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22 Sep 2023

Syrians feel growing pressure from Turkiye’s anti-migrant political wave

22 Sep 2023

Syria’s Assad steps out of diplomatic freeze with high-level China trip

21 Sep 2023

Syrian refugee crisis ‘threatening Lebanon’s very existence,’ Mikati tells UN

18 Sep 2023

14 fighters dead in north Syria attack by Kurdish group

17 Sep 2023

Why Syrians in the southern city of Suweida are risking everything to protest

16 Sep 2023

Libya investigates collapse of two dams after devastating flood killed over 11,000

16 Sep 2023

Two women fighters killed in Turkish drone strike: Syria Kurds

15 Sep 2023

Iraq steps up repatriations from Daesh camp in Syria, hoping to reduce militant threats

13 Sep 2023

Three dead after land mines explode along Lebanon-Syria border

11 Sep 2023

UN envoy urges donor support for Syria

09 Sep 2023

US-backed Kurdish fighters say battles with tribesmen in eastern Syria that killed dozens have ended

08 Sep 2023

Syrians tear down poster of Assad in Sweida as protests swell

08 Sep 2023

New fighting in eastern Syria ‘risks re-emergence of Daesh’

08 Sep 2023

Lebanon PM warns Syrian refugees pose ‘danger to the nation’

07 Sep 2023

Lebanon army says blocked entry of 1,200 Syrian migrants

06 Sep 2023

Fighting between rival US-backed groups in Syria could undermine war against Daesh

04 Sep 2023

Syrian children return to school amid deep economic crisis

02 Sep 2023

Hundreds rally in south Syria’s biggest protest in weeks

02 Sep 2023

Kurdish-led authorities announce curfew in restive east Syria

30 Aug 2023

Clashes in Kurdish-held east Syria kill 22: monitor

29 Aug 2023

New appeal over fate of Lebanese missing in Syrian prisons

28 Aug 2023

Reported Israeli strike damages Aleppo airport and puts it out of service

28 Aug 2023

US Congress members visit rebel area in northern Syria

27 Aug 2023

Militants kill 11 Syria soldiers in tunnel attack: Monitor

27 Aug 2023

An attack by Al-Qaeda-allied group in northwest Syria kills, wounds dozens of troops, activists say

24 Aug 2023

700 Syrians caught trying to enter Lebanon in a week: army

23 Aug 2023

Residents in southern Syria raid ruling party offices, block road as protests over economy intensify

22 Aug 2023

Protests rock government-held areas in southern Syria as economy crumbles

22 Aug 2023

Russian strikes kill 13 fighters in Syria rebel area: monitor

22 Aug 2023

‘Apocalypse’: 10 years on, Syrians recall chemical attack

21 Aug 2023

8 fighters killed in Russian strikes on rebel-held northwest Syria

21 Aug 2023

Emirates Red Crescent completes housing project in Syria

19 Aug 2023

Suspect in bloody attack in Syria dies in Beirut – Lebanese media

19 Aug 2023

Syrian Embassy in Tokyo screens 'The Blood of Palm Trees' about the reconstruction of Palmyra

18 Aug 2023

How conflict, devastating earthquakes created a maternal health crisis in northwest Syria

17 Aug 2023

Protests erupt in Syria’s Druze city over fuel hikes

17 Aug 2023

Syrian president’s comments reignite debate over Turkiye, Syria rapprochement process

16 Aug 2023

Arab ministers: ‘Political solution is the only formula to resolve the Syrian crisis’

14 Aug 2023

Crystal meth-laden drone from Syria shot down by Jordanian forces

13 Aug 2023

Syrian capital rocked by explosions but no immediate word on source or target of attacks

12 Aug 2023

Death toll in Daesh attack on Syria army bus rises to 33: Monitor

11 Aug 2023

Daesh attack on Syria army bus kills 26 soldiers

09 Aug 2023

Syria’s pharmacies syndicate says drug prices to increase 50 percent

08 Aug 2023

Russia says coalition drones flew dangerously close to Russian warplanes over Syria

06 Aug 2023

How Feb. 6 earthquake compounded the misery of northwest Syria’s children

06 Aug 2023

Three civilians killed in Russian strikes on Syria: monitor

05 Aug 2023

Syria’s main Al-Qaeda-linked group denies it was behind the killing of a Daesh leader

02 Aug 2023

Former hostage believes no ransom was paid for his release in Syria

30 Jul 2023

US calls on Russia to cease ‘irresponsible behavior’ in Syria after drone hit with flare

28 Jul 2023

Aid group official warns that impasse at the UN on border crossing puts 4.1 million Syrians at risk


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