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14 Feb 2024

Turkiye’s Erdogan set for first Egypt visit in over decade

08 Feb 2024

Turkiye detains 147 people over suspected Daesh ties

04 Feb 2024

Turkiye commemorates its worst disaster of modern times

02 Feb 2024

Nearly 60,000 killed in 2023 Turkiye, Syria quake: new toll

25 Jan 2024

Iran’s Raisi, Erdogan pledge to contain Gaza violence

18 Jan 2024

Turkiye may conduct new operations in Iraq, Syria if needed, official says

17 Jan 2024

Japan’s Foreign Minister discusses Gaza with Turkish President and Foreign Minister

16 Jan 2024

Turkish strikes deprive hundreds of Syria villages of power

15 Jan 2024

Saudi Arabia, Turkiye forge stronger defense ties in high-level talks

15 Jan 2024

Turkiye holds 18 people for ‘praising terrorism’ after soldiers killed in Iraq

15 Jan 2024

Turkiye warns it will target any ‘terrorland’ on its southern borders

13 Jan 2024

Turkiye bombs ‘terrorist targets’ in Iraq and Syria

12 Jan 2024

Japanese Foreign Minister Kamikawa plans to visit Turkiye

12 Jan 2024

Turkiye seeks extension of cross-border aid deliveries to northwest Syria

07 Jan 2024

Blinken: M. East nations need to use influence to prevent ‘endless cycle of violence’

02 Jan 2024

Tens of thousands hold anti-Israeli protest in Istanbul

30 Dec 2023

Turkiye detains 32 Daesh suspects who planned attacks on churches, synagogues

29 Dec 2023

Turkiye to reinforce bases in Iraq after 12 soldiers killed

27 Dec 2023

Saudi Cabinet approves MoU with Turkiye in field of energy

27 Dec 2023

Iran’s Raisi to visit Turkiye for talks on Gaza

26 Dec 2023

Eight civilians killed in Turkish strikes on Syria: monitor, media

24 Dec 2023

Turkiye targets ‘terrorists’ in Iraq and Syria after 12 soldiers killed

23 Dec 2023

Three Turkish soldiers killed in attack in northern Iraq — ministry

22 Dec 2023

Turkiye detains 304 people over suspected Daesh ties

19 Dec 2023

Turkiye links Sweden’s NATO bid to US approving F-16 jet sales and Canada lifting arms embargo

07 Dec 2023

Turkiye’s Erdogan pledges ‘new era’ in relations with Greece

02 Dec 2023

Kishida, Erdoğan discuss Gaza conflict

28 Nov 2023

Iran’s Raisi not coming to Turkiye on Tuesday: Ankara

18 Nov 2023

Erdogan says ‘killing children does not exist in the Torah’

17 Nov 2023

Turkish air strikes kill 13 Kurdish militants in northern Iraq

15 Nov 2023

Turkiye’s Erdogan calls Israel ‘terror state’

29 Oct 2023

Israel recalls diplomatic staff from Turkiye as Erdogan steps up criticisms against Gaza siege

28 Oct 2023

Turkiye’s Erdogan urges Israel to stop ‘madness’ and end Gaza strikes

25 Oct 2023

Erdogan says Israel must halt attacks on Gaza, calls for ceasefire

21 Oct 2023

Turkiye’s Erdogan, Egypt’s El-Sisi discuss Israel-Gaza war, humanitarian aid

11 Oct 2023

Erdogan vows to intensify strikes on Kurd fighters in Iraq, Syria

10 Oct 2023

Western firms have supplied critical components for Turkish drones

09 Oct 2023

At least 11 killed in Turkish strike on northeast Syria: Monitor

08 Oct 2023

Concerns over US-Turkiye relations after drone incident

07 Oct 2023

Turkish drone downed over Syria ‘was 500 meters from US forces’

05 Oct 2023

Eight killed in Turkish air strikes on Kurdish-held zone in Syria

03 Oct 2023

Turkiye detains dozens of people in raids following suicide bomb attack

02 Oct 2023

Turkiye strikes suspected Kurdish militant targets in northern Iraq after suicide attack in Ankara

01 Oct 2023

Suicide attack wounds 2 police officers in Ankara near parliament: Interior Minister

27 Sep 2023

Erdogan: corridor through Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran must be completed

24 Sep 2023

Turkish authorities warn unregistered Syrians to leave Istanbul

17 Sep 2023

Turkiye’s Erdogan says country could part ways with EU if necessary

15 Sep 2023

Iraq-Turkiye oil pipeline ready to resume operations soon

14 Sep 2023

Israel says it found 16 tons of rocket-making substance headed from Turkiye to Gaza

