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24 Feb 2021

Syria’s rebel-held area to get jabs by March end

23 Feb 2021

Syria approves Russia’s Sputnik Covid vaccine

22 Feb 2021

Israel buys vaccines for Syria in prisoner deal, says report

22 Feb 2021

Putin considers slamming the door on Iran and opening a window for Israel

21 Feb 2021

Russian air assault kills 21 Daesh militants in Syria

19 Feb 2021

Japan FM hails historical significance of Damascus, pledges more aid to Syria

18 Feb 2021

Killings surge in Syria camp housing Daesh families

18 Feb 2021

Heavy snowfall, gales as winter storm hits Middle East

18 Feb 2021

Tears, relief, and gratitude as Jordan vaccinates Syrian refugees

17 Feb 2021

Anti-Daesh coalition to set up military base along Turkish-Syrian border

16 Feb 2021

Japan provides northeast Syria with ¥634m grant

16 Feb 2021

Trump wanted to assassinate Assad: Ex-adviser

15 Feb 2021

Syrian air defenses intercept ‘Israeli aggression’ over Damascus

14 Feb 2021

12.4 m people food insecure in war-torn Syria: WFP

10 Feb 2021

Nations warned of consequences of abandoning citizens in Syrian camps

10 Feb 2021

International disputes undermine Syrian peace process, envoy warns

09 Feb 2021

How Biden might attempt to resolve the Syrian crisis

08 Feb 2021

Turkey to open schools in war-torn Syria

04 Feb 2021

Victims ignored amid UN bickering about chemical weapons in Syria

04 Feb 2021

Syrian military: Israeli missile strikes hit country’s south

04 Feb 2021

Rights watchdog condemns Ankara over illegal transfer of Syrian detainees

03 Feb 2021

Syria flooding destroys schools, refugee camps

01 Feb 2021

Syrian shot dead at anti-Kurdish protest in northeast Syria

01 Feb 2021

Implications of Syria-returning Zainabiyoun militants on Pakistan's internal security

26 Jan 2021

New round of talks on Syria’s constitution begins in Geneva

23 Jan 2021

UN envoy calls for greater sense of urgency in Syrian peace efforts

23 Jan 2021

Israeli warplanes strike Syria, kill 4, including children

22 Jan 2021

Syrian air defenses confront ‘Israeli aggression’ in Hama: state media

22 Jan 2021

UN says 12 murdered in Syria camp in two weeks

21 Jan 2021

Security Council bickers as Syrians continue to suffer

21 Jan 2021

Syrian White Helmets given funds to make PPE

12 Jan 2021

Daesh attack kills 8 regime loyalists in east Syria

08 Jan 2021

Ankara on alert over McGurk’s expected appointment to Syria

06 Jan 2021

UN Security Council calls on Syrian regime to come clean about its chemical weapons

02 Jan 2021

Car bomb hits near Russian base in northeast Syria

01 Jan 2021

2021 could be a decisive year for Syria but we must provide the proper building blocks

30 Dec 2020

Syrian army says Israeli strike near Damascus kills soldier

28 Dec 2020

Russia reinforces Syrian area where Turkey-backed fighters clashed with Kurdish forces

27 Dec 2020

Syrian refugee camp in Lebanon set ablaze after row

25 Dec 2020

Israeli jets fly over Beirut, explosions reported in Syria

25 Dec 2020

Most Turks want Syrian refugees to go home

18 Dec 2020

Japan provides $7.2m humanitarian aid to Syria

17 Dec 2020

Alarm bells ring again at UN over humanitarian crisis in Syria

15 Dec 2020

‘Fearless’ Syrian reporter Khattab killed following repeat attacks

12 Dec 2020

Chemical weapons watchdog criticizes Syria over 19 issues

11 Dec 2020

Nagorno-Karabakh: Syrians used as ‘cannon fodder’

04 Dec 2020

Ankara rebuked at NATO meeting

03 Dec 2020

More than 900 Syrian fighters return home from Karabakh

02 Dec 2020

Syria graduate doctors set to battle COVID-19 in rebel hub

02 Dec 2020

Friends or foes? Syrian refugees divided on fate of defectors


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