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20 May 2022

US military review of civilian casualties in Syria flawed, claims Human Rights Watch

14 May 2022

Biden invites private investment in Syrian areas not under Daesh, Assad control

14 May 2022

Rocket attack kills 10 Syria soldiers

12 May 2022

Saudi Arabia participates in 6th Brussels Conference to support Syria and the region

11 May 2022

Tadamon massacre exposé lifts veil of secrecy over Syrian war atrocities

11 May 2022

West pledges $6.7 billion for Syria under shadow of Ukraine war

30 Apr 2022

Syria accused of flouting Chemical Weapons Convention at UN

29 Apr 2022

Suspected Daesh gunmen kill 7 Syrians at Ramadan Iftar meal

28 Apr 2022

UN invites Syrian opponents to constitution talks on May 28

27 Apr 2022

Syria says Israel attacked areas near the capital, Damascus

18 Apr 2022

How serious is the threat of Daesh resurgence in northeast Syria?

12 Apr 2022

Syria’s Ramadan drummers defiant as tradition wanes

11 Apr 2022

Syria rescuers film tutorial to aid Ukraine’s first responders

10 Apr 2022

Iraq official warns of extremist threat from Syria camp

03 Apr 2022

In war-torn Syria, a charity offers hope to kids with cancer

02 Apr 2022

New Syria anti-torture law a ‘whitewash’: Amnesty International

31 Mar 2022

Mariupol, Aleppo and the search for consistency and dialogue

30 Mar 2022

Empathy, not indignation, in Arabs’ reactions to Ukraine

30 Mar 2022

Syria camp clashes with Daesh leave three dead: Monitor

23 Mar 2022

Community and conflict: How Turks and Syrian refugees are learning to live together

23 Mar 2022

Syria using shell companies to bypass sanctions, report claims

22 Mar 2022

Community mediation aids social justice and peace in Syria’s war-torn Deir Ezzor

21 Mar 2022

Restoration of Syria’s world heritage discussed amongst experts at Expo Dubai workshop

21 Mar 2022

Arabs face hunger as Syrian mercenaries join the Ukraine inferno

19 Mar 2022

How the Syrian civil war moved to Ukraine

19 Mar 2022

UAE leaders receive Syrian President Assad

18 Mar 2022

How Iran turned Syria into a proxy battleground

16 Mar 2022

Sandwiched between wars, a Syrian-Ukrainian faces uncertain future

16 Mar 2022

Syria enclave marks uprising with message for Ukraine

12 Mar 2022

Saudi aid agency signs two agreements to help Syrian and Palestinian refugees in Jordan

11 Mar 2022

Deep Security Council divisions over Syrian chemical weapons again laid bare

10 Mar 2022

Syrian animator takes major inspiration from Japan

07 Mar 2022

Syrian air defense responds to ‘Israeli aggression’: State media

07 Mar 2022

15 Syrian army troops killed in Daesh attack on military bus near Palmyra

04 Mar 2022

800 Iraqi refugees return home from Syria

03 Mar 2022

From Syria to Ukraine, a saga of serial abandonment of Western allies

25 Feb 2022

Suffering in Syria is at its highest level since crisis began: UN

19 Feb 2022

Failure to stop Assad’s aid abuses threatens entire region, analysts warn

17 Feb 2022

Syria reports Israeli strikes near Damascus, no casualties

17 Feb 2022

Human rights lawyers in bid to bring Syrian, Iranian war-crime cases to court

16 Feb 2022

Why justice for Syrian victims of regime atrocities is not a forlorn hope

13 Feb 2022

Two women, two children among six killed in Syria regime shelling on Idlib

12 Feb 2022

US-allied Kurdish commander warns of growing Daesh threat

12 Feb 2022

Hundreds rally in rare southern Syria protest

09 Feb 2022

Israel says Syria fired anti-aircraft missile toward it during reported Israeli strike

02 Feb 2022

Assad regime dropped chlorine bombs on opposition, weapons watchdog says

31 Jan 2022

Syria air defenses intercept Israeli missile barrage: state media

29 Jan 2022

Syrian fighters search for Daesh sleeper cells near prison

28 Jan 2022

Dozens of armed Daesh militants still hold corner of Syria prison

26 Jan 2022

Refusal of nations to repatriate children from Syria ‘beggars belief,’ says UN rights expert


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