14 Sep 2023

Turkiye sending aid ship to Libya to set up field hospitals — health minister

10 Sep 2023

Saudi crown prince meets Turkish president at G20 summit sidelines

06 Sep 2023

Five die in Turkiye floods

06 Sep 2023

Iraq-Turkiye oil flows not expected to resume before October

05 Sep 2023

Turkiye’s Erdogan to discuss grain deal with UN’s Guterres this month

05 Sep 2023

Hopes rise for revival of grain deal as Putin and Erdogan meet for talks

04 Sep 2023

Iran FM: Turkiye welcomes return of diplomatic relations between Saudi Arabia, Iran

29 Aug 2023

Saudi and Turkish authorities sign agreement for cooperation in mining sector

26 Aug 2023

Turkiye, Iraq seek new dynamism in their relationship

25 Aug 2023

Turkish central bank unleashes big interest rate hike in another sign of an economic shift

24 Aug 2023

Three PKK members killed in Turkish drone strike in Iraq: authorities

23 Aug 2023

Tanker collision disrupts traffic at Egypt’s Suez Canal

23 Aug 2023

Ship traffic to resume in Turkiye’s Bosphorus Strait after suspension

23 Aug 2023

Top Turkish diplomat calls for Iraq to designate PKK a terrorist organization during Baghdad visit

21 Aug 2023

A bus crashes off the road in central Turkiye, leaving 12 passengers dead

21 Aug 2023

Saudi Arabia partners with Egypt and Turkiye on digital economy

20 Aug 2023

Turkiye slams ‘unacceptable’ UN approach to Cyprus row

18 Aug 2023

Turkiye warned Russia after cargo ship incident in Black Sea: Presidency

18 Aug 2023

How conflict, devastating earthquakes created a maternal health crisis in northwest Syria

12 Aug 2023

Announcement ignites fresh discussions surrounding potential impact of deal on Ankara’s humanitarian responsibilities

10 Aug 2023

Five Turkish soldiers killed in operations in Iraq

09 Aug 2023

West must keep ‘promises’ on Ukraine grain deal: Erdogan

08 Aug 2023

Some 15,000 tons of grains damaged in northwest Turkiye blast – presidency

05 Aug 2023

How soft power can boost Turkish-Gulf relations

04 Aug 2023

Turkiye pulls out of hosting key UN nature talks

04 Aug 2023

Egypt eyes joint industrial ties with Turkiye

29 Jul 2023

Turkish strike in Iraq kills 4 militants: Kurdish officials

29 Jul 2023

Kurdish groups: Turkish strikes in Syria, Iraq kill eight fighters

22 Jul 2023

Landmark defense deals are evidence of warmer Saudi-Turkish relations, experts say

21 Jul 2023

Turkiye sets Netanyahu meeting with Erdogan 3 days after Abbas visit

21 Jul 2023

EU ready to re-engage with Turkiye, but sets conditions

21 Jul 2023

Saudi Arabia, Turkiye sign MoUs to boost economic ties

20 Jul 2023

UAE, Turkiye cooperate on climate change

19 Jul 2023

Saudi Arabia, Turkiye sign executive defense cooperation plan

18 Jul 2023

Erdogan aims to deepen economic ties with Gulf nations

18 Jul 2023

Turkish president received by Saudi Crown Prince in Jeddah

16 Jul 2023

Turkiye quake survivors’ latest menace — dust

15 Jul 2023

Russia-Turkiye ties to the fore as Moscow vetoes Syria aid renewal

14 Jul 2023

Saudi minister meets Istanbul governor and Turkish business leaders

13 Jul 2023

Saudi Arabia, Turkiye aim to strengthen economic, urban development cooperation

13 Jul 2023

President Biden says he’s confident US will be able to sell F-16s to Turkiye

11 Jul 2023

Five killed in Kurdish attack on northern Syria town

11 Jul 2023

Stoltenberg says Turkiye agrees to move ahead with Sweden’s NATO bid

11 Jul 2023

Japan welcomes Turkiye's decision on Sweden's NATO membership

10 Jul 2023

In call with Turkiye’s Erdogan, Biden expresses support for Sweden’s NATO bid

07 Jul 2023

Erdogan does not rule out backing Sweden’s NATO bid

04 Jul 2023

Turkiye targets Mossad operatives in new operation

15 Jun 2023

PKK ends truce: How will it impact Turkiye’s regional moves?

14 Jun 2023

Turkiye says military ‘neutralized’ 53 Kurdish militants in northern Syria

10 Jun 2023

5 killed in explosion at rocket and explosives factory in Turkiye

09 Jun 2023

Syrians lose life-saving care as Turkiye halts medical visits


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