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30 Apr 2022

IAEA sees limited impact of TEPCO water release

07 Apr 2022

Lawyers keep pressure for a trial of TEPCO's former directors

22 Mar 2022

Japan warns of blackouts, issues dire plea to save energy as temperatures drop

04 Mar 2022

Top court to rule on govt liability over Fukushima evacuation

10 Feb 2022

Robot photos appear to show melted fuel at Fukushima reactor

10 Feb 2022

Court dismisses appeal to investigate Fukushima nuclear plant

27 Jan 2022

Six victims file complaint against TEPCO after contracting thyroid cancer

23 Jan 2022

Japan's Tepco hit by setback in clean-up of crippled Fukushima nuclear plant

03 Nov 2021

New criminal negligence trial on Fukushima nuclear accident

05 Aug 2021

First hearing in court case brought by irradiated village in Fukushima

21 Jul 2021

TEPCO vows reforms after scandals in new business plan

07 Jul 2021

Tepco execs reprimanded by judge during trial

29 May 2021

Former TEPCO vice president appears in court

19 Apr 2021

TEPCO Chief explains water release plan to Fukushima town mayor

24 Mar 2021

TEPCO to face penalty over nuclear plant security flaws

18 Mar 2021

Japanese regulators say TEPCO nuclear plant prone to attack

11 Mar 2021

Japan marks decade since 2011 quake, tsunami and nuclear disaster

06 Mar 2021

Tokyo unions calling for nuclear power plants to be shut down

02 Mar 2021

Parents of cancer patients lose lawsuit against TEPCO, Fukushima Prefecture and Japan

29 Apr 2020

TEPCO chairman Kawamura to step down

25 Mar 2020

TEPCO may take 20-30 years to release Fukushima N-plant water

18 Feb 2020

Fukushima staff could use raincoats as virus threatens gear production


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