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07 Aug 2020

First COVID-19 cases reported in Al-Hol camp

04 Aug 2020

Netanyahu warns foes after Israeli retaliatory strikes in Syria

03 Aug 2020

Israeli military strike likely kills 4 militants from Syria

03 Aug 2020

Haftar warns Erdogan: Stay out of Libya or you face our bullets

31 Jul 2020

Yazidi children freed from Daesh haunted by health crisis

30 Jul 2020

US sanctions target Syrian president’s son, Syrian army unit

27 Jul 2020

Syrian tycoon says front companies used to dodge sanctions as rift with Assad widens

26 Jul 2020

Bomb kills eight in Turkish-held Syria town

25 Jul 2020

Israel strikes Syrian army positions in retaliatory attack

21 Jul 2020

Did UN chief’s global ceasefire call boost the coronavirus fight?

20 Jul 2020

Opposition chiefs blast ‘charade’ of Syrian vote

19 Jul 2020

Syrians vote for new parliament amid war, economic turmoil

18 Jul 2020

Leaving British Daesh members in Syrian camps could create ‘Daesh 2.0’

14 Jul 2020

Several injured as Russo-Turkish patrol in Syria hits IED

13 Jul 2020

UN approves aid to Syria’s rebel area through 1 crossing

06 Jul 2020

Jets hit Libya’s Al-Watiya Air Base where Turkey may build base

05 Jul 2020

Lebanese border town sounds alarm over Syrian ‘takeover’

04 Jul 2020

Dozens killed in Daesh, regime clashes in Syria

03 Jul 2020

After ‘reconciliation’: Syria regime’s silent crackdown

30 Jun 2020

Idlib turns into ‘ticking bomb’ amid Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham domination

28 Jun 2020

Nine Iran-backed fighters killed in 2nd Syria raid in 24 hours: monitor

24 Jun 2020

Syrian regime refuses to ‘bow’ to US sanctions

24 Jun 2020

Syrians dread impact of Caesar Act sanctions aimed at Assad

19 Jun 2020

Iran and Russia cannot afford to lose Syria’s Bashar Assad as an ally

17 Jun 2020

US hits Syria with toughest sanctions yet to push Assad to end war

17 Jun 2020

New US sanctions aim to ‘starve’ Syria, Lebanon: Hezbollah

16 Jun 2020

Experts see rupture in Russia’s ties with Turkey after cancellation of talks

12 Jun 2020

Assad removes prime minister as economic hardship grows

07 Jun 2020

Netanyahu calls for Iran sanctions over nuclear ‘violations’

05 Jun 2020

Syria says Israeli jets flying over Lebanon raid military base in Hama province

27 May 2020

Iraq’s counter-terrorism forces kill senior Daesh member

21 May 2020

International organizations hail KSRelief humanitarian efforts

20 May 2020

Syrian government orders seizure of assets of Assad’s cousin Makhlouf

12 May 2020

Syrian conflict has defined the region and beyond

11 May 2020

World has chance to put peace on the region’s agenda

11 May 2020

The Government of Japan provides $2.2m in support of UNICEF Jordan’s health, sanitation services

09 May 2020

Turkey, Greece and France jockey for position in post-war Syria

08 May 2020

For 2nd time, Syrian elections delayed over coronavirus

08 May 2020

The drowning of Aylan Kurdi

06 May 2020

Syria strikes kill 14 Iranian, allied fighters

05 May 2020

Nine policemen abducted and killed in south Syria: monitor

03 May 2020

The strike on Iran’s Soleimani

03 May 2020

Daesh extremists step up as Iraq, Syria, grapple with virus

02 May 2020

Explosions hit Hezbollah weapons warehouse in Syria, 10 civilians hurt

29 Apr 2020

Fuel truck bomb kills more than 20 in northern Syria: monitor

27 Apr 2020

Syria: Israeli warplanes attack area near Damascus

27 Apr 2020

Syrian government ends school early for over 4 million students

26 Apr 2020

Syrian dancer takes a spookily empty Paris as her canvas

22 Apr 2020

Gunman shoots nine people dead in Lebanese village of Baakline

19 Apr 2020

Iran foreign minister to meet Assad in Syria on Monday

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