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21 May 2024

Syrian first lady Asma Assad has leukemia, presidency says

20 May 2024

10 years on, thousands forgotten in Syria desert camp

09 May 2024

Syrian refugees benefit from KSrelief’s volunteer program

04 May 2024

€1bn EU ‘bribe’ over Syrian refugees stirs anger in Lebanon

04 May 2024

15 pro-government Syrian fighters killed in Daesh attacks: monitor

30 Apr 2024

Why Syria’s wars fell off the radar despite continued crisis and suffering

18 Apr 2024

Why displaced Syrians in Lebanon face an agonizing dilemma amid mounting hostility

17 Apr 2024

Crimes by Syrians in Lebanon prompts debate over repatriations

14 Apr 2024

Iran says Israel ‘in complete panic’ over Syria attack response

10 Apr 2024

How Iran might retaliate for suspected Israeli strike on its Damascus embassy building

08 Apr 2024

Iran’s foreign minister continues regional tour with Syria

04 Apr 2024

UN Security Council fails to condemn strike on Iran in Syria

02 Apr 2024

Saudi Arabia condemns targeting of Iranian consulate in Syria

02 Apr 2024

Military building next to Iran’s embassy in Syria hit in suspected Israel attack: Al Arabiya

29 Mar 2024

Israeli strikes kill 42 in Syria’s Aleppo province

24 Mar 2024

US-backed Syrian force that defeated Daesh 5 years ago warns group still poses international threat

20 Mar 2024

UN nuclear watchdog chief visits Syria to restart talks

16 Mar 2024

Syria land mine blast kills 16 truffle hunters: monitor

15 Mar 2024

Syria war death toll over 507,000, 13 years on

01 Mar 2024

Japan welcomes report on use of chemical weapons in Syria

29 Feb 2024

Israel strikes near Damascus, Syria-Lebanon border: monitor

25 Feb 2024

Five killed in Syria’s Homs after being targeted by ‘terrorist group’ - state media

16 Feb 2024

Agreement signed to provide $5 million aid to Syria’s displaced persons

16 Feb 2024

What the intensifying US-Iran proxy war means for crisis-wracked Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen

10 Feb 2024

Syrian air defenses respond to ‘hostile targets’ in vicinity of Damascus- state media

07 Feb 2024

Five dead including civilians in Israeli strikes on Syria: monitor

06 Feb 2024

Japanese students working to help Syrian people hit by 2023 quake

05 Feb 2024

A year after Syria’s deadly earthquake, orphaned children adjust to the loss bit by bit

02 Feb 2024

Nearly 60,000 killed in 2023 Turkiye, Syria quake: new toll

02 Feb 2024

Syrian military says Israel targeted south Damascus

02 Feb 2024

Iran pulls top Guard officers out of Syria over deadly Israeli strikes

30 Jan 2024

Saudi Arabia condemns terrorist attack targeting base on Jordan-Syria border

29 Jan 2024

Iran denies links to Jordan drone strike that killed 3 US troops

21 Jan 2024

Heavy flooding in Syria damages tents sheltering Idlib earthquake survivors

18 Jan 2024

Turkiye may conduct new operations in Iraq, Syria if needed, official says

18 Jan 2024

Suspected Jordan strikes on southern Syria kill 10 — monitors, local media

16 Jan 2024

Turkish strikes deprive hundreds of Syria villages of power

15 Jan 2024

Turkiye warns it will target any ‘terrorland’ on its southern borders

14 Jan 2024

Syrian farmers abandon the land for steadier jobs

13 Jan 2024

Turkiye bombs ‘terrorist targets’ in Iraq and Syria

12 Jan 2024

Turkiye seeks extension of cross-border aid deliveries to northwest Syria

05 Jan 2024

Change in Syria could be region’s black swan event of 2024

05 Jan 2024

Jordan strikes Iran-linked drug dealers in Syria

02 Jan 2024

Syrian military says Israeli attack on Damascus outskirts caused material damage

01 Jan 2024

More than 4,360 dead in Syria war in 2023: monitor

31 Dec 2023

23 pro-Iran fighters killed in east Syria strikes: monitor

29 Dec 2023

Israel strikes near Syria's capital: state media

27 Dec 2023

Iran threatens Israel over alleged Mousavi killing in Syria

27 Dec 2023

Syrian army downs drones aimed at towns, military posts

26 Dec 2023

Israeli air strike in Syria kills senior Iranian Revolutionary Guards member

26 Dec 2023

Eight civilians killed in Turkish strikes on Syria: monitor, media

24 Dec 2023

Syrians cancel Christmas festivities in solidarity with Gaza

18 Dec 2023

Jordanian army says guards injured in clashes along Syrian border

12 Dec 2023

Anti-Daesh coalition forces targeted in Iraq and Syria: US official

10 Dec 2023

Syria strikes kill 6 civilians in rebel bastion: monitor

07 Dec 2023

‘There is a grey zone between conflict zones and natural disasters,’ says ICRC energy & water hub chief

