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25 Jan 2023

Turkiye postpones NATO meeting with Sweden, Finland

23 Jan 2023

Turkish elections to be held on May 14

21 Jan 2023

Turkiye cancels Sweden minister visit over planned protest

21 Jan 2023

Turkiye’s opposition to announce presidential candidate in February

19 Jan 2023

Turkiye asks US for F-16 jets amid NATO, Congress rows

15 Jan 2023

Turkish offensive in Syria ‘possible any time,’ says Erdogan aide

15 Jan 2023

Turkiye ‘not in a position’ to ratify Swedish NATO bid

14 Jan 2023

Turkiye ready to push for ‘local cease-fires’ in Ukraine

14 Jan 2023

Get your troops out of Syria, Assad tells Erdogan

13 Jan 2023

Assad says Turkiye talks must be based on ending ‘occupation’

13 Jan 2023

Improved Syria-Turkiye ties should seek end to ‘occupation’: Assad

11 Jan 2023

Israeli president invites Turkiye’s Erdogan to visit, receives envoy

11 Jan 2023

First Syrian refugee with Turkiye citizenship to fulfill military service

06 Jan 2023

US, Turkiye target financial network linked to Daesh

30 Dec 2022

Syrian and Turkish defense chiefs hold first meeting in 11 years

29 Dec 2022

Turkiye, Syria, Russia defense ministers meet for first talks since 2011

26 Dec 2022

Turkiye, Russia in talks over using Syrian airspace for operation

23 Dec 2022

Jailed pending trial, pro-Kurdish politician loses seat in Turkish parliament

23 Dec 2022

Turkiye: Sweden still has requirements to meet to join NATO

22 Dec 2022

Economic pain, Turkish strikes drive Syrian Kurds to Europe

18 Dec 2022

Turkiye’s Erdogan: Courts will fix any mistakes after Istanbul mayor’s sentencing

17 Dec 2022

How the Turkish incursion is causing chaos

17 Dec 2022

Moscow welcomes Turkiye's call for trilateral Syria diplomacy

16 Dec 2022

Bomb attack in Turkiye targets police van, injuring 9

16 Dec 2022

Car bomb blast in southeast Turkiye wounds 8 police officers — security sources

16 Dec 2022

Turkiye makes arrests over alleged Israeli Mossad operation targeting Palestinians

12 Dec 2022

Erdogan calls on Putin to establish Syrian corridor

10 Dec 2022

Ankara expects US ‘green light’ for F-16 sale

01 Dec 2022

Pentagon chief warns Turkiye against new military operation in Syria

30 Nov 2022

Turkish ground operation in Syria would ‘jeopardize’ anti-Daesh gains: Pentagon

27 Nov 2022

US official urges ‘de-escalation’ as Turkiye strikes Syria

24 Nov 2022

Erdogan vows Syria ground invasion, Kurds prepare response

23 Nov 2022

Turkiye hits nearly 500 Kurdish targets in Iraq, Syria

23 Nov 2022

Erdogan hints at new Syria offensive

23 Nov 2022

Magnitude 5.9 quake hits northwest Turkiye, causing panic

22 Nov 2022

Egyptian-Turkish leaders seal improvement in bilateral ties with handshake

21 Nov 2022

Turkiye says 3 killed in rocket strikes from Kurdish group in Syria

20 Nov 2022

Turkiye launches airstrikes over northern Syria

15 Nov 2022

Turkiye makes more arrests in connection with deadly bombing

14 Nov 2022

Saudi leaders offer condolences to Turkiye after deadly blast

12 Nov 2022

Turkiye appoints new envoy to Israel after four-year gap

09 Nov 2022

House fire in Turkiye kills 8 Syrian refugee children

07 Nov 2022

Dispute over Libyan territory and energy undermining Turkiye, Egypt reconciliation, say experts


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