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26 Nov 2022

Saudi rapper creates hip hop podcast in Arabic

26 Nov 2022

Saudi icon Mohammed Abdu — ‘The Artist of the Arabs’

25 Nov 2022

Saudi Crown Prince allocates $703m for the development of Tarout Island

20 Nov 2022

Saudi Arabia and Thailand sign landmark agreements on energy

19 Nov 2022

Saudi Arabia and Thailand: Burgeoning ties bind two friendly kingdoms

18 Nov 2022

Ukraine committed to global grain supply initiative, ambassador to Saudi Arabia says

18 Nov 2022

Saudi crown prince arrives in Thailand on official visit

18 Nov 2022

South Korea, Saudi to boost ties on energy, defense; $30bn in deals signed

18 Nov 2022

Saudi Arabia and South Korea: A fruitful and enduring partnership

11 Nov 2022

Saudi Arabia targets carbon capture of 44m tons by 2035: Energy Minister

11 Nov 2022

Saudi Arabia condemns Houthis for targeting civilian and vital facilities in Yemen

11 Nov 2022

Argentina FM Santiago Cafiero sees energy transition, civil nuclear technology as key to joint Saudi-Argentine fight against climate change

10 Nov 2022

Saudi Arabia bolsters its green initiatives amid climate change concerns

06 Nov 2022

Refugees in Jordan receive winter clothing vouchers from Saudi Arabia’s KSRelief

04 Nov 2022

Crown prince launches first Saudi electric vehicle brand

31 Oct 2022

Saudi, UAE donations ‘continue to save people from hunger’ says World Food Programme GCC representative

28 Oct 2022

Putin: Saudi crown prince supports balancing oil markets

20 Oct 2022

OneRepublic to perform in Saudi Arabia for the first time

20 Oct 2022

Saudi ambassador to US reiterates Kingdom’s position on Russia-Ukraine war

17 Oct 2022

Saudi Arabia astonished by accusations it is siding with Russia in Ukraine: Defense minister

09 Oct 2022

Kingdom’s US critics must have missed Zelensky’s thanks to Riyadh

09 Oct 2022

Al-Jubeir: Saudi Arabia does not politicize oil or oil decisions

08 Oct 2022

Saudi coffee, chocolate festival offers tasty mix of attractions

03 Oct 2022

Saudi real GDP expected to rise by nearly 8 percent, say analysts

01 Oct 2022

Japan's crude oil imports from Saudi Arabia increased in August

28 Sep 2022

King Salman appoints Crown Prince as Prime Minister of Saudi Arabia

26 Sep 2022

International Astronautical Federation elects first Saudi woman as vice president

25 Sep 2022

Saudi Arabia signs $10 million Financial Memorandum to solve Safer oil tanker crisis

23 Sep 2022

Saudi Arabia to send first Saudi woman to space in 2023

22 Sep 2022

Saudi crown prince mediates in Russia-Ukraine prisoner release

18 Sep 2022

Saudi Arabia donates $1M to UNAOC to support activities, programs

18 Sep 2022

Sky’s the limit as private pilot courses take off in Saudi Arabia

17 Sep 2022

KSRelief ramps up assistance in Jordan, Yemen and Tajikistan

17 Sep 2022

Saudi Arabia wants green hydrogen commitment from EU, says European Council President

17 Sep 2022

Saudi Arabia reports 98 new COVID-19 cases, 3 deaths

25 Aug 2022

Saudi video game creators showcase Arab mythical character Bahamut

22 Aug 2022

Theater Commission encourages comedy in Saudi Arabia with $25,000 competition

10 Aug 2022

National Cybersecurity Authority launches CyberIC to develop sector in Saudi Arabia

10 Aug 2022

Saudi cabinet urges international community to halt Israeli attacks on Palestinians

09 Aug 2022

Joshua Vs Usyk rematch in Jeddah can inspire future Saudi generations: Rights holder

07 Aug 2022

Saudi teenage singer sings about inner conflicts, traumas

07 Aug 2022

Saudi Arabia leads condemnations of Israel’s storming of Al-Aqsa Mosque

07 Aug 2022

Saudi Arabia ‘condemns, denounces’ Israeli attacks in Gaza

07 Aug 2022

Kingdom’s Mideast alliances hold the key to security

07 Aug 2022

Saudi Arabia posts $20.8bn budget surplus in Q2, the highest at least since 2019

04 Aug 2022

Saudi Arabia submits official bid to host 2029 Asian Winter Games in NEOM’s Trojena

03 Aug 2022

Japan welcomes the extension of Yemen truce, hails Saudi role

03 Aug 2022

US approves potential sale of Patriot missiles to Saudi Arabia: Pentagon

03 Aug 2022

Saudi Arabia launches new investment marketing authority to support $3.2tr plan

02 Aug 2022

US to extend visa validity for Saudis to 10 years starting Aug. 1


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