05 Dec 2023

Jordan army say three killed in drug bust at Syria border

02 Dec 2023

Israeli air strikes hit near Damascus: Syrian defense ministry

01 Dec 2023

Watchdog votes to curb chemical exports to Syria

24 Nov 2023

US forces attacked 4 times in Iraq, Syria within hours

16 Nov 2023

Top UN court to rule on Syria torture

15 Nov 2023

US troops in Iraq, Syria attacked 55 times in past month

09 Nov 2023

US strikes Iran-linked site in Syria: Pentagon chief

08 Nov 2023

Nasty drought in Syria, Iraq and Iran wouldn’t have happened without climate change, study finds

08 Nov 2023

Daesh attacks kill 30 pro-government forces in Syria: monitor

30 Oct 2023

Israel says hit military infrastructure in Syria

27 Oct 2023

Drones strike Syria’s Hama after deadly attacks on Idlib — army and rescuers

27 Oct 2023

US strikes two sites used by Iranian forces in Syria: Pentagon

25 Oct 2023

Israeli attack kills eight soldiers in Syria

24 Oct 2023

Japan 'not in position' to condemn Israel’s ‘bombing’ of Damascus and Aleppo airports

23 Oct 2023

Saudi Foreign Minister discusses Gaza crisis with Syrian counterpart

22 Oct 2023

Israeli strikes knock out Damascus, Aleppo airports: Syria state media

20 Oct 2023

Iran-backed groups blow up gas pipeline in Syria: monitor

15 Oct 2023

Israeli attack puts Syrian Aleppo airport out of service; five people injured

12 Oct 2023

Syria state TV says Israeli attack targets Aleppo, Damascus airports

10 Oct 2023

Syria in World Court dock over ‘abhorrent’, ‘widespread’ torture

10 Oct 2023

Israel says no aerial infiltration from Syria or Lebanon after alert

09 Oct 2023

At least 11 killed in Turkish strike on northeast Syria: Monitor

08 Oct 2023

Syrian cultural festival in Tokyo promotes peace through culture and art

08 Oct 2023

Regime shelling kills seven civilians in Syria: monitor

06 Oct 2023

Japan condemns deadly drone attack on Syria

05 Oct 2023

Eight killed in Turkish air strikes on Kurdish-held zone in Syria

04 Oct 2023

Jordan studies its options as Assad fails to stop drug smuggling

04 Oct 2023

Torture scandal at Syrian military hospital

04 Oct 2023

Rising poverty forces Syrian parents to choose between children’s schooling and survival

03 Oct 2023

Syria says Israeli airstrikes in an eastern province wounded 2 soldiers

30 Sep 2023

Women play ‘prominent’ role as hundreds protest in Syria

30 Sep 2023

Syrians in Lebanon ‘economically displaced,’ not ‘refugees’: Justice minister

28 Sep 2023

Syrian beekeepers battle both war and climate change

27 Sep 2023

25 dead in fierce new fighting in Deir Ezzor

27 Sep 2023

Syria slams US ‘terrorist war’ in UN address

25 Sep 2023

Iraq says foreign policy objective is to bolster humanitarian response rates in Syria, Yemen

22 Sep 2023

China’s Xi meets Syria’s Assad, declares new ‘strategic partnership’

22 Sep 2023

Syrians feel growing pressure from Turkiye’s anti-migrant political wave

22 Sep 2023

Syria’s Assad steps out of diplomatic freeze with high-level China trip

21 Sep 2023

Syrian refugee crisis ‘threatening Lebanon’s very existence,’ Mikati tells UN

18 Sep 2023

14 fighters dead in north Syria attack by Kurdish group

17 Sep 2023

Why Syrians in the southern city of Suweida are risking everything to protest

16 Sep 2023

Libya investigates collapse of two dams after devastating flood killed over 11,000

16 Sep 2023

Two women fighters killed in Turkish drone strike: Syria Kurds


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