refugees?

27 Dec 2020

Syrian refugee camp in Lebanon set ablaze after row

25 Dec 2020

Most Turks want Syrian refugees to go home

30 Nov 2020

Jordanian embassy in Japan screens film about refugees in Tokyo

21 Nov 2020

A photo exhibition in Tokyo features refugees in Jordanian camps

07 Oct 2020

Cairo committed to protecting asylum seekers, refugees: Ministry

07 Jun 2020

The Sabra and Shatila massacre

11 May 2020

The Government of Japan provides $2.2m in support of UNICEF Jordan’s health, sanitation services

16 Apr 2020

World has moral duty to help refugees during virus crisis

05 Apr 2020

Palestinian, Syrian refugees in Lebanon camps brace for virus

21 Mar 2020

Refugees must not become the forgotten victims of corona crisis

18 Mar 2020

Syrian refugees in Turkey face virus threat

18 Jan 2020

The power of Syrian voices in the age of refugees

23 Dec 2019

80,000 flee new Assad onslaught in Idlib

22 Dec 2019

At least 25,000 people fled Syria’s Idlib to Turkey over two days

22 Dec 2019

Migrants will always be with us — and so they should


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