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24 Sep 2022

77 people drown as illegal migrant boat from Lebanon sinks off Syrian coast

23 Sep 2022

‘Drink it anyway’: Syria water woes peak in cholera outbreak

22 Sep 2022

100,000 Syrian refugees in Turkey plan to form caravan and cross border into Greece

17 Sep 2022

Syria Kurds wrap up sweep of Daesh relatives camp

17 Sep 2022

Five Syrian soldiers killed in Israeli strike on Damascus: state media

17 Sep 2022

With a Russian nudge, Turkey and Syria step up contacts

16 Sep 2022

New batch of Syrian prison photos opens ‘old wounds’

15 Sep 2022

Syria risks endless war, poverty unless ceasefire is achieved, UNSC told

14 Sep 2022

UN warns cholera outbreak in Syria is a threat to the region

10 Sep 2022

Syria Kurds seek UN help after cholera deaths reported

08 Sep 2022

Why Israel has stepped up strikes on Iranian arms shipments to sites in Syria

07 Sep 2022

Syria seizes hummus bowls made out of Captagon

07 Sep 2022

Israeli air attack damages Syria’s Aleppo airport, takes it out of service

06 Sep 2022

Hate crimes against Syrian refugees in Turkey on rise: Experts

04 Sep 2022

Syrian military helicopter crashes in Hama, crew is killed — state media

28 Aug 2022

US-backed Syrian Kurdish forces move to halt ‘brutal torture’ at Daesh camp

28 Aug 2022

How Western travel bloggers project a sanitized reality of Syria’s war

27 Aug 2022

Russia forces in Syria say Israeli jets attacked research facility

26 Aug 2022

Extent of Syrian regime massacre exposed by new report

25 Aug 2022

US says airstrikes in Syria intended to send message to Iran

24 Aug 2022

US military carries out strike in Syria on Iran-linked targets

23 Aug 2022

Saudi-funded health center helps Syrian child deal with trauma

17 Aug 2022

25 dead in airstrikes, shelling in north Syria

16 Aug 2022

Lebanon denounces the use of its airspace to bomb Syria

15 Aug 2022

Syria reports Israeli missile attack on coastal region, three soldiers

11 Aug 2022

Syria says Daesh leader killed in south

10 Aug 2022

Crushed by war, Syrian tourism eyes expat uptick

30 Jul 2022

UN body says violence against Syrians in Lebanon on the rise

29 Jul 2022

Ukraine says Syrian ship docks in Lebanon with stolen grain

23 Jul 2022

‘Where will we go?’ Syrians fear threatened Turkish assault

22 Jul 2022

Russia defends veto of aid to northwest Syria for one year

21 Jul 2022

Turkey plans Syria incursion as long as threat lingers

21 Jul 2022

For the 105th time, UN calls on Syrian regime to come clean about its chemical weapons

20 Jul 2022

Syria breaks ties with Ukraine: Ministry

20 Jul 2022

Erdogan presses case against Syria’s Kurds at Tehran summit despite Khamenei rebuke

17 Jul 2022

Syria Kurds urge Russia, Iran to prevent Turkish attack

12 Jul 2022

UN agrees to extend cross-border Syria aid by six months

11 Jul 2022

‘Faceless killer’: Syria land mines keep sowing death

09 Jul 2022

After war, Syrians in Jordan find joy and jobs in dance

09 Jul 2022

Syria’s Assad tours once rebel-held Aleppo city, power plant

07 Jul 2022

UN Security Council to vote on extending Syria cross-border aid

07 Jul 2022

Lebanon plans to send refugees back to Syria within months

06 Jul 2022

Shutting Syria aid crossing would spell ‘catastrophe’, says UN aid official

02 Jul 2022

Israeli strike on Syria wounds two civilians: ministry

16 Jun 2022

Syrians returning from Al-Hol camp stigmatized over Daesh ties

16 Jun 2022

US-led coalition says it detained senior Daesh leader in Syria

12 Jun 2022

How Syria illustrates Iran’s malign economic influence in the Middle East

11 Jun 2022

Syria halts Damascus airport flights after Israeli strikes

11 Jun 2022

Jordan lets humanitarian aid enter Syrian refugee camp

07 Jun 2022

Israel rains missiles on Damascus, but most were intercepted: Syrian state media


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